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Customize Your Skincare Regimen to Fit Your Individual Needs

Crystal Jackson

I’m pretty sure I’ve been using the wrong skincare products for years. I’ve shared on Three Heel Clicks countless times my frustrations with my skin. I have dry, VERY sensitive and reactive skin. From switching detergents to gut health and birth control I’ve tried so many different things. Finally, I realized I’ve been using dairy in my cleanser. Did you know that is a common ingredient in so many skincare products? Well, guess what? When I eat dairy I break out so it only makes sense that some of my products were doing that, too!

Not only did I discover that dairy could be an issue, I realized being exposed to pollution, screen time and my environment heavily impacts the condition of my skin. A few months back I was introduced to the YOU•OLOGY skincare system. You take a five minute quiz and it builds a regimen specific to your needs!!! Each of the four core products will be shipped with boosters that allow you to customize your cleanser, serum, day and night moisturizers for your age, sun exposure, and lifestyle habits!

Each core product is shipped with their respective boosters in individual bags with instructions. YOUNIQUE makes it so easy to ensure you mix things properly! Any skincare regimen should be used for 60 days to allow your skin to exfoliate all of the bad stuff out and then turn over new cells. I will share more about my journey along the way, however I have countless of colleagues and customers whom have experienced beautiful skin as a result of using this system! After the first week I noticed less redness, smoother softer skin.

Try taking the quiz yourself and see what is recommended for your lifestyle, age and skin type!!!

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