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Houston Hotspots: The Rodeo

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One of the most fun activities every year in Houston is getting to attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It’s a Texas tradition and Houston is known for having the largest rodeo in the world! With almost 3 million attendees and over 33,000 volunteers the rodeo takes over the city for about a month. It’s true family fun with live concerts every evening, learning opportunities about farming and agriculture and plenty of carnival attractions to ride.

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This year I took my daughter to see her very first concert! We arrived after spending the first few days of Spring Break in Galveston and immediately jumped on the ferris wheel. As much as I hate heights it’s nice to sometimes ride the ferris wheel to get a little scenic view of the event. I warn you, the rodeo is huge! It takes up two entire buildings including the NRG arena (our huge football stadium is converted into a space for the rodeo and concerts) plus another area indoors where all of the livestock are kept. Be prepared for lots of walking and expect rain off and on this time of year.

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I love any excuse to bust out my vintage cowboy boots. One of the best parts about living in the South is getting to experience all things western. Texas is a unique place in the fact that it covers so much geography, but the Texan lifestyle remains strongly consistent throughout the state. Texans are so proud of where they come from and love sharing experiences that are native to this part of the US with visitors. If you are looking to visit Texas, the Spring is the best time to come. Bluebonnets and indian paintbrush wildflowers start lining each highway and fields are full of little yellow flowers. It’s breathtaking and usually not too hot (as in under 85 degrees) this time of year.

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One of my tips for traveling to Houston is be prepared for humidity. It’s almost always high and there are usually thunderstorms all year long. Houston sits about an hour from the Gulf Coast and we experience so much of the weather that comes along with it. I recommend mastering a good up do like a messy braid (worn in today’s post) to keep your hair at bay.

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The rodeo is a huge source of funding for education. Farming and agriculture makes up so much of our economy in Texas and to carry the legacy of knowledge there is a program called 4H which provides scholarships for children and learning opportunities. “Currently, more than 2,300 students are on Rodeo scholarships, attending more than 80 different Texas colleges and universities. The value of these scholarships is more than $50 million.” (source - Houston Livestock and Rodeo) When you attend the rodeo you are helping kids learn how to farm and provide a gateway into higher learning.

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Another thing that blew me away about the rodeo was the amount of volunteers. It literally takes a village (or a huge metropolitan city) to put on an event that lasts a full month. For three weeks our entire public transportation system helps, over 33,000 volunteers and businesses donate services to the rodeo. You’ll find every age helping out and participating. It’s so fun to get to see the little ones ride sheep for contests and get awarded money for their efforts.

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Lastly, some of the biggest names in music perform here to include George Strait, Cardi B and Kings of Leon all played this year. We decided to visit the night Kings of Leon played and their show was just as good as the last time I saw them live a decade ago. You can check out the concert line up here if you are curious who else played this year!

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