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Getting Out of a Creative Slump

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Dress: Marchesa Rose (pink sleeveless version here and on sale here!!!) // Shoes: Amazon find (similar here) // Purse: George Gina & Lucy (almost picked up this red one!) // Sunglasses: Free People (only $25)

It's been 16 days since my last post. I have to admit these past two months I've felt a little halt on the creative energy for the blog. It's hard sometimes to constantly come up with new content every week. I have so many ideas, but lately the execution of some of them has been daunting. I thought about what made me start Three Heel Clicks. I began this journey as an outlet for inspiration and creativity. From snippets of interiors to outfits or places to visit, it all revolved around being creative. 

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Earlier this month I was lucky enough to travel to the Northwest Coast (you can read about that here). I enjoyed my trip, but realized I took minimal style photos and mostly travel ones. When I came back I had enough for one post, but no more. Then it started raining here. Which makes it even more difficult to find locations around town with good lighting. After that I decided to do some reorganizing and decorating in my home which took away from the time I usually spent on blogging. 

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All in all I decided that enough was enough. I needed to get back to a routine no matter where I was working from. I needed to bring those ideas I have swimming in my head back to life. I needed to just get back into a groove. Don't we all face walls sometimes that need to be torn down? It's so hard, but someone once told me to just "put your shoes on."  At the time I was complaining about not feeling like a workout that day and they said... "You don't have to workout, just put your shoes on. Then, get your keys and walk to the door." 

Every time I've followed that advice I've fulfilled what I set out to do. Once I get started it's hard for me to stop. So today that's what I'm doing. I woke up, uploaded pictures, and decided it was time to just put my shoes on. I'd love to hear about some of the ways that you guys overcome walls of creativity. Please, share with me!!! We all need as much help as possible!

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Anyways, on to today's outfit. This dress is from Marchesa Rose and the quality is unbeatable! I love the craftsmanship put into it! I decided although it's longsleeved, the material is sheer and really breathable. Pairing almost any dress with espadrilles is such a win for a summer look. It's almost effortless and gives a fun twist on an otherwise dressier look.  I've rounded up some of my favorite Marchesa Rose looks below for you to shop!

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The Magnolia Market

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Dress: J for Justify (similar here, almost identical one here) // Boots: Vintage (These are a great version though!) // Tote: Kate Spade (less expensive version here) // Sunnies: Tommy Hilfiger
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I finally made it to the Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. It's been years since I visited Waco and I'm pretty sure the last time I was there was middle school when a visit to the Dr. Pepper Museum happened. If you are a follower of Fixer Upper then you know exactly what Chip and Joanna Gaines can do with a space. Upon my arrival I was blown a way. The Magnolia Market is a concept set inside old silos and a warehouse. From restaurants, food trucks, shopping and a bakery the concept was about creating an inspirational space.

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I was surprised when I made it onto the property how many people were there on a Saturday. There was a line wrapped around the block for the Silos Baking Co. I was eager to try it out after reading reviews but I just don't have it in me to wait an hour for a cupcake. Eh, maybe next time. The market itself was filled with the most beautiful items for purchase with a rustic, yet modern feel to many of them. After wandering through the warehouse I decided to take a look at the outdoor areas.

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On this day, I was traveling back from a business trip in Forth Worth, TX and decided to wear a cotton ruffled dress. I can't remember where I picked this one up, but linked several below of various price points. I had just been in Fort Worth at the Stockyards and found killer two toned cowboy boots for only $100. I'll be sharing in an upcoming post more about these boots and how to find a good pair of western shoes, but they are definitely an amazing find. I tried to add some more options of some ranging from $100-$1000 down below in the Shop the Post section.

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They also have a full garden and store outside. Some of the most beautiful roses I've seen and it was like I was transported to the English countryside. Seed and Supply carries an array gardening supplies, containers and is in the cutest looking shed. The garden itself is filled with beds and carries seasonal produce and flowers.

For the Food Truck area, there were eight total and I stopped by Luna Juice to experience their elixirs. Luna Juice also carries cold pressed juices, smoothies, and raw treats. They tasted fantastic and they are permanently residing in the Magnolia Market. I tried their Hunger Hunter booster shot made of apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey, cayenne. I also tried their Beetle juice beet, organic apple, and ginger. Both were very refreshing and perfect for a warm day. The line for The Cheddar Box was also long but they boasted about carrying wood-fired grilled cheese sandwiches. Next trip I'd like to try them as well.

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After grabbing a bite to eat you can play or sit on the lawn filled with striped floor coushins, striped awnings and swings. It's a perfect place for adults and kids. Joanna and Chip also produce a magazine (which I absolutely love!!!) called Magnolia. The quality, attention to detail and production of concepts are unmatched. 

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Houston Hotspots: Tiny Boxwoods

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Situated in the heart of Houston, TX Tiny Boxwoods is not just a restaurant, but an experience. It’s not hard to see why it has turned into a hit sensation here in Houston. With a refreshing idea of placing a restaurant inside of a garden while encompasses an opportunity to socialize it’s easy to fall in love. When  you arrive at the space you are immediately offered a cocktail while you wait in line on the beautiful green lawn. The idea is for you to mix and mingle with others while you await ordering your delicious food. The beautiful waiting area is filled with rustic tables, white linen couches and fountains galore! It’s truly a magical site.

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Once you are inside you have the ability to order more beverages, food, dessert and they’re famous cookies. You will then be seated either inside or on the patio.They have a delectable menu featuring thoughtful, fresh dishes and a variety of seasonal items.

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Although on this day it was a little dreary outside, there were plenty of places to sit to get out of the rain. The patio was even more delightful than I imagined and the seating extends into the garden next door. Taste a delicious wood fired pizza while sitting outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery all around you.

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The restaurant is part of a concept develope by  by owners Baron Doke, Gregg Thompson and Lance Thompson. They also own Tinys No. 5, Tiny Boxwoods in Austin, and Milk and Cookies. They strive to maintain all four restaurants impeccably and give their guests the ultimate experience. The restaurants are first come first serve accepting zero reservations. However, if you encounter a wait you can easily grab a beverage and peruse the garden or socialize with other guests waiting in line.

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