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Since I’ve been staying at a lake in Northern California, I’ve made it a point to focus on overall health and connecting deeper to my surroundings. Slow drives through the mountains, walks at sunset and sunrise, stargazing at night and examining the beauty in nature are what most of my past few days have been like for me. Health is my number one priority and I’m not just talking about diet and exercise. Now more than ever I am putting my mental, spiritual and physical health at the top of my priority list.


With that being said I’ve been paying close attention to making sure I’m getting enough exercise, eating whole fruits and vegetables, hydrating my skin and protecting it from the sun. The air in Northern California is so clean compared to Houston and the UV rays sear right through it. Not only do I use an SPF veil broad spectrum beauty fluid (you can read more about that product in last week’s post) but I also hydrate with our YOU•OLOGY Day Moisturizer and my favorite BB Cream.


I’ve been harping so much about skincare lately and it’s more important to me than ever before now that I’m closer to forty than twenty-one! The main key with skincare is to be as consistent as possible. Ensure you cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize daily to allow your skin cells to regenerate. Another BIG step I’ve added is regularly exfoliating. I love our YOU•OLOGY Brightening Mask because it treats the skin to a brighter appearance and lightly exfoliates.


Recently I earned a certification in our YOU•OLOGY skincare product line. If you are not sure where to start to improve your skincare regimen then I’m all ears! Reach out to me at or submit your email below! I’d love to set up a brief consultation online and discuss your best options for your skin!


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5 on Fridays - The Five Reasons I Chose Yoga and How it Changed My Life

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5 on Fridays - The Five Reasons I Chose Yoga and How it Changed My Life

I’ve always enjoyed exercise but never enjoyed spending time at the gym. Growing up I practiced ballet and loved every bit of it - the discipline, the routine, the structure, the competition and opportunity to constantly improve. After getting older I still enjoy attending classes but ballet is really hard on my joints. I moved into taking long walks hiking and finally made the decision to go to a free yoga class. After the first class back in October 2018 I decided to enroll in a yoga studio (because they had a newcomer special) and sign up for unlimited classes. I started going almost every day. Within 3 months I noticed significant changes in my body, mind and soul. Yoga gave me all of the benefits of cardio, stretching and meditation leaving me after each session with a better appreciation for my body and a clearer mind. Here are the five life-changing benefits of yoga I’ve experienced.

Yoga is about progress not perfection

Being a highly competitive OCD spirit, I tend to overachieve in anything I put my mind to. Yoga changed my perception of exercise. No longer was I consumed with perfecting each movement or pose. Instead I learned how to measure progress. Many of the poses you learn to hold in yoga take time to build physical strength and making a connection between your body and mind. How refreshing! I could show up to a class, focus on doing my best, taking breaks if needed and over time I experienced improvement! The pressure of being perfect started to disappear and improvement started showing up more and more in my body. I started feeling better, lighter and stronger.

Provides a moving meditation for busy minds

If you are new to meditation and find sitting still for just 10 minutes is difficult, then consider yoga. Yoga provides a way to move your body and clear your mind. Meditation creates focus and clarity by training your mind. I found that during yoga sessions I focused on aligning my body, moving through each pose, and awaiting the next instruction from the yoga instructor. I focused on aligning my body, moving through each pose and awaiting instruction. I listen and follow the instructor without judgement but appreciation for my own body. Eventually, I was able to carry that same clarity into other areas of my life including seated meditation.

Significant increase in muscle tone and definition

Yoga works all of your major muscle groups when you are doing a full body flow to build strength. But what about definition and toning? Well, yoga has an added benefit by working your accessory muscles. Accessory muscles are the tiny muscles in the body that when you work them, they create those stream toned lines you see in ballet dancers, swimmers, and yogis. Depending on the type you decide to practice, you’ll be able to quickly build strength and definition in your arms, legs and abs.

Yoga uses resistance training with your body’s weight to build strength

One was how of the surprising changes I noticed was how yoga improved the strength of my body. When I started out last October my body felt heavy as I would lower down from plank through a vinyasa. Moving through positions were sometimes so difficult that I’d have to take frequent breaks. I’d leave class and my arms would feel shaky. Over time (a matter of weeks) I was able to execute each move with more ease. I noticed if I lifted something heavy at home I did it with ease. After a few months, I was able to venture into arm balancing positions that required much more strength.

Improved concentration and sleep

Getting my mind to chill is a lifelong struggle. Yoga improves anxiety after just one session. Everyday I practice yoga I get a better night of rest. I feel happier and relaxed. I am able to fall asleep with little tossing and turning. When I decrease anxiety and manage stress I am able to get better rest. The quickest results I’ve experienced has been as a result of yoga. When I’m relaxed and have a clear mind sleep improves. When sleep improves, anxiety decreases. They go hand in hand.

Since those first three months I now practice yoga in my home and lead groups of women in recovery for substance abuse. I have a goal to become a certified instructor so I can share this practice with a broader group. I’m hosting an online event with my friend Brittany sharing info about ZIYA. I’m wearing ZIYA workout gear in today’s photos and they are 1/3 of the cost of Lululemonwear made by the exact same manufacturer. Shoot me a Facebook message or email and I’ll add you to the event! It’s running from now until Sunday!

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5 on Fridays - Five Ways to Get Healthy Long Lashes

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With lash extension bars popping up everywhere and the explosion of options in the mascara industry long lashes are desired right now! So, what’s the trick? Do I have to run out and get extensions? Absolutely not! I am going to write this article from first had experience and I’ve never had lash extensions. Yes, never. Instead I focused on thickening my lashes and keeping them healthy. Your lashes are just like the hair on your head, when left unconditioned or over stressed they will break and lack volume. If you nourish your lashes and treat them with care your body will naturally produce more lashes! Today I’m sharing five ways to get healthy long lashes.

Lash Products in Today’s Post

Thoroughly Clean Your Lashes

Removing your mascara and the dirt, oil and debris from the day is the first step to healthy lashes. Begin every evening with an oil based cleanser like our YOU·OLOGY Cleansing Stick. It’s made with high quality olive oil which will remove anything on your lashes at night while moisturizing your lashes. Your cleanser needs to be strong enough to remove waterproof mascara but nourishing enough to keep lashes moisturized to prevent brittle lashes.

Replace Your Mascara Every 3-4 Months

Mascara matters. Just like skincare, you must choose a mascara that is filled with elements to protect your lashes. Look for a mascara like our MOODSTRUCK EPIC mascara. You can use just a single coat or layer for a more dramatic effect. If I’m going to be out and about running errands or attending a workout class I’ll opt for a single coat to lengthen and define. If I’m looking for a more dramatic effect then I’ll add a second coat or our MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara. The key is to ensure you close the mascara tube all the way to eliminate oxygen from getting into the tube and drying out your mascara. Always use the smell test if you are unsure if you should replace it. If it smells like alcohol, then it’s time to replace!

Keep Your Tools in Top Shape

Although I do not use a lash curler, but instead opt for a curling mascara like our EPIC MOODSTRUCK mascara, you will need to keep your wand and eye lash curler in the best condition possible. Cleaning your mascara wand with an antibacterial soap as it starts to get clumpy will extend the life of your mascara. Also, replace the pads on your eye lash curler every few months as well and toss the tool at the end of the year. You need to replace your eyelash curler once a year to ensure it properly works and doesn’t take your lashes off in the process of curling. NEVER use a lash curler without the pads! It can immediately break off your lashes and cause pain.

Start Using a Lash Serum Daily

Begin with an oil cleanser each evening to remove your mascara and finish with a lash serum. You’ll begin using a lash serum daily and then scale back after a month to a few times a week. Our MOODSTRUCK ESTEEM lash serum is made with keratin, peptides and conditioning oils to coat, protect, moisturize and thicken your lashes for proven results in just four weeks. You can check out an article that In Style magazine wrote about the benefits of using the MOODSTRUCK ESTEEM lash serum for a month. It comes in at $42 which is a fraction of the cost of competitors like Neulash (which comes in around $100). In lab tests, participants reported an increase in length by 29%. The proof is the pudding on this one.

Take Your Time

Cleansing and applying product doesn’t need to be a chore. Rushing through tasks like your beauty routine usually ends up with poor results. Set a timer and take a full five minutes to remove your makeup. Every evening lock yourself in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes, put on a little music or a motivational video and work through thoroughly cleansing, moisturizing and then adding serum to those lashes. I promise you will see not only a physical difference but a mental change. I used to rush through everything in life - work, home, family, chores and all it left me with was a feeling of being empty. Now, by mindfully taking my time I’m able to enjoy the process and it leads to better results. Set an alarm on your phone for the same time everyday to remove your makeup and give yourself 10-15 minutes of self care and love!

Three Heel Clicks - Why I Chose to Partner With Younique (8).jpg


Single Coat Using our MOODSTRUCK Epic Mascara

Shop Lash Products

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Beauty Boss: Why You Need Our Sunscreen Veil

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Our amazing new You•ology Protecting Veil is a luxurious beauty fluid! It has Broad Spectrum protection with an SPF of 30. The $42 USD / $51 CAD price point keeps it right in line and on trend with comparable high quality Veils. It's a perfect combination of physical and chemical sunscreen for more complete protection!

What's a Veil?

Think just like a Bridal Veil, a thin almost sheer layer covering your face. Nice, light and thin!


What's SPF mean anyway?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It's the measure of the amount of UV radiation needed to produce a sunburn. Alot of people have the misconception that its telling you how long you can stay in the sun. There's a really technical explanation about solar energy, blah blah blah but just think, the higher the SPF number the higher the sunburn protection.

As a sort of general rule, you can take the number SPF and multiply by 5. That tells you in how many minutes you should reapply. So if you are wearing SPF 15, you should reapply every 75 minutes. Lower number, more frequent application. But remember, you know your skin best, if you are fair skinned and know you burn easy, you may need a little sooner.


Why only SPF 30 then?

An SPF of 30 blocks 97% of UVB Rays. SPF of 50 blocks 98%. SPF of 100 blocks 99%. So why not go higher? It is believed that the increase of just 1% may not be worth the increase in chemicals to get to the higher SPF. Also, it gives many people a false sense of security and they forget to reapply. Better to go with a good solid 30 SPF and reapply more frequently!

What does Broad Spectrum Mean?

You always want to use an SPF that has broad spectrum coverage. This means its protecting you against UVA and UVB Rays. What's the difference, UVA are the Rays that age your skin. UVB are the Rays that burn your skin. Just remember A = age B = Burn. Even on a cloudy day, the UVA Rays are still out! You want to protect yourself everyday from unnecessary aging as well as the long term damage caused by burning!


What the difference between Physical and Chemical Sunscreens?

A physical sunscreen works by reflecting the rays from the sun. A chemical sunscreen works by absorbing them. Both prevent the UVA/UVB Rays from penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin. Our Protecting Veil has properties of both providing full and complete coverage! In order to ensure a suncreen is providing Physical Coverage the main active sun protection ingredients need to add up to 10%, which ours do!!!

Avobenzone - 2.7%

Octinoxate - 6.74%

Octocrylene - 2%

However, it on the inactive side, it also contains titanium dioxide giving a chemical protection which is also good for redness and sensitivity! It also contains ascorbic acid which is the actual name for Vitamin C and we all know how good that it for our skin!

What Else is In It?

Limonene, which is found in citrus fruit extract and actually used for cancer prevention.

Bitter Orange - has antifungal and anti inflammatory properties

Rosemary - an antioxidant, providing anti aging properties

Caffeine - research is showing adding caffeine to sun sunscreen aids in skin cancer prevention

Angelica Root Extract - extremely calming for the skin


How Much Do I Need to Use?

Think the size of an M&M! A regular one, not a peanut one! A little goes a long way! And since the key is reapplying you don't want to overuse!!!

Its definitely obvious Younique hit the nail on the head! Younique took time to make this product the best it can be! It's the perfect combination of safe, effective ingredients while remaining luxurious, on trend and in an amazing affordable price point!


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5 on Fridays - Five Steps to Combat Hormonal Acne

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Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Steps to Combat Hormonal Acne

I’ve been having conversations with so many of you lately over Facebook as I launch the new Three Heel Clicks Beauty page! I recently partnered with Younique Products (see yesterday’s post) to bring really amazing skincare and makeup directly to you! After receiving tons of questions I realized that since many of us have had children our skin has developed hormonal acne! I feel your pain. I had great skin in High School and College, but after giving birth my hormones never readjusted and I experience acne breakouts twice a month - mid-cycle and then on my period.

Today I’ll share with you guys a few products that have been LIFE CHANGING for me and the steps I apply them. If you have questions, leave a comment, shoot me an email at or message me directly on Facebook!

Cleansing with an Oil Cleanser

Switching cleansers was probably my biggest impact on balancing my skin. I found many cleanser stripped my skin of their natural oils. In turn, after using said cleansers I noticed my skin breaking out even more! Not ideal! I switched to an oil cleanser stick and it made all of the difference! Oil is polar and sticks to other oils. Basic science says that water and oil do not mix! So it only makes sense to use a high quality natural oil to remove dirt, makeup and excess oil on your face. The results are that my makeup comes off COMPLETELY and I’m left with a soft, clean complexion.


Toner is an important step in skincare we often forget about. Toner helps balance the skin after cleansing and preps your skin for moisturizer. Balancing your skin gives you a radiant glow but not all toners are created equal. Again, you want to balance without removing your natural oils that the body produces as a protective barrier. If you remove those oils, your face will go into hyper drive and create more which clogs the pores and you end up with more acne. This rosewater toner is amazing. It’s refreshing and made with one of nature’s most prized ingredients which is rosewater!


Once your skin is cleansed and toned it’s important to moisturize. The more moisture your skin has the less acne it produces. It also allows for any foundation or BB cream products to last longer. You will end up using less makeup products if you moisturize regularly. During the day I like to go with an SPF moisturizer for UV protection. Since the body does most of it’s repair work at night I use a night moisturizer to really penetrate the pores. The other thing to not forget is the importance of drinking water!!! Try to down a tall glass before you go to bed and immediately when you wake up!


Biggest underutilized product I’ve come across is Primer! Wow did this change my life! Think of a primer as a shield for your pores. It will create a smooth layer that acts as a barrier for your makeup to sit on the top instead of burrowing down into your pores and clogging them. It also helps concealer, BB cream and/or foundation stay put all day. Your makeup will again last longer throughout the day without constant re-application and you will find you use less of it!

BB Cream

For all over lightweight coverage I use a BB Cream. Because I’m often leading an active lifestyle I prefer not to be weighted down by tons of product. Instead a BB Cream (which stands for Beauty Balm) is able to blur imperfections, keep my skin hydrated and it protects against the sun! I like to think of it as a fancy moisturizer with added nutrients. You can wear it alone or with concealer!

The simpler your skincare and beauty routine is the easier it is to stick with it! These five steps and five products have been a game changer for me!!! Our products are gluten and dairy free and made with scientic evidence that backs up the natural ingredients. They work on a variety of skin types and are high quality!

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