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How to: Simplify Your Mornings

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I remember a time when it used to take me well over an hour to get up, dressed and out the door. These days I tend to be able to get everything done and my daughter ready in less than half an hour. I thought I would share a few helpful hints for making life a little easier in the morning. More coffee and less worry!

  • Shower at night – I love to slip into my sheets feeling fresh and clean at night. Not only am I going to be in bed for 7-8 hours at minimum, it gives me extra time in the morning to get up and go. I usually pop out of bed, wash my face and brush my teeth to give me a jump start.
  • Lay everything out the night before – This one is such a time saver for me. When I do not lay out my clothing the night before for myself and my daughter… it really tacks on extra time to look for a matching purse or locate a pair of socks. In fact, to further save time layout a few outfits on Sunday night and Wednesday night so you don’t have to repeat daily.
  • Breakfast – We eat breakfast every day. The key is to know what you are going to eat before you wake up. Usually it’s fruit and yogurt or muesli for us. Sometimes we even do a quick smoothie. We like to keep it simple in this household and make things that take only a few minutes.
  • Lunch – Everyone is responsible for their own lunches. My daughter has healthy choices that we decide on at the beginning of the week. All she has to do is assemble in the morning and we go.
  • Hair and Makeup – If crunched for time I have a few quick braids (like this one or this one) that are my default for quick mornings. If I get behind, I simplify makeup down to mascara, lipstick, blush and concealer. Having a plan B makes it that much easier!
  • Coffee on the go – Prepare a cup to go and drink on the way to work or have a cup once you get to the office. By cutting out my first cup at the house, I realized I was saving so much more time!
  • Same order, every day – By doing things in a methodical routine you won’t forget as much. That way you don’t have to think about everything… you just get up and follow the routine. You can spend more time practicing being present than planning.

Although we do have mornings where we get behind, these are a few ways I’ve found to just simplify life. I get a little extra rest or have more time to read or write in the mornings. What are some of the ways that you guys make your mornings easier?

How to: Wear Light Jeans

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Jeans are essential. My job has transitioned to a more casual attire and since then, I've pulled out my favorite pairs to wear everyday. I thought I'd share some styling tips for pastel or white jeans. Both are easy to wear year round! I also think they give a fresh take on a classic style. 

I really like to pair light colored jeans with pastels themselves. From a soft blue to a creamy white... they work nicely together when you layer different pastels. For Fall and Spring I like to wear a lightweight off the shoulder top and I added a pair of simple sandals. As the temperatures get cooler, I've found that pairing them with a classic pea coat or pastel single breasted jacket works really nicely. 

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Small Town Charm: Chappell Hill, TX

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Location: Chappell Hill, TX
Shirt: Rafalle // Skirt: LC Lauren Conrad // Sunnies: Kenneth Lane // Purse: French Connection

A few weeks ago I launched a new series on the blog called Small Town Charm. In my first post I talked about my recent visit to Medina, TX. This week I decided to launch a recent trip to Chappell Hill. Chappell Hill is located about 30 minutes outside of Houston Metropolitan Area just past Hempstead on Highway 290. Back in April I visited it for the first time during Bluebonnet season and shared my experience at the Bluebonnet Festival which takes place in April.

Fast forward a few months later and I stopped through there a second time to get a taste of their charming downtown area.  They have several places in this city with so much history to include a church built in the late 1800's complete with stained glass windows and pews.

If you travel a little further east, you'll find a Lavender Farm where you can pick your own bunches during harvest season. They also serve delicious lavender ice cream and you can pick up an array of goodies all lavender scented, of course, in their gift shop. My personal favorite purchase during my last trip was lavender infused honey. I put that in my coffee for weeks on end to give it a delicious floral flavor.

There is a ton of small town charm all over the city. You can walk down a few of the streets to see house listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  If you stop on main street I would grab a cold drink at the 291 Ice House or just look around at The Bluebonnet House. There are other adorable places to pick up goodies for your home or garden up and down that area. Finally, as you head back to Highway 290, don't forget to visit the Chappell Hill Sausage Company!

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Travel Style - How to Simplify Your Pack

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I cannot tell you how frustrating it was for me prior to learning how to pack in a carry-on. I mean FRUSTRATING. From carrying heavy bags to losing luggage at the airline, it became too much.  I decided after my bags were delayed 24 hours in San Francisco on NYE… it was time – time to simplify. So, I started with Pinterest and scoured boards to find better methods. I spent hours on Google looking up ways to pack lighter. Fast forward years later, and I have it down to a science. Here are few ways to make your life easier and carry less!

·         Dresses and Rompers – They take up less space. I carry 3-4 from dressy to casual. You can throw a cardigan, blazer or sweater over and give it a second look.

·         Limit Toiletries – I pack only the necessities. I also limit how much makeup I bring. Put them into smaller containers and everything goes in a TSA approved clear pouch.

·         Pack in a Color Scheme – Depending on the length of travel, I usually will pack in 1-2 color schemes. I wrote another post all about this, but it makes a difference in how many bags/shoes/accessories end up getting tacked on.

·         Wear Bulky Items – Jeans, tennis shoes, coats or boots should be worn on the plane to reserve more room in your bag. See this post for more tips!

·         Plan Your Outfits – I lay everything out on my bed or floor in outfits to make sure I’m not missing anything. It makes a difference when I arrive because I spend little time thinking about what I am going to wear and more time doing things I’m interested in.

·         Double Use Bags – I use my tote for the beach, shopping and double as a personal item on the plane. I also will pack a clutch inside of a cross body. That gives me 3 bags as options and takes up little space.

A lot of people will tell you to limit your shoes, but here is where I disagree. I usually pack smaller and less bulky shoes like ballet flats, simple leather slides and maybe a pair of heels. I find that as much as I love wearing heels, I don’t usually want to put them on if I’m doing a lot of walking when I travel. Hope these tips help! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out via email or leave a comment! I’d also love to hear your tips or tricks!

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How to: Wear a Tulle Skirt

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My pale pink tulle skirt has become more of a staple than a statement piece. After recently posting about it here, I decided that maybe a doing a little round up of some tulle looks would be helpful. I've worn it in so many ways since I bought it last year. To start with, pick a midi length so it's not too formal or too playful.

  • For the office - When I wear it to the office, I usually add a simple blouse (like the blue floral one) or a blazer in the same color. Add a pumps and a structured bag to keep it looking pulled together.
  • For warmer weather - Just throw on a basic tank top or I added a tiered ruffle top with pumps or sandals. A crossbody works well for this type of look and keeps it more laid back.
  • For colder months - A sweater in the same shade is perfect. You  can easily throw a long overcoat on to stay warm and a heel with holiday sparkle. 

Whether you are going for dressy or casual, with a simple change of a shoe or bag the skirt takes on a different feel. I oftentimes will mix it with a pair of loafers or flats instead of a pump to make it look a little more relaxed. 

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