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Cozy Winter Pajamas

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As soon as it drops to 50 degrees at night I find myself reaching for cozy pajamas. When I was younger I usually slept in whatever comfortable clothes I owned, but as I’ve reached adulthood I’ve found there is such a satisfaction from finding a soft pair of pajamas to slip into after a long day. Confession: Sometimes I take an afternoon or early evening bath to and reach for a cozy pair for an evening at home. For Christmas morning I always buy a pair for my daughter and I to wear first thing to open presents. There’s something wonderful about having a new pair as you drift off to sleep dreaming of sugarplums dancing. Today I’ve rounded up some of the best styles and so many of them are on sale for under $50 right now.

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Christmas Inspired Plaid, Prints and Stripes

As soon as Thanksgiving is over you’ll find me immediately reaching for all things holiday related such as a pair of plaid or striped pjs. This style is the most classic and looks great in pictures against a sparkly tree in the background. Here are a few styles whether you are in a warmer climate or cooler one!

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Classic Leopard

A satin, crepe or silk pair of leopard pajamas never go out of style. Although my pair is on the warm side (identical Ralph Lauren version here under $40) and I can only wear them during chilly nights, you can find shorter styles (like this one for under $25) below if you get hot when you sleep. Leopard works great with pops of red so it’s only fitting to wear a pair throughout the winter season.

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Sugarplum Pastels

You can’t ever go wrong with the soft hues of pastels. With more and more Christmas decor and trees dressed in softer colors these days grabbing a pair of lighter pajamas can carry you through the rest of the year. I love the simple shirt and short style and longer pair of joggers paired with a long sleeved top. I really love this pair for under $16 with a gray and white reindeer print. They are very similar to the ones I’m wearing with clouds. You can also opt for a soft pink or pale winter blue.

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Infamous Onesie

My sister gave me this adorable pink and black onesie last year for Christmas and although when I opened it I was puzzled it quickly became my go to for a cold night to cuddle up in. On days I don’t leave the house you’ll oftentimes find me wearing this simple style all day to work, write and watch movies. I found a gray one very similar and also a great price point. Onesies are no longer reserved for just children! They make them in all sizes and any teenager or college student would love a pair even if they don’t know it!

Well, there you have it! A complete guide to finding perfect pajamas for all! Being one of the most utilized items I own I encourage you to build your own pajama collection this season. Not only do they make great gifts for others, they make a lovely purchase for yourself. You’ll feel put together either during deep slumber or having your morning coffee or tea.

What is your favorite pajama style?

Gifting Nostalgia

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There’s something about vintage inspiration that gives a warm feeling inside. As I have fully embraced online shopping I’ve found a multitude of beautiful gifts this year for someone who wants to be taken back to another place in time. My grandmothers have passed down so many heirloom items over the past few years and I’m discovering newer isn’t always better. Although I love to scour vintage stores, flea markets and antiques it can be a challenge when you are trying to find the perfect gift in a short amount of time. Today I’m rounding up the best vintage inspired items to share with you in case you are in a pinch or time crunch.

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Vintage Record Player

Every music lover has a soft spot for albums. Although a Spotify subscription is perfect for a music lover for on the go, nothing beats the sound of vinyl records. Now they come in a multitude of options for the modern buyer with price points that are affordable. Try this pastel one for under $50 or this version of an old Victrola. If you have time, pop into a local thrift or antique shop and add a record for a special touch. Most of the time, vintage records can be found for a really good deal and add a little extra for the person you are gifting.

Locket or Pocket Watch

No wardrobe is complete without a time piece or locket. With lockets, you can fill the inside with a photograph that is meaningful whether it’s a picture or landscape. I loved the way Jamie Beck just shared on her Instagram stories how she filled her locket with wedding photographs. Companies like Walgreens have made it easy to print directly from your phone so you can pick up the photographs, cut and insert.

Train Case

Do you have a loved one who travels? A train case is such a fantastic addition to travel essentials. What I love about mine is how easy it is to fit all of your toiletries, makeup and loose items in. It fits perfectly into a carry on or you can check it in a larger suitcase. Unlike a traditional toiletry bag, the shape of a train case gives you a little more room to corral all of your random items.


There is something so chic about a typewriter sitting on a desk. If you have a loved one passionate about writing poetry, literature, essays or even if they journal this is a really special gift. I’d recommend purchasing one that allows you to easily refill ink. You can even add a extra ink so the budding writer doesn’t have to immediately rush out and try to figure out what the right ink is for the typewriter.

Driving Gloves or Shoes

For the automobile enthusiast this is a classy gift for their road trip journeys. Driving shoes and loafers are timeless and easy to slip on and off during travels. A pair of driving gloves can double as winter gloves in warmer states while adding a sophisticated touch to an outfit. For a female you can incorporate a beautiful scarf for someone to wear if they love convertible cars.

Silk Scarf or Handkerchief

As mentioned above this gift can be giving in addition to the train case or driving accessories. Silk scarfs are so lightweight they can be worn a variety of ways all year long. I own a pretty decent collection of vintage and heirloom scarves of high quality but rounded up a few that you can pass down for generations. Handkerchiefs are perfect for a gentleman and businessman. During the chilly months they provide relief from a running nose or cough and then during the summer months they are perfect after a walk outdoors to wipe a few drips of sweat away from the forehead. Finally, what’s more classy than lending your handkerchief to a lovely lady if she is shedding a tear? Nothing really. Completely encompasses the concept of chivalry.


For any artist or crafter calligraphy can become a hobby quickly if presented with the right tools. Calligraphy is in my opinion a lost art now that we rarely communicate through written letters. Purchase a single pen and bottle of ink or look for a calligraphy set. Again, another perfect gift to add your own handwritten note inside.

Jello Forms and Bundt Cake Pans

During the mid-century this was all the rage. These are so easy to pick up at vintage and antique stores but if you are looking for new finishes like Teflon or non-stick you can shop a few below. Another addition to this gift is to serve a set of 4 or 8 dessert plates or a cook book along with it! If you have a baker in the family or someone who loves to cook this is a fun way of adding to their bake ware collection.

Vintage Board Games

Last but not least this has to be one of the best host/hostess gifts! Yes, you can bring them a bottle of wine or candle instead, but most people love to have a few games on hand when entertaining. Especially if family is invited over. Vintage board games are a good item to stock up on in case you are invited to a last minute dinner party. Who knows? You may end up playing it with the group that night!

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I’m wearing a vintage dress passed down from my mother. It’s about twenty five years old and has remained a dress she wore again and again over the years. I’ve found a few similar ones in the conclusion of today’s post - under “Shop the Post”. I love the sheer mesh sleeves with velvet cuffs and simple but elegant gold and black lace embroidery. To keep with the theme of vintage I added a clutch with a coin top snap and then delicate gold heeled sandals. Everything is over 10 years old, but true to form some classics never go out of style.

Who do you think would love a vintage inspired gift?

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What to Wear to an Office Party

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Over the years I’ve attended a variety of office functions over the holidays. Some are more casual while others have been held at upscale restaurants and venues. On the of the things I’ve noticed is to dress up and dress modest. This is the time to pull out metallic and faux fur but not the time for low cut or backless tops or dresses. Today’s post includes not only inspiration but items you can order now and have delivered prior to the weekend! Whether you are attending a luncheon, dinner or cocktail soiree I hope these bring you a few more options for work appropriate outfits!

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Consider the Occasion

If you are attending a luncheon you can transform a beautiful skirt into a more casual outfit by throwing on a sweater and simple coat. Metallic skirts can easily be dressed up or down depending on your top, shoes and accessories. I love being able to buy a piece that can be worn for a multitude of occasions. If you are heading to a dinner party, simply add a shell and faux fur cropped jacket then add a pair of heels. I love velvet during this time of year and a pair of velvet pumps are a staple this time of year.

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Add Accessories for a Fun Touch

For a daytime party I would wear a structured bag while for an evening event I’d add a sparkly clutch. The best part about the season is being able to add sparkly touches without looking over the top. An embellished earring also is a great addition to your outfit. Bauble Bar has two lines I love their traditional line and one at a lower price point at Target. Both offer good quality and pieces with a little drama. You can also throw them on with a sweater and pair of dress pants if you prefer! Sometimes just a little goes a long way.

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Keep Your Hair Polished

If I wear my hair down for an event my go to is vintage glamorous curls or stick straight locks. A sleek low bun or chignon is also a good choice if you are wearing statement jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, long natural curls or waves are beautiful all on their own but consider a blow out or sleek style for an office party. You can also add a simple embellished bobby pin (on sale for $3!) for a vintage 60’s style look!

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I’ve rounded up tons of options for you guys from trousers to coats and accessories. Most online stores are offering discounts on shipping this time of year with many giving you free exchanges or returns. If you are unsure of the sizing, buy it in two and return the one that doesn’t fit! Remember, classic styles with a hint of glamour is never a bad path!

What type of holiday parties are you attending this season?

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