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Picking a Pumpkin at a Pumpkin Farm

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Fall is so fun for me. Every year I make a bucket list of fun things to do and in the past I’ve tried everything from corn mazes to festivals on farms. This past year I did something a little different. Instead of going to a typical pumpkin patch where the pumpkins are already picked I decided to take my daughter and I to a REAL pumpkin patch. We headed out to Jollisant Farm about an hour north of Houston to find us the perfect pumpkin.

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The farm actually produces different crops year round and you can find out what’s in season on their website. When you arrive at the main store you get to pick up a wagon and then head out to search for your perfect pumpkin. We decided that we wanted to pick up a couple guys and waded through the patch to find a few winners.

For the occasion I knew these vintage cowboy boots I picked up at the Stockyards in Dallas would be comfortable and practical. The thing about cowboy boots is they are made to be durable (hence the ridiculous price tags on most). They usually last you for years and are great to wear year round. I paired them with an adorable cotton and lace top I picked up at the Scarecrow Festival. Then through on my favorite pair of DIY denim shorts. The outfit was effortless but still chic and practical.

I’m putting together my Fall bucket list and wanted to know what things are going on yours this year?

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Fall Nail Colors

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My first attempt into Fall fashion this year began last week when I went for a manicure. You may remember my post earlier this Summer on my experience with powder coated nails and after trying a few different types of polish out I settled on the powder dip (which is different from the powder coat?! So confusing). The powder dip is an organic glue that sits on top of your regular nails. It doesn’t hurt and lasts about two weeks (maybe three if you push it).

I’ve been loving colors like camel, olive, sage and various shades of brown for Fall this year. While I mostly gravitate towards all shades of pink, red and yellow this Fall I wanted to incorporate more earthy colors into my wardrobe and beauty products. I selected a soft sage for my two week manicure and have been delighted in the versatility of the color. It pairs great with burgundy, any shade of umber, mustard or brown and was really flattering on my skin tone. I tend to have pale skin in the Winter and get a solid golden bronze color in the Summer.

Today I rounded up some of the colors I’ll be sporting over the next three months:

Sleeveless Sweaters for Fall

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This year was the first time in a long time that I was not aching for Fall. Maybe it’s because August was full of rain and it continues to be rainy which results in lower temperatures, but I enjoyed as much as I could of warm weather, sundresses and sandals as possible. Finally, today I decided to start thinking about transitioning into Fall for my wardrobe. However, it was bright and sunny at over 90 degrees earlier today so I had to do a little improvisation.

Bring on the sleeveless sweater! Although I wear sweaters year round due to freezing air conditioning, a sleeveless sweater is the perfect transition for Fall! I just started pulling out my jeans for Fall and decided this rich burgundy was a perfect choice. I plan on wearing it later in the season with a blazer or tucked into a skirt with over the knee boots but for today I opted for classic skinny jeans.

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I also finally started mapping out Fall activities and goals so be on the lookout for more content around these topics. In the past years I’ve done everything from corn mazes to going to a pumpkin patch and cutting my own pumpkins! So fun!

What are some of your favorite activities for Fall?

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