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Taking Life Slower

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I’m writing this post right now in a hotel lobby in Galveston, TX. I had a little epiphany over the past few days. Usually I operate in two speeds - 100mph or zero. Jam packing my schedule, trying my hardest to cram every last activity possible into each day until I can go no longer. It’s a constant rushing in life and has driven me to panic attacks. Obviously, a person can only handle so much. I noticed as I was preparing for 10 days of travel over Spring Break that I was getting anxious and overwhelmed as I thought of my to do list prior to leaving my apartment. Instead of pushing myself, I stopped. I sat down everytime I had that feeling and did a check - Did I eat? Am I tired? What is just one thing I can do to help clear my mind? Then, after taking care of those needs I realized I could focus better on whatever task at hand.

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The past few months I’ve focused so much on taking care of my body, mind and soul. From regular yoga to prayer and meditation I’ve made this year a point to find activities to ease the mind and make my life simpler. Simplicity is an interesting concept. At first it’s so hard to wrap your mind around it if you are full of a previous life where you continued at a warping speed. Simplicity requires your mind to think of one thing at a time. To take more off your plate. To teach you that less really is more quality. Yes, simplicity is rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying.

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Fast forward to Saturday night this past weekend. It’s 9:30pm and my home is untidy, dishes need to be washed and no one in my home is packed in a suitcase. I decided I was so tired I couldn’t think and laid on the couch cuddling with my pup for a few minutes. I sat there with her in my arms and thought, This is what life is about. Not efficiency and results. It’s about joy. True joy in your heart. If I don’t take time to enjoy then these beautiful moments will be fleeting and I’ll miss out. I challenged myself in that moment to lay and just pet my pup Violet. Both of us on our backs on the couch doing nothing. I quickly drifted off to sleep.

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I was so tired earlier that evening that my daughter asked me if I had a nap that afternoon and then when I told her no she proceed to encourage me to lay down and take one. Well, it was 7pm by that point so I made her dinner and then we tucked in after our bedtime routine. I needed the rest before I could continue or I would end up stressed and panicky on Sunday. I slept hard and good for 5 hours and naturally awoke at 2:30am. Now you probably think I’m nuts, but I get up in the middle of the night often. If I’m tired later I take a nap or go back to sleep but laying around restless in my bed is frustrating. So I get up and knock a few things out.

I ended up accomplishing ALL of my to dos and we left on time. And that’s when I realized that slow and steady wins the race. See I can’t sprint for forever. I can’t run at full speed an expect the same quality in my life. I have to pace myself. Build my endurance and take breaks. I need less not more. I need one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking. I need rest. Lots of rest. Soul rest. Mind rest. Body rest.

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All of this managing one thing at a time, working through without hurry and enjoying the process instead of rushing to the destination. This is still a work in progress by I can feel my mind shifting . This mind shift to a more open space mentally gives me room for patience and gratefulness with others around me. I’m carrying that philosophy through my wardrobe this year constantly evaluating if what I choose to keep suits me. If I’m purchasing something I look to for it to be made of quality and a style with feminine classic lines and shapes.

No longer do I want a disposable life, but an heirloom life. Today I’m wearing the most beautiful trench coat that’s at a great price point! I’ve been wearing it constantly since it’s chilly right now. This jacket and shoes were noted My Best Buys for Spring This Year post earlier this week. I layered it over a beautiful dress from The Royal Standard which is a wholesale company that sells to southern boutiques (found a really similar one in yellow and white here). I added slides and a straw tote for the perfect vacation look while we explored the infamous Hotel Galvez.

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