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Window Shopping No. 1

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I love to shop, but I’ll be honest - outside of vintage shops and few quick trips here or there into a store I do most of my shopping online. I’ve mentioned I do a ton on Amazon because I’m a Prime member. I decided to recently set up an Amazon Store where you can shop things I own and love or future picks. Today I am going to begin a new series that will run every few weeks as I refresh my own ideas of what I will add to my wardrobe. This week I have twelve items I’m looking at adding and thought it would be fun to share them with you! The best part is that many of them are surprisingly inexpensive but appear to be decent quality.

It’s a perfect time of year to add a few new accessories to your Spring and Summer looks. Start with a pair of adorable wicker earrings. If your sunglasses are scratched consider picking up a new retro inspired pair like these. Another thing to update is your work, shopping or daily bag. It’s fun to mix in a few straw pieces or this little coral one that’s only $10.

For shoe choices I really love what Wal-mart is doing right now. They have a variety of stylish options and many are under $10. I wore a pair I bought in store in this post last week. I really like these flat neutral sandals and these yellow espadrilles for comfy day or night looks.

A new swimsuit is definitely in order right now and I've been really impressed with Forever 21’s selection. They have the cutest options and this orange one with details down the back make it chic and modern. I also like looking for comfortable clothing options like a wrap top or new dress. This cantaloupe colored dress is so dreamy!

Which piece is your favorite?

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