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Winter Park Colorado

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After being on vacation for a full two weeks I’m finally back in Texas and overcoming the worst cough. I was hoping to get a post up two days ago, but was pretty much bed ridden all weekend and gave my body rest. That’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to slow down when your body needs it. For too many years I would wear my immune system down and I paid for it. Now, as soon as I feel something coming on, I try to slow down and give my body as much rest as possible.

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Winter Park is a fantastic spot for snowboarding outside of Denver, Colorado. We arose on Christmas morning to open a few presents from Santa and head out to the slopes as quickly as possible. It was such a fun day for Christmas! I’ve never had the opportunity to do such an activity like that on Christmas day. Another benefit was that the slopes weren’t crowded. Since this was my first time snowboarding (and I’m terrible at it) I did my best to manage getting down the bunny hill without hurting myself. I wore these leggings and sweatshirt underneath my snow gear. They were a Christmas gift and so perfect! Not too thick or thin for being outdoors all day or layering.

A few rounds of trying to get down the hill, we decided it was time for lunch. You can take one of lifts up to Snoasis for a casual eatery. I had a delicious salad while others in our group munched on burgers and sandwiches. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating overlooking beautiful snow covered trees and hills. Winter Park is an entire city full of shopping, restaurants and lodging. The town is set up like a winter wonderland ski lodge resort and a perfect location for the holidays!

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Afterwards, I stopped at the Coffee and Tea Market to grab a delicious cup of coffee and snack. The company has been around for over twenty years and is family owned! They even have their first cart they sold their coffee from sitting inside the cafe. I recommend them any day over Starbucks (which is also on site). Afterwards, we sat in some of the stationary ski lift chairs that were turned into swings overlooking the slopes.

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I’ve worn these boots several times over the past two winters and they are brought along frequently on snow oriented trips. Since they are under $100, they are very affordable and the quality is really good! I wear mine with wool socks for added insulation. Wool socks are the way to go when you are on the slopes. I also like wearing wool socks with my Hunter boots in colder climates.

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Another must have is a beanie and ear muffs. Sometimes my hair will feel really hot with a beanie on, so ear muffs are a better choice! I love these cream ones, but also have an over sized pair of pink ones. Warm gloves are important for staying warm. I love ones lined in fleece or mittens if I don’t have to use my fingers as much. I brought one of my George Gina and Lucy bags to stow away a few things since I can easily throw it in the wash afterwards if it gets dirty.

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Small Town Charm: Veronica's Daiquiri Shop in Navasota, TX

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I’ve been through Navasota so many times I don’t think I could count them. It’s positioned about 3/4 from where I live to where my parents live. Over the years I’ve explored the Red Velvet Inn (a bed and breakfast where you can bring pets - see post), their historic downtown (see here and here), beautiful bluebonnet spots in the Spring (see this post), and a fantastic gardens hop called Martha’s which also has a lovely tea room. The town is small but nestled between Houston and College Station, TX.

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This time I took a different exit last month when I was headed in to visit my family for my sister’s birthday. Sure enough I found another gem! Take a look at this cute floral shop with a drive through daiquiri place! Oh my goodness was I pretty stoked! Although I didn’t have the luxury of trying a daiquiri that day, the shop couldn’t be more picturesque.

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It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon with rain looming. Whenever it rains I always want to get nestled up and wear long sleeve shirts. A classic blue and white crew neck was just the choice. This season I’ve also been eyeing cropped frayed jeans. These hit right at the ankle which worked perfectly with a pair of blue suede boots I’ve had for two years now (here is an updated version). I’ve never owned a pair of Seven7 jeans although I have worn 7FAM since college and was surprised by the quality and fit. I would size up if you are looking at making a purchase.

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Now that our weather is lingering in the 80’s some days (thank goodness!) You guys will be getting a few more cozy styles you can carry into Winter.

What are a few posts you’d like me to publish coming up for October?

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Feminine Neutrals

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 I found this lovely neutral lace dress from LC Lauren Conrad's collection and thought it would make a perfect addition for holiday parties, work or pretty much any occasion. The color was the perfect shade of taupe. Taupe is not a color I usually one I gravitate towards - it has just a little too much gray in it for my taste. But, the fit of dress was like a glove. I thought it would be perfect to wear with my pale pink bag from Ted Baker. 

I used to work in Downtown Houston a few times a week since I had clients there, but haven't been as much since I transferred to a new job that has me in the Energy Corridor on the west side of town. I love it when I have the chance to go downtown. There is something about seeing all the men dressed in suits, couriers on bikes and women having brunch on the patio... it's a completely different vibe from other parts of town. Downtown there is this energy and the sight of 75 story buildings gives you a feeling unlike others.

I love to travel and love the outdoors, but since I was a little girl I always dreamed of living in a big city. I I wanted to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of all of the people and business. I knew living in a big city was for me. Houston is a great place and there are so many different flavors of life here. I absolutely love being a part of this place and look forward to discovering new places and new scenes. Most of these photographs were taken near Market Square Park. I usually park near there since it's right off of Louisiana Street which many of my old clients reside. It's a pretty little area with a floral tiled fountain and in the very middle  you can pick up yummy giro's from Nikko Nikko.

 I'm working on an upcoming series about Traveling Your City - but in the meantime you can find several of my snaps on Instagram with the hashtag #travelyourcity and #threeheelclickstravel. I'm hoping to have some new stuff posted at the early part of the year on this topic. Travel is something so near and dear to my heart. One of my biggest goals for 2016 is to explore more, even if it's just here in Houston. 

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