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Home Sweet Heel Clicks: How to Decorate a Small Patio

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Small spaces are so much fun to decorate! The key to making them feel warm and inviting without being to busy is to establish a usable design, decorate in an established color scheme, and then add touches that bring you joy. Make it a space where you can lounge and read a book or entertain guests. Whether you have 50 square feet or 1,000 square feet to work with you can make any space special.

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Decide how to use the space

Since I live in an apartment I’m limited on my private outdoor space. I knew I already had privacy since my patio is on a higher level surrounded by trees so I focused on making the space a place to have a drink, cup of coffee, relax and converse. It’s really hot here in Houston so I decided a fan was important for air circulation when the breeze isn’t blowing. Also, since I knew I’d have company from time to time I wanted to make sure there were things like end tables and a trash can to keep clutter at bay. If you are using your patio for more of an outdoor bedroom consider a sectional, close container for books or magazines, and maybe a hammock. Anytime you decide to decorate a space consider the purpose first and then aesthetics.

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Pick a color scheme

Design a color scheme around a palette that makes you relaxed. For me, I knew I wanted to use palm prints throughout the space so green was a staple color. I love light pinks and used them throughout my entire apartment so naturally I added pink as well. I suggest starting with an item you love or print you love and building your scheme around those colors. Maybe it’s a piece of art you love or maybe it’s a rug. Start with what makes you happy and then choose three colors to look for decor items.

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Find your main pieces

For my space, I knew I wanted a few chairs that you could lounge and read in. In fact, these chairs were the main pieces for the space. I refused to purchase anything until I found the right chairs. I ended up going with a plastic material in this vibrant green. From there, I went ahead and picked up a palm printed rug. If you have room for a sectional or couch I would go ahead and purchase those first. Maybe you want a beautiful light fixture and that’s the piece to build everything else around. Whatever you choose for your main pieces think of them as a foundation. In the future if you want to make a change then you can swap out accessories but keep those main pieces.

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Add accessories that bring you joy

Accessories are like the jewelry in a space. They add the finishing touches but you need to be careful and make sure the space is easy to clean and not cluttered. My patio is about 5 feet by 12 feet. Not a ton of space so clutter can really make it a mess. I used wall decor and hanging accessories to make the space feel decorated and streamlined. Then, add things like plant life (real or fake) and maybe a printed tray or a few fun things like this pink pineapple. The key is to look for items that bring you joy in the selected color scheme. Also, add some throw pillows for comfort or an end table that transitions into a stool for extra seating.

For today’s look I decided to bring out this beautiful Mara Hoffman dress. If you are petite, this dress is perfect because it wraps so beautifully around the waist and is short enough to wear flats if you’d like. I added a pretty floral crown and pretty heels for a perfect resort look or even just cocktails on the patio. You can shop the entire look below!

What would you decorate your patio with? Leave a comment!

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