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Keeping Date Night Sacred When You're In a Long Term Relationship

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So if you’re single, this is obviously not the post for you - check out this one instead for a little self love. I’ve been in a couple of long term relationships in my adult hood and the one thing I’ve realized is no matter what you have to spend quality time together. It grows to be a challenge once we settle into daily life - I’m mean who wants to go out when you can eat pizza on the couch in sweatpants? Well, one weekend night turns into months on end and suddenly you realize you are stuck in a rut. The rut of staying in. While I’m all for these cozy nights via fire crackling or cuddling to a scary movie versatility is so important for bonding. Date night no matter how often you have one or how far apart you are if you’re doing things long distance must be a sacred valued event for both of you in your relationship.

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Prepare for date night

Make a reservation. Book a babysitter or friend to watch the kids if you have them. Pick out a cute outfit and add a pair of heels. I love this adorable dress from Love Shack Fancy which also comes in white. I featured and styled it with neutral leather accessories like a vintage Coach and nude pumps. It’s dressed up but not over the top. The dress is made of cotton with the most beautiful details really comfortable and feminine.

Take your time getting ready

Tonight’s the night for you to take your time getting ready. Have the babysitter come over about 30 minutes before you need to get leave so you can put your makeup on in peace. Take a nice bath and relax before you get dressed. Spend a few moments in prayer thanking God for the opportunity to spend time with your loved one. Maybe even list off a few of your favorite traits about your partners so you go into the date with feelings of romance and warmth. Put on lotion or perfume and take time enjoying the process of getting dressed calmly.

Phone off and put away

Put your phone on silence. Neither of you are going to connect if you scroll through Instagram or Facebook for the date. To kick things off, I’d even have a few conversation starters in the back of my mind to get things going. Make a pact BEFORE the date that both of you will leave your cell phones in your bag or pocket. Spend the evening being completely in the moment and present.

Act life you are on a date

Hold hands, make out in public (don’t go too far though) and laugh. You should be kid-free so PDA rules are out the window. Remind your partner about the reasons you are in love with them. Tell them why you are glad they are still your partner. Be gracious if a door is opened for you or they pick up the bill. Treat all of the evening like you are grateful for this time together.

Reflect afterwards

We spend so much time rushing from one actviity to the next so tonight or the following day, take a few minutes to reflect the evenings events. Maybe even jot down a few things to remember in a notebook. Make note of what you really enjoyed and what you felt during the date. Life is made up of a series of moments so don’t let this one slip through the cracks.

What are some of the ways you keep date night sacred? Leave a comment below!

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