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Beauty Boss: Why You Need Our Sunscreen Veil

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Our amazing new You•ology Protecting Veil is a luxurious beauty fluid! It has Broad Spectrum protection with an SPF of 30. The $42 USD / $51 CAD price point keeps it right in line and on trend with comparable high quality Veils. It's a perfect combination of physical and chemical sunscreen for more complete protection!

What's a Veil?

Think just like a Bridal Veil, a thin almost sheer layer covering your face. Nice, light and thin!


What's SPF mean anyway?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It's the measure of the amount of UV radiation needed to produce a sunburn. Alot of people have the misconception that its telling you how long you can stay in the sun. There's a really technical explanation about solar energy, blah blah blah but just think, the higher the SPF number the higher the sunburn protection.

As a sort of general rule, you can take the number SPF and multiply by 5. That tells you in how many minutes you should reapply. So if you are wearing SPF 15, you should reapply every 75 minutes. Lower number, more frequent application. But remember, you know your skin best, if you are fair skinned and know you burn easy, you may need a little sooner.


Why only SPF 30 then?

An SPF of 30 blocks 97% of UVB Rays. SPF of 50 blocks 98%. SPF of 100 blocks 99%. So why not go higher? It is believed that the increase of just 1% may not be worth the increase in chemicals to get to the higher SPF. Also, it gives many people a false sense of security and they forget to reapply. Better to go with a good solid 30 SPF and reapply more frequently!

What does Broad Spectrum Mean?

You always want to use an SPF that has broad spectrum coverage. This means its protecting you against UVA and UVB Rays. What's the difference, UVA are the Rays that age your skin. UVB are the Rays that burn your skin. Just remember A = age B = Burn. Even on a cloudy day, the UVA Rays are still out! You want to protect yourself everyday from unnecessary aging as well as the long term damage caused by burning!


What the difference between Physical and Chemical Sunscreens?

A physical sunscreen works by reflecting the rays from the sun. A chemical sunscreen works by absorbing them. Both prevent the UVA/UVB Rays from penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin. Our Protecting Veil has properties of both providing full and complete coverage! In order to ensure a suncreen is providing Physical Coverage the main active sun protection ingredients need to add up to 10%, which ours do!!!

Avobenzone - 2.7%

Octinoxate - 6.74%

Octocrylene - 2%

However, it on the inactive side, it also contains titanium dioxide giving a chemical protection which is also good for redness and sensitivity! It also contains ascorbic acid which is the actual name for Vitamin C and we all know how good that it for our skin!

What Else is In It?

Limonene, which is found in citrus fruit extract and actually used for cancer prevention.

Bitter Orange - has antifungal and anti inflammatory properties

Rosemary - an antioxidant, providing anti aging properties

Caffeine - research is showing adding caffeine to sun sunscreen aids in skin cancer prevention

Angelica Root Extract - extremely calming for the skin


How Much Do I Need to Use?

Think the size of an M&M! A regular one, not a peanut one! A little goes a long way! And since the key is reapplying you don't want to overuse!!!

Its definitely obvious Younique hit the nail on the head! Younique took time to make this product the best it can be! It's the perfect combination of safe, effective ingredients while remaining luxurious, on trend and in an amazing affordable price point!


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