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Tips for Staying Sane on a Long Road Trip

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Finally I’m back at you with a few new travel posts! Feels like it’s been a while since I last shared anything travel related. We are currently en route to a lake house in Northern California where we will be staying for a few weeks. Instead of flying out this time, we decided to load up the car and drive from Houston to San Diego, CA then up to Sacramento after a few days of play. Now being a child who moved every few years on average, I know a few things about road trips. However, it’s much different when you grow up and have to take care of every body else! Here are a few ways we managed to survive 25 hours of straight travel.

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What to Pack and Bring

Leave early evening and drive through the night

A lot of people choose to leave in the middle of the night or early morning to get a head start. We actually drive a lot through the night because there is little traffic and hardly anyone on the road. Instead of waking everyone up in the middle of the night for a 3 or 4am departure, we load the car at sunset and then hit the road. If you have two adults capable of driving then you can switch off. If it’s just a single driver, you can always pull over at rest stops. We left for California at 8pm and arrived in San Diego the following night around 9pm. Driving through the night had us arrive about halfway in El Paso the following morning which was the longest, most boring stretch of the ride. West Texas has some beautiful parts, but it’s pretty bleak for miles on end.

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Rest Stops are Your New Spot

Rest stops don’t get so much credit these days, but they are an integral part of long term travel. They allow a safe place for you to grab something out of your luggage. Most come with picnic tables and rest rooms. As we entered California the rest stops became so much more elaborate. Not kidding, some of the cleanest restrooms I’ve ever seen! Rest stops are pet friendly so if you brought your pup along you’ll be able to give her a good walk from time to time. Plot a few out along your journey and then look for road signs so if you need to stop quickly you can. The other benefit is they are a quick and easy get on and off the highway.

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Bring a mini cooler to save on breakfast, snacks and drinks

Take a quick survey before you leave and load up with everyone’s favorite snacks and beverages. The fewer stops you have to make the earlier arrival time you’ll experience. Also, instead of packing tons of bottles, give everyone a refillable bottle and buy a few beverages in bulk. If you do decide to stop for something to eat, take time and enjoy a local spot along the way. We ended up having the BEST fish tacos in San Diego unexpectedly while we were at a gas station. Look at using YELP or TripAdvisor for recommendations. The key is to keep everyone fed and happy so you can enjoy the trip!

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Dress in Easy to Remove Layers

One of the best things you can do for your family and yourself is to have everyone dress in layers. Start with soft pants like leggings and a tank or a tee. Then, add a hoodie and easy to remove shoes instead of ones that require socks and lacing up. Being able to jump in and out of the car along the way without having to get your shoes on as an ordeal makes the trip seamless. Also, while we are on the note of getting out of the car - encourage every person traveling at every stop to get out and move around no matter what! It’s good for the legs and will help keep everyone from being restless!

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Don’t Forget Your Sunblock and Moisturizer

Being trapped behind a windshield in the middle of the desert means you are getting tons of unwanted UV rays. I like wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap so I can let my hair down without worrying how it looks. But I also like those items to shield me from the scorching sun. Remember, when you change climates your skin will need to adapt. Bring lots of lip balm, SPF, moisturizer and of course hydrate with water. You’ll end up feeling so much more refreshed upon arrival. You can also use car time as spa time by doing a mask!

Tips for Staying Sane on a Long Road Trip

Protect your face from UV rays

Well, there you have it! If you have kiddos consider renting a vehicle with a DVD player unless you already have one. You can also rent a car to save on wear and tear or to get a larger vehicle than you may own. Bring lots of road games or have a list on your phone of things you can do and spot along the way. Last but not least, enjoy this time! Remember it’s the journey not just the destination!

What are some of your favorite road trip tips and tricks?

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Capsule Suitcase: Five Gingham Outfits for Summer Vacation

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As I prepare for more Summer travels I’ve been looking through blog posts for outfits that I can easily mix and match for a capsule wardrobe. I find that scouring outfits whether they are from Pinterest or on Three Heel Clicks it’s best to group things in color schemes. Today’s post is all about using neutral basics and adding in a few pops of color. You can view the What To Pack list below for a checklist of the items featured underneath each outfit. I’d love to see the way you guys mix and match your pieces! I love seeing how you incorporate your own ideas in your outfits!

If you are planning an upcoming trip think about putting together garments that meet comfort needs, activity needs and can be worn more than once! I love a simple color scheme featured here in black and white gingham prints. Use accessories like earrings, trench coats, shoes and bags for pops of color. You can also condense what you carry by choosing a bright lipstick or two for added color. I also like to get a manicure before a trip - specifically using the dip powder process for lasting results. That way, I do not carry anything extra like nail polish, remover or a manicure set. The fewer items you need to pack results in less stress.

What to Pack

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Which look is your favorite?

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Sweet Little Lemon Skirt in Birmingham

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Recently I made a trip back to Birmingham, Alabama where my extended family is from. I go every few years to visit family there and this year was fun because the city was in full bloom. Birmingham was an overnight success back in the 19th century. It’s home to some of the best cooking (I have a weakness for fried green eggs) and so much industrial business. It’s filled with lush forests, white sand beaches and so many beautiful flowers during spring. Today’s post was photographed at my grandmother’s home in a little town right outside Birmingham. We’ve gone there since I was born and although the property no longer has my grandparents vegetable garden that I used to pick tomatoes from, it’s still filled with charm that leaves me with such a happiness.

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Shop the Look:

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I’ve worn this skirt in two previous posts and it’s one of my favorite Amazon finds! Lemon prints have been in the past few Spring seasons and being a nature lover I jumped on the bandwagon early. A knee length cotton skirt is so versatile. On rainy days you can pair it with a rain boots. For work you can add a button down shirt and ballet flats. Today I featured it with a simple black tank top, wicker basket bag, scarf and black ballet flats for a classic easy going Spring look.

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If you are making your way out to the Birmingham area check out this post where I share an amazing jazz club! There are so many beautiful sites around the city and you will find the culture is different than other parts of the South. People from Alabama are the kind to sit on their front porch to watch thunderstorms roll in, make homemade deep fried dishes and sweet tea seems like it’s on tap at all times. Grab a cold glass and kick your feet up while you enjoy a slower pace of life!

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15 Showstopping Swimsuits for Memorial Day Weekend

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15 Swimsuit Styles Perfect for Memorial Day Weekend.jpg

Yes the long weekend awaits us and I don’t know about you but Memorial Day Weekend screams for a new swimsuit. Not only any swimsuit, a festive looking swimsuit. I love bringing out all of my red white and blue to support our fallen soldiers during this time of year. However, I’m not looking to sport an American flag printed bikini. Looking festive doesn’t mean you have to be literal. You can find some really adorable unique pieces that fit the occasion. A one-piece swimsuit can double as a top by throwing a pair of shorts on or a skirt over it. If you are looking at a two-piece suit I like one that has unique details like a ruffle along the neckline or a fun stripe print. Whatever your preferences are there so many to choose from!

Speaking of Memorial Day Weekend - You can check out this post from last year with Memorial Day weekend locations in Texas for a little inspiration. Try going camping or sightseeing! If you are planning a stay-cation invite a few friends over for dinner or to BBQ. Enjoy the long weekend by exploring and spending time with those you love and care about!

Shop Swimsuits for Memorial Day Weekend

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15 Spring and Summer Outfits to Inspire You

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I think we can all agree that sometimes a little inspiration is needed to create a new outfit. So often I turned to Pinterest. I was an early adopter to the platform and use it in many different ways to organize ideas, prepare for trips, log blog content and find inspiration. I thought it would be fun today to round up some of my favorite look I’ve worn during Spring and Summer.

During Spring I reach for pale blues, blushes, mustard yellow, neutrals, and pops of red here or there. Stripes and natural materials are mixed into day, work and evening looks for an earthy seaside feel. It’s also about this time of year I start bearing shorts. I like a variety of styles but find a 3-5” inseam is the most flattering and I’m not constantly tugging or worrying about flashing someone.

I also like to add a blazer or more modest shell top. Dressing up a pair of shorts is such an easy switch from a day to night outfit. Add a pair of pumps and a bow embellished bag to grab dinner. You can also wear pieces with lace or embellishments to dress up your shorts.

Another thing you’ll see a lot of for Spring are maxi dresses and skirts. I love the ease of movement they provide and find that most dresses are easy to throw on and go in a hurry. They also pack so easily for trips! I continually am drawn to anything with blue and white stripes this time of year so pulling out a cute maxi dress or skirt is perfect for a beautiful sunny day.

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