Three Heel Clicks

An Overnight Staycation at The Citizen in Sacaramento

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Three Heel Clicks - A Overnight Staycation at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento

Over Labor Day weekend we took off we decided to leave the mountains and head into the city for a little Staycation. Living up in the mountains has been a little bit of an adjustment due to the fact that you are so isolated from other people, events and things. It can become lonely so from time to time it's nice to take advantage of being able to be in town for a night or two. I was so excited when I was surprised with an overnight stay at The Citizen Autograph Collection Hotel in Sacramento, California!

The Location

We arrived late on Sunday evening to the hotel which is located really close to the basketball stadium downtown. It's within walking distance to the Capitol and the Rose Gardens I wrote about last Spring. There is a beautiful park across the street, restaurants and coffee shops around the block. You can also take a quick Uber or ride share over to Historic Downtown Sacramento where you will find nightlife, vintage stores and even a chocolate factory.


The Hotel

The hotel itself is one of the most unique hotels I've ever visited. The Autograph Collection is from Marriott and includes craftsmanship and artistry influences to create a signature space full of character, charm and quality. The building was constructed in 1925 in Sacramento's first skyscraper in classic Art Deco style. Another thing to note is that they are dog friendly! With a park being across the street it's really easy access and convenient to have your pet with you at the hotel!

The Lobby

The Citizen has a legal theme throughout the entire space and you'll immediately experience a lobby with lawyer bookcases lining the walls to the two story entrance. There are character drawings of famous politicians and lawyers lining the walls. It's absolutely stunning when you walk in! Does not feel at all like you are in a hotel lobby!

The Rooms

All of the rooms are uniquely designed so you will never have the same experience even if you stay multiple times. We stayed in a King Suite with a beautiful view of downtown. Our room came with the cutest bathroom and pocket door with every inch meticulously designed. I would not recommend more than two people to stay in this size room. It's beautiful, but not a family size.

All in all I would plan to stay there again for a single night or multiple night stay. It's so close to so much to do in the area! Although we arrived after the kitchen closed and ordered food from Uber Eats, they do have a highly rated restaurant on premise with locally sourced produce!


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