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Houston Hotspots: Local Foods

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Lately I’ve been on the hunt for healthy restaurants around the city that have a great atmosphere. I stumbled upon Local Foods when I was doing research on the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger is a plant based burger that tastes like beef! Local Foods which is a Houston based restaurant chain with locations all over the city took the Impossible Burger and turned it into a meatball sub. I was astonished at how delicious this sandwich tasted! Anyhow, the Impossible Burger is made by White Castle - yep the fast food brand many of us already love. You can find all locations that they serve the Impossible Burger to include Local Foods on their website if you are not in the Houston area here.

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Local Foods is a Houston restaurant chain with a selection of gourmet sandwiches, salads and prepared meals sourced from local ingredients. They have a variety of plant-based healthy options each served with such attention to detail and presentation. I visited the Heights location and highly recommend going there if you are looking for a delicious casual bite complete with cocktails. They have the most beautiful tile and navy booths throughout the space. I decided to pop over to visit in a beautiful watercolor skirt from Anthropologie (oldie but a goodie) and an embellished navy blue blouse. This outfit is perfect for the office during Spring time. Just throw a trench coat (this one just arrived for me yesterday and can’t wait to wear it!) for those chilly days.

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An orange skirt is a must have right now! Pantone released their Fall fashion report and shades of tangerine, peach and orange were staples in this Fall’s predictions! The runway was flooded with the warmest color on the color wheel. Orange is known as the happy color and works beautifully with blue since they are contrasting colors. A skirt is a safe way to wear a new color since it’s not next to your face. If you want to add a new color into your wardrobe think about opting for a skirt, scarf or accessory. I’ve rounded up 15 options here for you in all different price points.

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Nude pumps never go out of style and they are the first thing I reach for when I’m headed to a meeting, date or even just to go to church. They elongate the leg, add a little height to a petite frame and go with practically every color. I love this pair from Michael Kors because of the color of leather and comfort. Find a pump that your heel doesn’t slip out of and doesn’t rub blisters.

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Add a beautiful scarf on your handbag or you can tie one in your hair if you are wearing your hair up. Scarves and hats are a favorite accessory of mine because they add drama with a single accessory. Immediately outfits make a bigger statement with a scarf and it’s a classic timeless way to accessorize. I wore a scarf around my neck in yesterday’s post if you are looking for other styling options! I love the way they look when tied around the neck with a casual tee, sweater or blazer.

What do you think about adding more orange to your closet this year?


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