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Small Town Charm: Idaho Springs, Colorado

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Idaho Springs is a little mountain town outside west of Denver Colorado where you can find one of the best breakfasts and sweet little streets lined with antique stores. Christmas week this year we spent at a friend’s lodge in Colorado doing so many fun outdoor activities like snowboarding in Winter Park and even cutting our own little Christmas tree down. I’ve visited Colorado twice before but this trip was so different from previous ones. Since we were staying with a local friend we were able to try out all of the best local places! The nearest city to his lodge is Idaho Springs so on Christmas Eve we all loaded into our car and headed there for a little breakfast before finishing our last minute shopping.

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Marion’s of the Rockies was a diner that didn’t disappoint. It’s one of those places you can order coffee without frills and get a plate full of veggie loaded omelettes. It was an amazing home cooked tasting breakfast and kept us full well into the afternoon when we decided to go sledding. We ordered pancakes, omelettes and filled up on orange juice. Afterwards, we strolled for a few minutes popping in and out of antique stores and touring the little town tucked away in the mountains.

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I wore this puffer jacket (this one is identical and on sale for $50) which is such a perfect winter item and really versatile. Today I paired it with grey socks and a soft gray sweater, red cardigan (an absolute favorite item and it’s on sale for $24) then added a pair of boots with red laces that pop (found this pair that’s similar with red laces!) ! I love the way the pale pink softens the reds in this outfit. Also, you may have noticed this red plaid scarf has been constantly worn over the past few weeks. I picked it up right before this trip and wore it all the way through my trip to California the following week.

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Scoping out story book settings like Idaho Springs is such a passion of mine. Part of it is because I live in a big city and find the smaller towns have a sort of charm the city just doesn’t provide. People know each other, businesses have been around for years and these are the places where I find the best vintage and antique items.

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Idaho Springs has a unique way of displaying Christmas lights. In Texas, most of our lights are all in white for public spaces. In Idaho Springs, the streets are lined with colorful lights that contrast against the white snow. We were lucky in the fact that throughout the trip the weather was just beautiful and we were able to spend so much time outside without fighting icy streets. I’ve traveled to Tahoe a few times and the roads are so much more narrow and the drop offs are much steeper. I like driving through (well, riding shotgun since I’m world’s worst driver) the roads in Colorado because they are built for the crazy weather that comes there way. They are much wider than in Northern California! I highly recommend renting a luxury vehicle like we did (we picked a compact BMW SUV) with heated seats. Heated seats make allllll of the difference in cold weather.


What are some ways you bear the cold weather?

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Winter Park Colorado

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After being on vacation for a full two weeks I’m finally back in Texas and overcoming the worst cough. I was hoping to get a post up two days ago, but was pretty much bed ridden all weekend and gave my body rest. That’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to slow down when your body needs it. For too many years I would wear my immune system down and I paid for it. Now, as soon as I feel something coming on, I try to slow down and give my body as much rest as possible.

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Winter Park is a fantastic spot for snowboarding outside of Denver, Colorado. We arose on Christmas morning to open a few presents from Santa and head out to the slopes as quickly as possible. It was such a fun day for Christmas! I’ve never had the opportunity to do such an activity like that on Christmas day. Another benefit was that the slopes weren’t crowded. Since this was my first time snowboarding (and I’m terrible at it) I did my best to manage getting down the bunny hill without hurting myself. I wore these leggings and sweatshirt underneath my snow gear. They were a Christmas gift and so perfect! Not too thick or thin for being outdoors all day or layering.

A few rounds of trying to get down the hill, we decided it was time for lunch. You can take one of lifts up to Snoasis for a casual eatery. I had a delicious salad while others in our group munched on burgers and sandwiches. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating overlooking beautiful snow covered trees and hills. Winter Park is an entire city full of shopping, restaurants and lodging. The town is set up like a winter wonderland ski lodge resort and a perfect location for the holidays!

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Afterwards, I stopped at the Coffee and Tea Market to grab a delicious cup of coffee and snack. The company has been around for over twenty years and is family owned! They even have their first cart they sold their coffee from sitting inside the cafe. I recommend them any day over Starbucks (which is also on site). Afterwards, we sat in some of the stationary ski lift chairs that were turned into swings overlooking the slopes.

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I’ve worn these boots several times over the past two winters and they are brought along frequently on snow oriented trips. Since they are under $100, they are very affordable and the quality is really good! I wear mine with wool socks for added insulation. Wool socks are the way to go when you are on the slopes. I also like wearing wool socks with my Hunter boots in colder climates.

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Another must have is a beanie and ear muffs. Sometimes my hair will feel really hot with a beanie on, so ear muffs are a better choice! I love these cream ones, but also have an over sized pair of pink ones. Warm gloves are important for staying warm. I love ones lined in fleece or mittens if I don’t have to use my fingers as much. I brought one of my George Gina and Lucy bags to stow away a few things since I can easily throw it in the wash afterwards if it gets dirty.

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Cozy Neutrals

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Doesn’t this entire outfit scream cozy? While color holds a near and dear place to my heart, sometimes it feels good to just put on a neutrals. Mixing black, brown and tan can be much easier and effortless than you think. I paired black pumps with a button front fitted cardigan with tortoise shell buttons. Adding a fuzzy teddy coat and structured caramel handbag kept the shoes from not being over dressy, but also polished.

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While I usually sport skinny jeans since I’m on the petite side, a good bootcut jean can also elongate your leg when you wear it with a pair of heels. The pumps I’m wearing are only about 2 inches high with a block heel and the boot cut of my pants allow the bow on the toe of the shoe to pop out. I think another really great way to wear flares is with a pointy flat or heel so it pops out of the bottom when you stand and walk. Both are little tricks for a petite person to gain a little longer look for their legs.

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This season I picked up two teddy coats including the one showed here and a pea coat style in a rose color. I reach for them constantly for errand running, extra warmth on the way to yoga and so many other occasions. They are easy and luxurious to dress up or down depending on what you have underneath.

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The purse I’m wearing here is one I received for my birthday this year and let me tell you I’ve never received so many compliments. I couldn’t believe when I saw it what the pricepoint was! Neiman Marcus carries their own line and this bag was on sale for $50! Yes, $50! I snatched it up immediately and it’s such a perfect staple for all year round. I love that it’s roomy for even an ipad but also can be converted to a cross body. I think it makes a FANTASTIC work bag and dresses down nicely with jeans. The soft warm color pairs with so much!

Who makes your current favorite handbag? What styles do you like?

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