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30 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Back-to-School Picks

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30 Nordstrom Anniversary Back-to - School Picks

This is the weekend to buy more and save more. I've broken today's 30 items into 5 categories for teens and college kids for cute items for back-to-school. Whether you are going to grad school, enrolling in college for your first year, are attending High School or maybe shopping for your kids - this is the post for you! Below you’ll find a round up of bags for books, layering pieces, neutral shoes and much more! If you are looking to switch up your beauty and skincare routine - well, no worries! Just head over and take our skincare quiz or submit your email below!

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Okay now let’s get to shopping!

Back to School Bags

Every kid or young adult will need a sturdy, reliable bag for everyday. When I was in both High School and College I loved carrying a stylish tote or messenger back instead of a backpack. I still carry something similar for work. If you choose a classic but modern style it won't dissapopoint! You'll quickly find that beautiful leather wears well over time. For backpacks, check out padded straps and a good quality canvas or leather. The backpack selection is light years ahead of when I was going to class daily! Take advantage. Also, look for pockets for wallets and makeup!

Step Up Your Shoe Game

With school campuses getting larger everyday, having shoes that allow you to be on your feet all day are a necessity not a luxury. Opt for an old school style sneaker, low cut boot, ballet flats and stylish slide. If you have a colder climate make sure your snow or rain boots are in good condition.

Let's Talk Tees and Tops

For tops I like to have a few soft tees both short sleeve and long sleeved on hand. They can be layered under jackets, sweaters and blazers. They also are cute with a skort, skirt, jeans or shorts. James Pearse make some of the best or splurge on a commes de garcons. Check out stripes, solids and a few graphic ones.

Practical pants and bottoms

Since most schools have a dress code, I like to keep my bottoms more conservative. Defintely don't want to be sent home because of a few inches. If you are in a warm climate JCrew makes tons of great shorts. Make sure you stock up on a pair of quality jeans like these highly rated ones from Everlane. Also, I like a good mid length skirt and shorter corduroy option for a cute mod look.

Layering Pieces for Warmth

Lastly, it's time to round up a few pieces to keep you warm and dry. Never underestimate the power of the classic pea coat. My mom wore one in the 60s and I wore one in the early 00s when I was in school. I still have both a navy and tan ones. If this style is a little preppy, check out a suede or leather moto jacket, or a puffer for colder days. Also, make sure you have both thin and heavy sweaters. I like these from jcrew! Always classy, and in so many colors!

Here's a few outfits you can easily re-create whether you are going to school or not this year. Most of these I would wear as a momma or on casual activities.

Transform any outfit with a bold lip

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