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A Word to all the Single Ladies on Valentine's Day

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Being single on Valentine’s Day can feel lonely... whether you’ve been single for a few days, weeks, months or years it’s easy to get a little down on this so called “Hallmark” holiday. If you are currently single it may feel depressing to go to work and see others receiving gifts. You may wander through a grocery store and find the overwhelming amount of cheezy decor, flowers and chocolate on display ammunition for feeling even worse.

I’ve been there a few times myself in various forms from just dating someone to the aftermath of destruction from a serious relationship breaking and I’m here to tell you that Valentine’s Day single can downright just suck…. The good news is, it doesn’t have to. You can take control today to make it a holiday about love…self love instead.

Get Dressed to the Nines

There is something about putting on a good outfit that fits and flatters you that makes you instantly feel like you are a superstar. Today is NOT the day to wear an old worn t-shirt and sweatpants. I repeat, no sweatpants. Put on your favorite outfit, do your makeup and hair and leave the house to go to work feeling your best. You don’t have to go out in head to toe pink or red but instead wear what you feel like you look the best in.

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Plan Your Evening

Create plans for your evening whether it’s a coffee date with a friend, a Galentine’s Day gathering or to go home and read a book. Make plans for yourself. I would recommend not having dinner alone though. It can be awkward having dinner on a date night stuck watching couples walk by smothering each other with affection (can we say gag me?!) If you choose an evening at home schedule to have dinner delivered or order take out from your favorite restaurant and DO NOT forget dessert. Count your calories tomorrow. Today is about self love and building your confidence so you can love others better. Indulge a little for yourself and appreciate each bite.

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Silence Your Phone and Stay Off Social Media

Whether you’re single or not, alone or with someone just turn your phone to silence or even off tonight. It’s been proven that scrolling endlessly through picture perfect social media accounts can bring your mood down. Instead fill your time with something that creates value in your life. Go on a walk in a beautiful area of your city or get a workout in. Grab a book or rent a movie you’ve wanted to see a while. The key is to minimize an opportunity to compare your single life to all of the perfect couples out there.

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Don’t Get Drunk

While many of us love a good glass of wine today is not the day to pound shots of tequila or whiskey. I’d go even further to say you may not want to drink at all. Alcohol walks a fine line for being emotional. Since it also lowers inhibitions you may find yourself dialing exes in a desperate attempt to reconcile. Again, not the time nor date for these antics. You’ll only feel worse the following morning both physically and emotionally. Instead, relax with yoga, mediation or a long bath. Have a mocktail like ginger beer or if you want wine there are dealcoholized versions that give you a great flavor and food pairing without the effects. Stay in control of yourself so you can hold your head up high throughout the evening and into the next day.

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Most of all remember you are worth more than today. You are loved and cared for by someone beyond what’s here on Earth. You are an amazing person and it’s okay to be alone. So oftentimes it feels like when we are at a low point in life it’s like being in a valley where you can’t see hope for the future. When we are at high points in our life it’s easy to count our blessings and view life in rose colored glasses. No matter what season your life holds, today is still a gift. Seasons in life are temporary and one day things will be different. I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful evening and cherish today.

What are ways you show self-love?

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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Speaking Their Love Language

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With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow and many couples celebrating over the weekend it’s never too last minute to plan a fuss free activity or pick up a small meaningful gift. Gift giving is one of my love languages and for those who are not gift givers it can be challenging to find the right gift for a loved one. The thing is, most people who love gifts (whether receiving or giving) do not necessarily need something over the top or expensive. Instead, they are looking for something that matches their personality and has meaning.

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I remember being introduced to the book The Five Love Languages and the person who introduced it also shared the same love language. She was practical and loved gifts that made her life easier. She told me her husband bought her a new vacuum and it made her life so much easier. Now, to some this seems like a gift without meaning. But to her, it was heaven! She was able to make her daily housekeeping easier and that was everything to her! She was a practical woman who loved to simplify her life and an unexpected vacuum was the perfect gift for her.

If you haven’t read The Five Love Languages it’s a expert recommended book for all couples. Basically, it states we all have a love bank and different people have different ways of receiving and giving love. The five love languages include: Physical Touch, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, and Gift Giving. Today I’m going to break down different ways you can show your love for anyone in your life by speaking their love language and gifts appropriate for each:

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Physical Touch

Those who love physical touch crave to affection. You can usually spot this love language if they are huggers. For those who are like myself (more of a touch-me-not) huggers can feel like your space is being invaded. As I’ve grown older I’ve made it a point to greet people who I’ve noted as a hugger with a hug upon seeing them. In relationships, physical touchers enjoy cuddling, massages, kissing and in general just like being physically next to you. Try getting a bottle of massage oil (pick up this one at a local drug store) and plan an evening of candlelit romance. Another fun idea is to this amazing bean bag chair designed for couples!

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Quality Time

People who speak the Quality Time language want to not only spend time with you, but they want to bond with you. Simply being in the room next to them is not enough. They are looking for you to interact, have conversation and develop together. If you aren’t sure where to begin on this one, start out with planning an activity together like going to an Escape Room or workout class. You can also buy a book like this one where the two of you fill it out together. Try a cooking class or even plan to cook a meal together. This is a perfect cutting board where you can personalize it for the two of you! Another fun gift if you’re cooking together includes his/her aprons. Think about gifting a small memento to add to an experience so your partner will be able to think of your time together when looking at your gift.

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Words of Affirmation

Outside of gifts, this is my most dominate love language. Being a words of affirmation person I am not looking for validation but more so knowing where I stand with someone. Words of affirmation people don’t care for just a compliment, but understanding the meaning behind a given compliment. When I started thinking about ways someone could give words of affirmation immediately I was drawn to magnetic letters on a refrigerator for random messages or this message board! Another option is to write a love letter for them about the things that you love about them and get it framed. Don’t worry if you don’t have good penmanship you can print it out on pretty stationary and then pop it into a frame. Surprise your partner by sitting it out in the morning or when they come home in a place they will see it everyday as a reminder of your affection. The important thing to remember is to have the words in your tone. Don’t just go out and buy something pre-made like a card. Take times and write out things in your words and let your partner know just how important this person means to you.

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Acts of Service

Acts of service is when you do something for another person to show how much you love them. Acts of service lovers will oftentimes take care of things for you like pick up dry cleaning, doing a household chore you dislike and building something for you. As I reflect upon this love language I think one of the sweetest things you can do for someone is to make them breakfast in bed or coffee. Try serving them on a pretty tray their favorite breakfast or buying a sweet coffee mug and making them a cup first thing in the morning. They are simple gestures, but mean so much. Another act of service idea is to make them dinner instead of taking them out or even clean the house up if that’s something needed.

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Gift Giving

Gifts givers love to find things that evoke special memories. They also love personalized things so think about getting them a monogrammed gift. I love this decantur and low ball glass set and you can add this amazing little mongrammed mini bar set. This sweet little candle has a place for you to map out a special location and date for a sweet reminder of your anniversary or other special occasion. Another really fun idea is to get them something they will use in an activity they do every day but have it monogrammed like this yoga mat. I received one myself for Christmas and I love it so much!

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NYE Spent in San Francisco

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Today I’m sharing our night in San Francisco for New Year’s Eve! Fun fact: I started my blog back in 2012 and one of the earliest posts was in San Francisco over New Year’s. We took a family trip out to California that year and I had just discovered the idea of blogging after following Blair and Krystal. I found them on Pinterest and loved the idea of sharing outfits. A few weeks later I immediately started blogging on Blogger and the rest was history. I’ve been scouring to try to find the original photos but that was long before cloud backup was popular and my original post from Blogger is hard to find at this point. Anyhow seven years later I’m still around and back in the same city for the same holiday.

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This year I went head to toe in Express for my evening out! I have been an Express shopper since High School and love how current their clothing still is! I wanted to find a festive and sparkly number (like I shared in this post) and was so excited when I cam across this red and black number. Since I’m on the petite side (all five foot zero inches tall) I opted for a pair of strappy gold sandals (they also come in nude and black) with the dress to elongate my legs. With a simple metallic gold bag, a fun bracelet and gold earrings I was ready for a night out. This is also a really perfect look for Valentine’s Day so I rounded up a few dresses for you guys in the same hues and style (like this one for $21 or this one that’s has a floral pattern or this one with a silver ombre).

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While I was at Express I also found the perfect black wool trench coat. I haven’t purchased a black coat in… well, ever now that I think about it. I have a couple of blazers and jackets, but most of my coats are in color or white. I finally made the plunge knowing this classic style will be timeless. It went so good with so many different things I ended up wearing it for the rest of the trip!

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Although I’ve been shying away from alcohol over the past few months I simply could not pass up the wine pairing at dinner. We originally had plans to go to Benu but due to a mix up (ON THEIR PART) we headed over last minute to Mourad. They were so accommodating for last minute tables and their food was half the price. Mourad is a Michelin rated restaurant and we enjoyed an eight course tasting menu. Each course was carefully selected and curated with the most delicious wines paired. Eating at a Michelin rated restaurant is such a unique experience. You can read more about my experience at another San Francisco Michelin rated restaurant here in A Weekend in San Francisco post where we visited Sons and Daughters.

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Although we had an AirBnB in San Jose, we opted to stay at the St. Regis for the evening so we didn’t have to worry about driving back on a busy holiday evening. The St. Regis was still decorated in the most beautiful holiday decor and if you are staying in San Francisco I highly recommend it. They have an amazing location and their hospitality was superb.

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