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Spring Neutral Outfit Using Items You Already Own

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So much is happening around here lately. I mentioned in Instagram stories that I am headed out of town at the end of this week to where my extended family lives in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s the first time in three years I’ll be back and I’m excited to see my only living grandmother! Fun fact: I’m adopted and for the first year and a half of my life my biological grandmother cared for me! We are pretty close and always have been so I’m looking forward to seeing her this coming weekend. Anyhow, I am prepping for that trip and tomorrow will be sharing with you my entire outfit selection and packing listing in a new series called Capsule Suitcase! Capsule Suitcase will help you plan your next getaway and I’ll show you exactly what I’m bringing in a visual way!

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Last week it really warmed up for a few days hitting almost 80 degrees! I was excited to pull out all of the sleeveless dresses I own like this vintage stripe one I recently found. Three Heel Clicks was founded on the basis of sharing style in everyday life. Some of that style might be inspiration for your home, some for destinations around the US and other times I’ll share style inspiration using items you may already own. Today’s post is exactly that! This look was created with five basic elements: a striped dress, tortoise earrings, ballet flats, a braided belt and straw bag. You may not own all five pieces, but you probably have a few of them floating somewhere in your closet.

Stripe Dresses Under $100

One of the most universally flattering silouettes is a fit and flare dress. It draws attention to your waist giving you a classic, hourglass shape. If you already own a striped dress that fits amazing, feel free to bust that out now. If you are in the market for one, I suggest finding something that fits your torso and the flares out at the waist. Look for a dress that’s not too short and one with wider straps allows you to wear a regular bra instead of a strapless one. Here are a few that would be really flattering. I chose to wear a neutral color combination of black and white with accents of a walnut brown but you can easily swap this for pale blue and white dresses or really any color.

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Next up you want to add a few accessories. I love the look of a belt to break up a dress like this and help cinch the waist. A classic leather braided belt is something I reach for time and time again. You can instantly give a dress a better shape by adding a belt. What I works great in this look is that the belt mixes and matches to create a look that is different than what you would buy right off the shelf. You can shop all of my straw bag picks and statement earrings under a $100 below.

Shop Belts and Straw Bags Under $100

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Last but not least add a pair of ballet flats and statement earrings. Earrings are probably the most frequently worn jewelry item. I don’t like to spend a fortune on them since so often I lose one. However, I do wear them frequently to give the outfit a little special touch. Tortoise shell is in season this year and I couldn’t be happier about that! It’s a perfect neutral print that works with so much you probably already own. After you add earrings reach for your favorite neutral flats. I wore these tan ones that I’ve raved about for over a year now (and I’m on my second pair because I wore the first ones down to a pathetic state). You could easily do black, white, brown, or tan. Just stick to your color scheme and it will all come together. If you’re on the petite side look for a pair that is similar to your skin tone to elongate the leg. It’s such an easy to trick to lengthen the body. Most people are extremely surprised to find that in real life I am only 5’0. Yep, so I know a thing or two about making a short frame look longer.

Straw Bag and Statement Earrings Under $100

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How many of these items do you already own? I would love to see pictures of you guys recreating a similar look so send away on Instagram or Twitter!

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