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Beauty Boss: Why I Chose to Partner With Younique

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Every new business venture sparks from a place that resonates inside of me. I do not say YES to everything that comes my way. I believe in business it’s good to be cogent. Simplicity wins most of the time! About four years ago I started using Younique’s products. I love that they are mineral based and come backed with scientifically proven results. At the time I couldn’t commit to a full partnership and was really crafting workflows within Three Heel Clicks. I was really into also exploring the world of photography and just couldn’t imagine adding a project like this to my plate. Well, time does tell the truth and I was presented with the opportunity again this summer and am not looking back! Not only does the company promote vegan products but they are ethically and humantarian. Here are the main reasons I decided to go into business with Younique:

Quality and Value

I buy for quality more than any other reason. When I can work with products that are in my budget and higher quality that’s a bonus! Younique’s products are scientifically proven to work with all types of skin. I love that some of the same products I use on my dry/reactive skin works on women with oily skin. The secret is the fact that they know beauty products. They release products as they see results instead of rushing to be everything to everyone. I am so proud to represent a company that aligns with my own needs around quality at a good value!

The Women’s Community

I am so excited to be apart of a company that promotes female business leaders. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to working with more women. Women who are driven and want to succeed in both their home and work life. Women who reach out to help one another instead of being ruthlessly competitive at another’s cost. Being able to reach out day and night to those pioneers who’ve been around a long time and shown success is gold when you come into a new line of work.

Humanitarian Efforts and Company Values

After working for years in the technology industry I realized how important it is to work with a company you love and shares values. It’s a lot more fun to work if you partner with a company who you believe in. Younique is a member of the BBB and has involvement in several charity organizations. Being able to work, give back to the community and help others is another reason I love this company! The fact that I can work anywhere at anytime from my mobile devices is such a bonus!

If you are interested in learning more or joining my team to earn free makeup, products, and income click the button below!

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The kit above comes with 13 full size products, mask samples, primer samples and a foundation palette full of samples! It’s such an amazing value and if you don’t know a thing about makeup or want to try better products it’s only $159! It comes with the bag I am featuring in today’s post that doubles as a work bag or tote for travels. I can’t wait to share more with you guys about this! Stay tuned!