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Making Waves Wearing Our SPLASH Liquid Lipstick

Crystal Jackson
Making Waves Wearing Our SPLASH Liquid Lipstick

Although it may be the end of summer many of us live in areas in which the weather is still pretty warm. If you’re one of those people you may want to take a look at some of our beauty products that are made for long lasting wear! They allow you to have all the benefits of putting enhancing your features without ending up with a face full of smudged make up. One of my absolute favorite products from YOUNIQUE is our splash liquid lipstick. I talked a little bit about this lipstick in A five on Fridays post not too long ago (which you can read here).

It’s one of my favorite products because most of the colors that we have to end up drawing to a soft powdery matte finish. We have almost 20 different shades you can choose from in a variety of colors from nudes to the brighter shades of cherry and magenta. My absolute favorite every day lip product is from this line in the soft pink shade called Subtle. It enhances my natural lip color for that perfect no makeup makeup look!

All of our products are made cruelty free, non-toxic, dairy free, and gluten-free. What that means to for you, is that the lip where is formulated for sensitive skin and made out of products are actually good for you. We also carry a LOVE IT guarantee so you know you can exchange a product if it doesn’t work for you for a full refund!

Our MOODSTRUCK SPLASH liquid lipstick also comes in beautiful fall colors. So if you’re not in a warm weather location no worries! You can easily add a touch of glam with a deep red shade or a dark burgundy perfectly suitable for the Fall season.

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