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What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding

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Cows and ducks are lining the pastures outside of the city here in Texas this time of year as the morning fog rolls through the grass. The birds chirp as the sunrises from my patio each day. The whole city is blooming in beautiful shades of yellow, pink, white, and purple flowers on the trees and in the bushes. Spring in Texas is full of picture perfect warm settings and scenery for photography, festivals and outdoor weddings. Although I love a good free party to attend, I have found that the next few months are full of weddings held outdoors and in barns. What’s in order to survive these celebrations? Well, it helps to come prepared to an outdoor wedding. Today we’ll talk a little more about what to wear to an outdoor wedding during Springtime and how to make the most of uneven terrain or unpredictable weather conditions.

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Start With a Forgiving Dress

This is the time to pick out a dress that allows you to sit comfortably. Usually outdoor weddings have a more casual countryside feel here in Texas so it’s perfectly appropriate to wear something that is floral, lightweight and with a looser skirt. The dress I’m wearing today can be found on my Amazon Shop Page for Spring Wedding Guest Attire. It’s such a great deal and I really love the way it fits. I actually wore this to a college friend’s wedding back in August and it’s proved to be one of those dresses that turns heads without revealing much. Opt for a knee length fit and flare dress, a tea length dress or go for a longer maxi in a beautiful printed fabric or soft pastel if you are looking for a more minimal look. Dress lines like Gal Meets Glam, JCrew, Eliza J, and LOFT are a few of my favorites for classic, feminine pieces.

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Choose the Right Shoe

Two tips I have for any event you are attending outdoors - First, wear a heel you can walk in soft grass or over rocky gravel in the event you are in a more rural setting. There’s nothing worse than a cream colored satin heel sinking like quicksand into the ground as you make your way to your seat. Instead save the stilettos and pull out a wedge, espadrille, or a block heel like I’m wearing in this post today to give your legs more stability and you are less likely to trip or feel discomfort. My second tip is to bring a pair of chic flats. I’ll tell you, I’ve even ended up giving a pair to someone who was in the wedding party because they were in such pain after being on their feet in patent heels all day. I love flexible ballet flats or a chic embellished slides and either leave in the car or bring a bag big enough to house my heels if I choose into flats.

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Bring a Purse Big Enough for Supplies

Maybe it’s because I grew up with a military father, but I like to make sure I’m prepared and a tiny purse won’t do for an outdoor wedding. From makeup or hair products for touch ups to carrying that extra pair of flats, I make sure I bring a medium size bag instead of a tiny clutch. If I know it’s going to get cooler in the evening I also stash a scarf I can drape over my shoulders for warmth as the sun goes down. I also recommend bringing a bottle of water, handkerchief and Advil in case it’s hot. You would be surprised how often I’ve been asked for Tylenol or Advil. (I personally rarely take either, but bringing along a few for others has rendered the title “boy scout” in my group of friends. Last but not least: waterproof band-aids. That’s a non-negotiable item.

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A few other things to consider might be a clear chic bubble umbrella, a pair of retro sunglasses and that scarf I mentioned above. More than anything you want to be able to enjoy the celebration of the couple and less about your outfit being uncomfortable all evening.

Do you guys have upcoming weddings to attend? How many of them are outdoors?

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All photos today were taken by the talented Jaime Salinas. Let me know if you are looking for a photographer in the Bryan/College Station area. She’s so great to work with and we had so much putting these together!

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Freeport Bakery in Sacramento

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Hope your week is off to a good start! I’ll be honest, as much as I tried to have a positive perspective today (see this instagram post) it has been pretty rocky. I left early to drop off someone at the airport this morning and seemed to be a little less prepared than usual. In fact, I grabbed the wrong medication (taken every day at noon) and a broken tripod. Then, I showed up where I was planning on eating breakfast only to find they had zero outlets (was also planning on working while I was there) and it was freezing. Now it’s after lunch and I’m finally pulling it together. A few deep breaths and now working from a Starbucks, I think all is back on track and well within the world. Funny how a little latte can solve so much!


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Today’s post was one I’ve been itching to share with you guys. While staying in Sacramento two weeks ago we split our time between an AirBnB and a hotel. The AirBnB was located in the city walking distance from this adorable cafe. As soon as I saw it’s flowered painted exterior I was hooked and had to drop in. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for local coffee places and eateries when I travel. I seek them out for their ambiance, specialty drinks and food, and overall local service. Supporting small businesses keeps our American economy alive and flourishing. Local coffee shops or restaurants are a perfect place to find the best recommendations in the area. Yes, there’s so much planning you can do ahead of time when traveling but asking locals is the way to find the hidden gems such as the Freeport Bakery!

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Freeport Bakery is not just a place for delicious coffee, it’s a full bakery complete with custom cakes, puffy pastries galore and all of the carbs you can inhale. The decor inside has the most beautiful floral wall paper in shades of coral and cantaloupe. Outside you will find a lovely patio perfect for a stop during the warmer months of Spring. I mentioned last week just how beautiful Sacramento is during the spring! You can read more about the Capitol Park and rose garden here if you are stopping through this city. I really like visiting Sacramento. It’s not as busy and bustling as San Francisco but has a ton of historic sites with charming streets.

Pretty Pink Dresses for Spring

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For today'‘s look I wore a beautiful pale pink See by Chloe dress. It’s such a perfect dress for Spring on chilly days. Bringing dresses on a trip offers so much versatility. You can layer cardigans, sweaters, blazers or jackets over them. You can dress them up with heels or down with boots or ballet flats. The embellished bodice is really beautiful and intricate for this dress! Unless you live underground, you probably notice the plethora of pearly accessories right now. (Especially hair clips or barrettes. More to come on this subject.) I rounded up several pink dresses for you to browse above including budget friendly options like this one for only $19 or this one for about $70.

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I’ve also recently added this pretty brown leather and gold chain strap bag to my collection. The color of leather is light enough to mix with black, brown, tan, navy or cream. The little bit of hardware dresses it up but the leather finish keeps the bag from looking over the top. It has almost a vintage feel and is a great size for carrying the essentials to dinner in the evenings. I’ll be sharing 1-2 more posts about Sacramento and am returning to the city over the Summer. If you are a California gent or gal, please send me your recommendations for future parks, sights, coffee shops and restaurants. This has been my fourth trip to the city and I’m looking forward to returning!

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What are some of your favorite places to grab coffee?

Three Looks with a Floral Spring Dress

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Today’s post is showcasing three ways to wear a floral spring dress. These combinations are paired with items you may already own or have something really similar to in each outfit. I love being able to switch a favorite piece up and wear it different ways. Today I’ll show you how to wear a pretty long sleeve floral dress for brunch with the girls, a stroll through the park and then a date night worthy look! Starting out is a floral dress so I’ve rounded up a few that are similar here for you to shop:

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Start off the day with brunch and wear the beautiful floral dress with a fun straw hat and pink bag. For daytime activities I like to wear a pair of comfortable block heels featured here or ballet flats. A block heel gives you just a little lift but won’t kills your feet if you take a stroll around the block. This is also a perfect look for going to an outdoor picnic, walking through a garden or museum and brunch on the patio.

Three Heel Clicks - Three Looks with a Floral Spring Dress (5).jpg

A few places to consider around town for brunch include the Dish Society, Whiskey Cake, and I really love going to local coffee shops. Weather permitting I always opt to sit on the patio and feel the sunshine stream down. There’s something so relaxing about a cool breeze on your face and sunshine.

Three Heel Clicks - Three Looks with a Floral Spring Dress (27).jpg

For errand running, attending kids weekend games or events and shopping find yourself a platform sneaker! I was skeptical until I came across these perfect periwinkle lace sneakers last weekend. I love how effortlessly they go with this new Longchamp foldable tote. I’ve been eyeing the tote for years and decided with all of the traveling I do it was a good idea. Sure enough it came in the mail over the weekend and I couldn’t wait to take it out for a spin!

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Parks and gardens are the perfect setting for getting your steps in while observing beautiful scenery. Some of my favorite include Mercer Botannical Garden seen in the photographs here, the Rose Garden at Hermann Memorial Park and White Oak Trail. There are so many pretty spots in the city, but you have to get out of the car and step on foot to find some of these beauties. If you are looking to do a little shopping consider 19th and Yale in the Heights or pop over to Montrose for second hand and vintage finds!

Three Heel Clicks - Three Looks with a Floral Spring Dress (9).jpg
Three Heel Clicks - Three Looks with a Floral Spring Dress (22).jpg

Oh the teetering platform sandals with heights that are disco worthy takes this dress from mom to magnificent. A shoe really can change the tone of an entire outfit. Since this dress is made out of a knit and fairly modest turn up the heat by adding a sexy shoe. Also, for date night, it’s good to not have to worry about a purse in hand so grab a leather cross body for an evening out!

Three Heel Clicks - Three Looks with a Floral Spring Dress (8).jpg

Houston is full of cute date night spots! I just wrote one of eight eateries you can visit if you are looking to go on a date locally. Also, consider some of the activities mentioned in my post on gifts for each love language. Quality time is more than sitting next to each other at dinner looking into the phone. It’s about connecting, laughing and sharing joy.

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Which look is your favorite? Tell me in the comments section!

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Winter Park Colorado

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After being on vacation for a full two weeks I’m finally back in Texas and overcoming the worst cough. I was hoping to get a post up two days ago, but was pretty much bed ridden all weekend and gave my body rest. That’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to slow down when your body needs it. For too many years I would wear my immune system down and I paid for it. Now, as soon as I feel something coming on, I try to slow down and give my body as much rest as possible.

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Winter Park is a fantastic spot for snowboarding outside of Denver, Colorado. We arose on Christmas morning to open a few presents from Santa and head out to the slopes as quickly as possible. It was such a fun day for Christmas! I’ve never had the opportunity to do such an activity like that on Christmas day. Another benefit was that the slopes weren’t crowded. Since this was my first time snowboarding (and I’m terrible at it) I did my best to manage getting down the bunny hill without hurting myself. I wore these leggings and sweatshirt underneath my snow gear. They were a Christmas gift and so perfect! Not too thick or thin for being outdoors all day or layering.

A few rounds of trying to get down the hill, we decided it was time for lunch. You can take one of lifts up to Snoasis for a casual eatery. I had a delicious salad while others in our group munched on burgers and sandwiches. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating overlooking beautiful snow covered trees and hills. Winter Park is an entire city full of shopping, restaurants and lodging. The town is set up like a winter wonderland ski lodge resort and a perfect location for the holidays!

Three Heel Clicks - Winter Park Colorado (27).jpg

Afterwards, I stopped at the Coffee and Tea Market to grab a delicious cup of coffee and snack. The company has been around for over twenty years and is family owned! They even have their first cart they sold their coffee from sitting inside the cafe. I recommend them any day over Starbucks (which is also on site). Afterwards, we sat in some of the stationary ski lift chairs that were turned into swings overlooking the slopes.

Three Heel Clicks - Winter Park Colorado (16).jpg

I’ve worn these boots several times over the past two winters and they are brought along frequently on snow oriented trips. Since they are under $100, they are very affordable and the quality is really good! I wear mine with wool socks for added insulation. Wool socks are the way to go when you are on the slopes. I also like wearing wool socks with my Hunter boots in colder climates.

Three Heel Clicks - Winter Park Colorado (35).jpg

Another must have is a beanie and ear muffs. Sometimes my hair will feel really hot with a beanie on, so ear muffs are a better choice! I love these cream ones, but also have an over sized pair of pink ones. Warm gloves are important for staying warm. I love ones lined in fleece or mittens if I don’t have to use my fingers as much. I brought one of my George Gina and Lucy bags to stow away a few things since I can easily throw it in the wash afterwards if it gets dirty.

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Small Town Charm: Veronica's Daiquiri Shop in Navasota, TX

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I’ve been through Navasota so many times I don’t think I could count them. It’s positioned about 3/4 from where I live to where my parents live. Over the years I’ve explored the Red Velvet Inn (a bed and breakfast where you can bring pets - see post), their historic downtown (see here and here), beautiful bluebonnet spots in the Spring (see this post), and a fantastic gardens hop called Martha’s which also has a lovely tea room. The town is small but nestled between Houston and College Station, TX.

Three Heel Clicks - Small Town Charm - Veronica's Daquiri Shop (5).jpg

This time I took a different exit last month when I was headed in to visit my family for my sister’s birthday. Sure enough I found another gem! Take a look at this cute floral shop with a drive through daiquiri place! Oh my goodness was I pretty stoked! Although I didn’t have the luxury of trying a daiquiri that day, the shop couldn’t be more picturesque.

Three Heel Clicks - Small Town Charm - Veronica's Daquiri Shop (8).jpg

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon with rain looming. Whenever it rains I always want to get nestled up and wear long sleeve shirts. A classic blue and white crew neck was just the choice. This season I’ve also been eyeing cropped frayed jeans. These hit right at the ankle which worked perfectly with a pair of blue suede boots I’ve had for two years now (here is an updated version). I’ve never owned a pair of Seven7 jeans although I have worn 7FAM since college and was surprised by the quality and fit. I would size up if you are looking at making a purchase.

Three Heel Clicks - Small Town Charm - Veronica's Daquiri Shop (6).jpg

Now that our weather is lingering in the 80’s some days (thank goodness!) You guys will be getting a few more cozy styles you can carry into Winter.

What are a few posts you’d like me to publish coming up for October?

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