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The Skincare Series: Dr. Jart FocuSpot Blemish Micro Tip Patches

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After battling adult hormonal acne for the past eight years I am always hunting products that can assist with healing blemishes. Prior to having my daughter I had clear skin requiring minimal maintenance. However, my hormones shifted and now I battle with skincare regularly. Nothing can replace stress management, diet, exercise and hydration but sometimes my skin needs a little extra care. I’ve been a fan of Dr. Jart’s skin care line for a few years. I’ve found their products are deep cleansing and healing without drying my skin out.

Today I’m sharing about a recent campaign I did on Instagram with Dr. Jart. These FocuSpot Blemish Micro Tip Patches are perfect for blemishes on the go. They come individually wrapped making it easy for me to throw them in my toiletry bag. They are also really easy to use! You simply cleanse your face and apply the patch for two hours. I put mine on while I was getting ready for the day. Right before leaving I removed the patch and applied moisturizer! The redness diminished and my blemish was significantly less swollen. I highly recommend using these!

I’m doing a giveaway for one lucky reader to receive their own goody bag full of my favorite travel size skincare products including Dr. Jart FocuSpot Blemish Micro Tip Patches included! Simply comment on the video post on Instagram or leave a comment below for an entry. You can also leave a comment on my Facebook page for two additional entries. The giveaway closes at midnight April 24th, 2019 and the lucky winner will be announced on April 25th!

5 on Fridays - Five Apps I Use for Blogging

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Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Apps I Use for Blogging

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Being an early blogging adopter I’ve been attracted to apps, social media channels and technology to make blogging easier. From photo editing apps to scheduling and analytics there are so many tools out there to make your life simpler. I figured I would share with you all today five apps I regularly use for blogging, social media and editing. If you guys have any suggestions or apps you use, please share! I’m always on the hunt for new things to try!

Planoly - This is my favorite app for organizing upcoming posts on Instagram. You can use the free version to upload up to 30 items in 30 days or pay $8.99 a month for premium features. For years, I used the free version. I love how easy this is to use and how it mimics the layout of Instagram so you can create a cohesive feed. The app also gives me the ability to count down how many hashtags I have left for a post since Instagram limits them to 30 per post.

VSCO - Great app for editing photos on your phone. Been using it for YEARS and most bloggers edit with this app for iPhone pics. 100% of my pictures are actually edited here because I've found a workflow I enjoy using and it's quick. I know Lightroom is better for editing on the computer, but thought this one was worth mentioning.

Hubspot - Will let you create email campaigns, make notes on your clients and help you stay organized. It also lets me see when someone opens or clicks on a link when sending emails. You can add a plugin on your gmail account so the two are integrated. It's awesome. Also, Hubspot has a HUGE free marketing resource library.

Iconosquare - This is a newer app I’ve been trying out. It has a two week trial but does cost $30 a month after the trial ends. I would recommend this app if you have content and are looking to increase visibility on Instagram. It will give you the ability to find out when your followers are most active allowing you to post and push through the Instagram algorithm mess. It also gives you advance reporting features allowing you to see which posts, hashtags and stories are the most popular!

Squarespace Mobile App - I built my website on Squarespace for the ease of use, modern templates and 24-7 support. I’ve been a subscriber for four years now and haven’t looked back. I love using the mobile app for a quick edit if I see a grammar mistake, approving comments and on the go reference for my analytics. Although I write all of my posts on the web-based desktop version I love using the mobile app for quick edits!

Well, there you have it! Five apps I use almost daily to blog. I love sharing technology tips with you guys and hope those of you blogging find this post useful. Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend!

What are your favorite apps to use for blogging or social media planning?

What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding

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What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding (3).jpg

Cows and ducks are lining the pastures outside of the city here in Texas this time of year as the morning fog rolls through the grass. The birds chirp as the sunrises from my patio each day. The whole city is blooming in beautiful shades of yellow, pink, white, and purple flowers on the trees and in the bushes. Spring in Texas is full of picture perfect warm settings and scenery for photography, festivals and outdoor weddings. Although I love a good free party to attend, I have found that the next few months are full of weddings held outdoors and in barns. What’s in order to survive these celebrations? Well, it helps to come prepared to an outdoor wedding. Today we’ll talk a little more about what to wear to an outdoor wedding during Springtime and how to make the most of uneven terrain or unpredictable weather conditions.

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Start With a Forgiving Dress

This is the time to pick out a dress that allows you to sit comfortably. Usually outdoor weddings have a more casual countryside feel here in Texas so it’s perfectly appropriate to wear something that is floral, lightweight and with a looser skirt. The dress I’m wearing today can be found on my Amazon Shop Page for Spring Wedding Guest Attire. It’s such a great deal and I really love the way it fits. I actually wore this to a college friend’s wedding back in August and it’s proved to be one of those dresses that turns heads without revealing much. Opt for a knee length fit and flare dress, a tea length dress or go for a longer maxi in a beautiful printed fabric or soft pastel if you are looking for a more minimal look. Dress lines like Gal Meets Glam, JCrew, Eliza J, and LOFT are a few of my favorites for classic, feminine pieces.

Shop the Post:

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What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding (12).jpg

Choose the Right Shoe

Two tips I have for any event you are attending outdoors - First, wear a heel you can walk in soft grass or over rocky gravel in the event you are in a more rural setting. There’s nothing worse than a cream colored satin heel sinking like quicksand into the ground as you make your way to your seat. Instead save the stilettos and pull out a wedge, espadrille, or a block heel like I’m wearing in this post today to give your legs more stability and you are less likely to trip or feel discomfort. My second tip is to bring a pair of chic flats. I’ll tell you, I’ve even ended up giving a pair to someone who was in the wedding party because they were in such pain after being on their feet in patent heels all day. I love flexible ballet flats or a chic embellished slides and either leave in the car or bring a bag big enough to house my heels if I choose into flats.

What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding (10).jpg
What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding (6).jpg

Bring a Purse Big Enough for Supplies

Maybe it’s because I grew up with a military father, but I like to make sure I’m prepared and a tiny purse won’t do for an outdoor wedding. From makeup or hair products for touch ups to carrying that extra pair of flats, I make sure I bring a medium size bag instead of a tiny clutch. If I know it’s going to get cooler in the evening I also stash a scarf I can drape over my shoulders for warmth as the sun goes down. I also recommend bringing a bottle of water, handkerchief and Advil in case it’s hot. You would be surprised how often I’ve been asked for Tylenol or Advil. (I personally rarely take either, but bringing along a few for others has rendered the title “boy scout” in my group of friends. Last but not least: waterproof band-aids. That’s a non-negotiable item.

What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding (1).jpg

A few other things to consider might be a clear chic bubble umbrella, a pair of retro sunglasses and that scarf I mentioned above. More than anything you want to be able to enjoy the celebration of the couple and less about your outfit being uncomfortable all evening.

Do you guys have upcoming weddings to attend? How many of them are outdoors?

What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding (14).jpg

All photos today were taken by the talented Jaime Salinas. Let me know if you are looking for a photographer in the Bryan/College Station area. She’s so great to work with and we had so much putting these together!

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