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Blogging Beauties: Lauren from LMents of Style and Her Passion for Cruelty Free Non-Toxic Products

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Today’s post is something a little different from what you usually find here on Three Heel Clicks but I am so excited to share the newest segment called Blogging Beauties where I share the story of another fellow blogger. Today’s post is featuring Lauren from LMents of Style who is an eco friendly, socially conscious lifestyle and fashion blogger out of Dallas, TX. I came across Lauren’s blog through Instagram a while back and loved how she wrote recommendations on natural and cruelty free products that she’s actually used! Her blog is authentic, honest and so useful! She covers everything from healthy meal planning to different ways to wear the same clothing article. I was ecstatic when I had the chance to ask Lauren a few questions about how she started her blog and her perspective on healthy living. Here is the full Q&A:

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What inspired you to start LMents of Style?

Lauren: LMents of Style was created by a chain of events that began will I was in college. During school I made game day dresses and soon realized that this was a very niche item. I sought out to find an item that would follow me after college. Bow ties were the answer! I made custom bow ties for fraternity events, formals, and Christmas gifts. During this time, I began a blog, as I thought I had some things to say that people might take an interest in. It was all over the place and very low key compared to what I do now. I graduated and I still blogged occasionally, but not as often. At this time in my life, my bow ties became more special event and wedding focused. I was sewing at least one, if not multiple a month! Around this time I met by now husband who helped me start a website. I decided it was a good time to add the blog back in as a way to advertise the bow ties, in addition to selling them. Fast forward to 2019 and I have gone through several rebrands, content shifts, andddd the bow ties are gone ;) Most of my content for LMents of Style was written because I see a lack of information in the area, whether it be cruelty-free and nontoxic beauty or ideas to wear your clothing multiple ways. The majority of my ideas for the blog come out of my own personal curiosities. The desire to bring new and needed content to the masses is what inspires me to continue writing.

I noticed you graduated at Baylor with a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Business. How do you incorporate what you learned in college in your blog?

Lauren: Having studied apparel, I know the ins and outs of what it takes to make a garment. For this reason t is a lot easier for me to avoid fast fashion (ie Forever 21, Zara, H&M, etc) because I have learned to question the price and the origin of the item. That’s just not common knowledge otherwise…  If you buy a shirt for $10, that usually means that they bought it wholesale for around $5, which means that the cost of the garment + labor is around $2.50. That’s ridiculous. I’m all for a good sale and saving money, but not at the expense of humanity. Same goes with country of origin. If you buy something made in Bangladesh, typically that hints at some sort of production issue, whether it be child labor or unfair working environment. If you don’t know this industry and didn’t study it, it’s a lot easier to reach for these cheaply made items. One of my ongoing series is called The Art of Versatility. I share how to wear items multiple ways in hopes that people would shop more from their own closets, than cheaply made clothing.  These habits are definitely rooted in my degree and learnings.

You post frequently about cruelty free and non-toxic products. What are your top favorites?

Lauren: Ooh! Somewhat of a hard question, because I have for sure found my favorites and stick to those; however, the brand that turned me onto the whole CF and NT scene (along with my friend Jourdan) is Juice Beauty. Another one of my top favorites is One Love Organics. Both are made in the U.S.A. and are great for you and your skin!
Where do you find inspiration? What inspires you the most?

Lauren: It’s really easy to say that travel gives me inspiration, specifically Napa; however, I also find inspiration in continually learning. I try to research as much as I can, plus I continue to use groundbreaking platforms like Pinterest. I also love watching A Drink with James on YouTube.

So you live in Dallas, what are your favorite spots?

Lauren: I joke with people that the only thing to do in Dallas is eat and drink;) Besides that, I love to walk the Katy Trail with my husband and pup! Our favorite restaurants are Rodeo Goat (best burgers and cheese fries in Dallas), Pie Tap (best pizza in Dallas) and Town Hearth (best steakhouse in Dallas).

What’s your biggest pieces of advice to other bloggers?

Lauren: Be yourself! Find your niche and stay in your lane. You’ll never be happy  or succeed trying to be someone else’s version of success. I get asked a lot about “how do you know what to write about?” To be quite frank if you are asking that question, you aren’t ready to commit to blogging. Also, the more you write, the more you will be inspired!

What is one interesting fact about you?

Lauren: I always get stubbed at this question. I never know what to say! For a fun answer, my husband and I won second place on a kiss-cam at a Baylor football game. For a deeper answer, I have scoliosis and wore a back brace for most of middle school. It definitely has shaped how I view others for the better.

Where are your favorite brands to follow?

Lauren: I love everything Madewell is doing - from their diverse marketing shoots, to their release of extended sizes, and even the fair trade denim they just launched! I also enjoy sharing socially conscious brands like Everlane and Tradlands.

What do you do when you’re not working on LMents of Style?

Lauren: I actually have a full time job in the apparel industry! I work as a product line manage for a global brand in the wholesale industry. My husband jokes that LMents of Style is my other full time job ;)

What do you look forward to for 2019?

Lauren: I’m just glad it is a new year! I’m excited to look back come 2020 and see how I have grown. Kind of a cliché answer, but it’s true! Each day I wake up and pinch myself in response to people enjoying what I have to say.

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If you want to follow Lauren you can check out here blog LMents of Style here or on Instagram here. Thanks Lauren for sharing your insight and I look forward to reading more about your content this year! Hope you all enjoyed connecting with her today!

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5 on Fridays - Five Hot Pink Outfits for Valentine's Day

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In continuing this series for 5 on Fridays it’s only fitting I do a pink round up for you guys for Valentine’s Day. Hot pink is kinda the unexpected color for Valentine’s Day. Where so many people flock to ballet shades of pink or bright reds, hot pink is the red headed step child longing to be worn. Last week I shared a round up of What to Get Her for Valentine’s Day which included a bright fuschia/magenta shaded dress. I went back to the archives to pull out five looks from picnic to a fancy dinner out all for your inspiration!

Hot Pink with Chambray

Hot pink is a perfect compliment to a chambray shirt, dress (love this Draper James version) or jumpsuit. The feminine bright pink contrasts nicely with the utilitarian look of chambray instantly making this a date worthy outfit perfect for Valentine’s Day! Add a pair of pink espadrilles or flats for a casual look and a cute purse.

Monochromatic white and add pink accessories

This outfit screams transitioning into Spring. If you are thinking about a picnic date or even a stroll through a pretty garden and live in a warm climate this is an easy way to feel breezy and chic. Wear an eyelet lace top with a simple skirt for a relaxed almost beachy look. Then, add pink earrings and a swipe of bright lipstick to tie in all of the pink accessories.

Wear a Pink from Head to Toe in a Maxi

From dinner to cocktails wearing a beautiful long sleeve maxi dress gives a certain drama shorter versions do not. Make sure you find one that’s fitted in the shoulders and has sleeves that show off your wrists so you don’t overpower your frame. A skinny belt in a hue that doesn’t contrast but instead compliments the tones of the dress keeps the dress elegant but not over the top. For this look, wear your hair in bohemian braids or off your face in a bun to let the dress take center stage.

Play with Patterns

If you choose a dress on the simpler side then it’s nice to mix and match patterns on your accessories to give the outfit a special flair. Here a silk scarf was used to tie around the waist and then a striped clutch with pink trim was added. Also, instead of opting for matchy matchy shoes, try a fun floral (like I did in yesterday’s post). This is perfect for an evening out, but is also still modest enough to wear to work for the day.

Add drama with a tulle skirt

So this outfit is high drama! Be ready to get a ton of compliments (because who doesn’t love a tulle skirt?) and it’s perfect for a fancy night out. If you are going with a skirt with this much volume pair down the top and wear a body suit or a fitted bodice. Add simple gold accessories like sandals and a clutch or a brooch for an extra embellishment.

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What to Wear this Year for New Year's Eve

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Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (1).jpg

Last month I attended a wedding in downtown Houston. It was the first time since last Winter that I wore a cocktail dress for an evening out and I opted for a sequin long sleeve nude one. You can’t really go wrong with a neutral color and during the cooler parts of the year a long sleeved fitted cocktail dress is the perfect attire for a glittery evening. I plan on repeating this exact ensemble for a future occasion like New Year’s Eve! Today I’m sharing a few tips for choosing what to wear as you ring in the new year!

Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (5).jpg

Sequins and glitter are perfect for a NYE celebration. Depending on your body type, you may want to go for a fitted or more of a flared waistline. I’ve rounded up dresses for under $200 for you to shop if you are looking for something similiar. To get prepared for this evening, I started by finding a good dress and then built the outfit around that as a theme. If you are going pretty fancy with your dress then you may want to wear a sleek hairstyle to not look over the top! A low sleek bun is an easy go to and you won’t have to worry about your hair being in your face all night.

Sequin Dresses Under $200

Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (9).jpg

Next up is finding the right shoe! I love a nude bow pump for pretty much any occasion. They are a pair you can wear time and time again to meetings, events and even a simple night out. Here are a ton of options with varying heel heights for you to browse. You really can’t go wrong with a neutral shoe with a feminine bow.

Nude Bow Shoes

Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (24).jpg

I chose to bring along one of my favorite winter bags which was made of faux fur. Since my outfit was mostly monochromatic, I decided to play with textures like faux fur, sequins and satin. I love to wear clutches but find them cumbersome if I can’t sit my purse at a table for the evening. The one I chose for this occasion had a chain link strap so I could be hands free without having to worry about where I last put my purse.

Faux Fur Bags

Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (22).jpg

Adding accessories doesn’t have to be a headache. I wore simple sparkly beaded earrings and at the top of my bun a barrette with rhinestones. When your dress is the centerpiece it’s better to keep your accessories to a minimum. Oversized pearl earrings, rhinestone encrusted baubles and beads are inexpensive but make a classic statement.

Simple Accessories

Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (21).jpg
Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (14).jpg

If you are ringing in the new year here in Houston I recommend staying at Hotel Icon or the new Marriott Marquis downtown that has a pool in the shape of Texas! It’s a perfect location and there are events happening all over the city. Hotel Icon is another favorite and is a hotel converted from a bank where the lobby has the original vault. Two of my favorite places to stop for coffee or brunch include Boomtown Coffee Main St Cafe and Bar where you can order some of the best cappuccinos and avocado toast! The other place to check out is The Rustic which has a curated brunch plate with several items for a single price. I ordered a virgin moscow mule which didn’t disappoint.

Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (8).jpg

What are you planning on doing for New Year’s Eve?

Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (4).jpg

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