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5 on Fridays - Five Steps to Combat Hormonal Acne

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Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Steps to Combat Hormonal Acne

I’ve been having conversations with so many of you lately over Facebook as I launch the new Three Heel Clicks Beauty page! I recently partnered with Younique Products (see yesterday’s post) to bring really amazing skincare and makeup directly to you! After receiving tons of questions I realized that since many of us have had children our skin has developed hormonal acne! I feel your pain. I had great skin in High School and College, but after giving birth my hormones never readjusted and I experience acne breakouts twice a month - mid-cycle and then on my period.

Today I’ll share with you guys a few products that have been LIFE CHANGING for me and the steps I apply them. If you have questions, leave a comment, shoot me an email at or message me directly on Facebook!

Cleansing with an Oil Cleanser

Switching cleansers was probably my biggest impact on balancing my skin. I found many cleanser stripped my skin of their natural oils. In turn, after using said cleansers I noticed my skin breaking out even more! Not ideal! I switched to an oil cleanser stick and it made all of the difference! Oil is polar and sticks to other oils. Basic science says that water and oil do not mix! So it only makes sense to use a high quality natural oil to remove dirt, makeup and excess oil on your face. The results are that my makeup comes off COMPLETELY and I’m left with a soft, clean complexion.


Toner is an important step in skincare we often forget about. Toner helps balance the skin after cleansing and preps your skin for moisturizer. Balancing your skin gives you a radiant glow but not all toners are created equal. Again, you want to balance without removing your natural oils that the body produces as a protective barrier. If you remove those oils, your face will go into hyper drive and create more which clogs the pores and you end up with more acne. This rosewater toner is amazing. It’s refreshing and made with one of nature’s most prized ingredients which is rosewater!


Once your skin is cleansed and toned it’s important to moisturize. The more moisture your skin has the less acne it produces. It also allows for any foundation or BB cream products to last longer. You will end up using less makeup products if you moisturize regularly. During the day I like to go with an SPF moisturizer for UV protection. Since the body does most of it’s repair work at night I use a night moisturizer to really penetrate the pores. The other thing to not forget is the importance of drinking water!!! Try to down a tall glass before you go to bed and immediately when you wake up!


Biggest underutilized product I’ve come across is Primer! Wow did this change my life! Think of a primer as a shield for your pores. It will create a smooth layer that acts as a barrier for your makeup to sit on the top instead of burrowing down into your pores and clogging them. It also helps concealer, BB cream and/or foundation stay put all day. Your makeup will again last longer throughout the day without constant re-application and you will find you use less of it!

BB Cream

For all over lightweight coverage I use a BB Cream. Because I’m often leading an active lifestyle I prefer not to be weighted down by tons of product. Instead a BB Cream (which stands for Beauty Balm) is able to blur imperfections, keep my skin hydrated and it protects against the sun! I like to think of it as a fancy moisturizer with added nutrients. You can wear it alone or with concealer!

The simpler your skincare and beauty routine is the easier it is to stick with it! These five steps and five products have been a game changer for me!!! Our products are gluten and dairy free and made with scientic evidence that backs up the natural ingredients. They work on a variety of skin types and are high quality!

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