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5 on Fridays - Five Ideas to Show Your Mother Appreciation

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With Mother’s Day quickly approaching it’s always nice to have a fresh idea to show your love and appreciation for a woman who brought you into this world. Being a mom myself as well as a daughter has taught me how much the little things in life matter. Making memories with my mother and daughter mean more than anything to me in this world. For mother’s day this year, consider thinking outside the box for simple and easy ways to show your love. Here are five ideas to show your mother appreciation:

  1. Plan an activity for the two of you to do together - Try a cooking class or plan an afternoon of tea at a tea cafe. Maybe it’s just going out for a cup of coffee or near by garden to look at spring blooms. Taking the time to do something memorable together shows how much you really love being with her.

  2. Schedule to have professional photographs taken of you two - Most mother’s are the picture takers for the family. For mother’s day this year, consider hiring a photographer to do a photoshoot with the two of you or with the entire family. Afterwards, you can purchase a beautiful frame and send her a physical print of your favorite picture of the two of you!

  3. Buy a meaningful book and write on the inside cover heartfelt words - I’ve rounded up below a bunch of books and journals that would be fitting for many women. Whenever I give someone a book as a gift I try to write an incription with why I’m giving them the book. That way, they have a reminder of your sweet thoughts!

  4. Consider getting her a useful subscription - A few years ago I upgraded Spotify to the family plan and now pay for each member to have access to unlimited downloads and music on the go. They love it! Another good app subscription is Headspace which can be upgraded to a family plan, too. If your mom is looking to get back into shape, consider the Sweat app. If she is a beauty and makeup fan set up an Ipsy or Birchbox account and pay for a few months in advance for her. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and will bring a smile to her face each months she uses it!

  5. If long distance, put together a box of her favorite things - You can fill a box of your mom’s favorite goodies like food items or a new journal to mail. Maybe it’s a memento you add from a nostalgic memory or have a picture framed of the two of you inside. Fill the box with things that mean something to the two of you and ask her to video or call you when she opens it!

Books and Journals Perfect for Mom

What are you planning to do for Mother’s Day this year?