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How to Casually Wear Coral

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It’s no secret that this is the year for coral! Based on Pantone’s color predictions we will be seeing this warm hue everywhere over the next year. Coral has always been one of my go to colors. It works excellently on most skin tones. It’s not too bold like red but also not too soft like blush. Whether you are a redhead with fair skin or a brunette with olive skin this color is one you have to have in your closet!

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Now that I no longer work in an office, I’ve tried to incorporate more casual looks into my every day wardrobe (my most recent posts include this one, this one and this one for winter). In the past I’ve reached for coral as a sundress instead of jeans. About two years ago I picked up a pair of cropped jeans. I have never turned back. Being a petite - anything cropped seems to fit me full length soooooooo no hemming or tailoring needed! Score! Just a little tip for all you petites out there!

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This is a perfect weekend outfit. Wearing a striped relaxed button down with the sleeves peeking out polishes the look without making it too stuffy. I mentioned last week that I am incorporating more sneaker looks (check out this post on how to wear converse sneakers) When I wear sneakers I oftentimes add a baseball cap or beanie if it’s cold. I think it really helps tie the casual look together and serves double duty of warmth or as a sun visor.

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When you are putting together a casual look, simply swap out your regular flats for a pair of neutral sneakers like these. If I have a dinner to go to later in the day, I will remove the sneakers and put on a pair of loafers, wedges or ballet flats then remove the baseball cap. Such a simple change but use shoes and accessories to transform an outfit from casual to dressy or vice versa.

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Last but not least comes a spring flavored bag. The one I’m carrying is an older Tommy Hillfiger (who is a wonderful place to go for basics and stripes!) but I’ve found a few others here (only $40!), here and here. Don’t forget a pair of sunglasses if you plan on an outdoor walk, bike ride or other activity. This ensemble is a perfect way to transition from Winter to Spring.

Do you guys wear coral? If you do, is it mostly for dressing up or dressing casual?

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How to Wear Converse Sneakers if You're Petite

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I’ll be honest, I’ve never really loved sneakers. From an early age I preferred mary janes to keds. I see tons of cute styling options on social media but I never could figure out the best way to wear a pulled together look with sneakers. I usually reserved them for athleisure days or just going out for a walk. Over the past year as I’ve started working from home I realized this athletic footwear might just be something I need to embrace. For meetings and events I still wear a good pair of heels, but I’ve found more and more often I’m reaching for my various sneaker collection instead of loafers and ballet flats. If you are also new to the sneaker game here’s a few ways to wear them without feeling like you look silly.

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Pick a sneaker that matches your wardrobe color scheme

I wear every color under the sun but more often than not I am in lighter hues and pastels. Knowing that, I’ve found a couple of pairs of blush or grey sneakers I love. Because I tend to dress on the feminine side a pair of sneakers with a girly touch is a must. Low and behold I found a pair of Converse sneakers that aren’t too bright but are a variation of the original white ones. If you’re wardrobe is in darker hues, opt for a pair that works with what you already own.


Add a Pair of Skinny Jeans

Unless you are above 5’7 or super thin I’d recommend not overwhelming your frame with too much fabric. Skinny jeans are a constant go to for my petite 5’0 frame. If you are on the shorter side, make sure you DON’T pair them with trouser or wide leg jeans. Those will only make you look like you have clown feet. Save the more voluminous pairs of pants for pointy flats that peak beneath your hemline.

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Keep Your Accessories to a Minimum

Here I added a beanie and a simple plaid scarf. Don’t layer too many crazy prints with this look. The simpler the better. Also, use your accessories as a chance to tie in the hue of your shoes. The key to keeping almost any look polished instead of costume like is a clean aesthetic. Probably not the best time to pull out tons of frills. I love how this simple clutch (on major sale right now and comes in black!) is girly and minimal at the same time.

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Layer a Neutral Car Coat for Winter and Cropped Jacket for Warmer Days

This one took me a while to figure out. The right jacket makes a difference on how a whole look is pulled together. A car coat or simple trench is flattering with skinny jeans and sneakers. If you are looking for something simple to layer for a warmer day try a cropped trench. Again, stick to colors you usually wear so that your outfit items work together.

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Yesterday I sported my Converse sneakers over to grab a cupcake at Iced Cupcakery in Cypress, TX about 20 miles northwest of downtown Houston. It’s the cutest cupcake truck! I met the sweetest owners and they recommended trying the King’s Cake cupcake which did not disappoint! It was the perfect size with just enough icing and a delicious cream filled center. They have the best details like hanging bulbs, chalkboard menus and a sweet little tip jar. If you are in Cypress or on your way to Austin from Houston, stop by for a sweet little snack!

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What are your favorite ways to wear sneakers?

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What to Get Her for Valentine's Day

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Alright Gentlemen! Today’s post is for you guys! Need some help finding a drool worthy and meaningful gift for your gal on Valentine’s Day? Well, today’s post should give you at least a little direction. Gift giving doesn’t have to be a headache. Women seem way more complicated to you guys than we really are. Most of us just want your attention on Valentine’s Day but if you are looking for the perfect gift start with an item she’ll use frequently. Don’t worry - I’ll keep this brief and to the point.

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A beautiful silk or wool scarf is great this time of year since it’s still chilly and polar vortexes are in play. Pick up a really special one like this Burberry plaid or silk Gal Meets Glam scarf. If your other half follows anyone on Instagram it’s probably Julia and her pieces are classic! In fact, both the dress and jumper listed below are from her collection. If you are looking for something under $100 you can grab a Kate Spade wallet or key chain as a daily reminder of your affection for her. Another great gift is parfum or beautiful beaded purse. There’s not a girl out there who wouldn’t mind a new pair of shoes or handbag. Finally, if you want to really splurge get her the Cartier love bracelet!

Gifts starting at $30

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Okay, now ladies… Yesterday’s post I shared a classic and glamorous look for Valentine’s Day. If you are opting for something unexpected to wear for a dinner out or date try picking up a dress in a bright fuschia or magenta instead of traditional pink or red. Add tights in the same color to elongate your legs while staying covered. You can also add pretty touches like a fur stole and metallic accessories.

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Don’t forget a pretty lip color. This one is from Smashbox and stays put! Think about your whole look including makeup and hair. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up on finding the outfit when a simple change of lip color or hairstyle can elevate any outfit. I like to pull my hair halfway up so I’m not fidgeting with it all evening or having it flop in my food while enjoying dinner.


What are your Valentine’s Day date plans?

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