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Spending Time on My Purpose

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This is the first blog post I’ve written in weeks and feel like the break from everyday life was exactly what my spirit needed. At the beginning of this year I wrote the following on my mirror in pink lipstick:

  • Simplicity

  • Discernment

  • Purpose.

I’ve prayed over these three words and back in March I felt compelled to spend time alone addressing underlying parts of my soul. If you are one who has come to a point in life where you are seeking the deeper part of your soul, I can relate. I felt an overwhelming desire for discernment and purpose in my life. For months I battled with an internal struggle and what I would call spiritual warfare. My soul was literally battling with purpose on a daily basis. I decided at the beginning of April it was time to schedule free time (a contradiction in itself - haha!) to do some soul searching without the distractions of daily life.

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And so I made plans. Although the course of the plan did end up shifting and maybe one day I’ll feel it is placed upon my heart to dive into deeper details, just know that I was meant to be in the very place in time this past month. Something happened one day when I was driving home. I had knots lining my shoulder blades for the past month. There were over 15 spots that ached daily. It was excruciating. I was told I had a build up of lactic acid.

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As I am behind the steering wheel suddenly so many things in my heart, soul and mind came together and I realized I’ve been carrying around the weight of my past experiences. I also realized in this moment that every wrong choice, circumstance and event in my life led to the preparation of this moment where my purpose in life was revealed to me. Within 30 seconds my knots disappeared.

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I awoke each morning this week with a peace I’ve never experienced before. The knots are still gone and my eyes shifted to focus on my purpose which has been known to me by Jesus. I prefer on this blog not to share religious or political viewpoints, but to make it a space to encourage you to live a better life.

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What about you? Are you at a place in life where you are going through an unexplained internal struggle or spiritual warfare? Please share your experiences!

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Sweet Little Lemon Skirt in Birmingham

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Recently I made a trip back to Birmingham, Alabama where my extended family is from. I go every few years to visit family there and this year was fun because the city was in full bloom. Birmingham was an overnight success back in the 19th century. It’s home to some of the best cooking (I have a weakness for fried green eggs) and so much industrial business. It’s filled with lush forests, white sand beaches and so many beautiful flowers during spring. Today’s post was photographed at my grandmother’s home in a little town right outside Birmingham. We’ve gone there since I was born and although the property no longer has my grandparents vegetable garden that I used to pick tomatoes from, it’s still filled with charm that leaves me with such a happiness.

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I’ve worn this skirt in two previous posts and it’s one of my favorite Amazon finds! Lemon prints have been in the past few Spring seasons and being a nature lover I jumped on the bandwagon early. A knee length cotton skirt is so versatile. On rainy days you can pair it with a rain boots. For work you can add a button down shirt and ballet flats. Today I featured it with a simple black tank top, wicker basket bag, scarf and black ballet flats for a classic easy going Spring look.

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If you are making your way out to the Birmingham area check out this post where I share an amazing jazz club! There are so many beautiful sites around the city and you will find the culture is different than other parts of the South. People from Alabama are the kind to sit on their front porch to watch thunderstorms roll in, make homemade deep fried dishes and sweet tea seems like it’s on tap at all times. Grab a cold glass and kick your feet up while you enjoy a slower pace of life!

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Building a Better Foundation for Life

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This is hands down the most personal post I’ve ever written. One of the benefits of running a blog is that you get to control the message you are putting on the internet. Since 2012, I strived to make this a space to inspire your life in many areas including beauty, style, interior design, travel and recently deeper discussions. Today I enter 30 days on a retreat to address many underlying issues I chose in the past to stuff inside. I am taking time to put my air mask on so that I am a better mother, partner, family member and friend.

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I mentioned on Friday’s post that I deal with panic attacks. After working with a psychiatrist over the past year we decided a full immersion in counseling and behavoiral cognitive therapy was the only way I’d learn to cope properly without the use of medication. If you know me, you know I hardly take anything related to pharmaceutical drugs. For many reasons, I prefer a more hollistic approach to treating health issues for myself. I only take medication if it’s absolutely necessary. To achieve this in regards to my anxiety I have to put in new techniques and strategies in my life.

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I think that this is going to build a foundation for me to live a better life. I’m spending 30 days on myself in a remote retreat location with no access to the internet, a cell phone, email or social media. I know. Crazy huh?! I delegated my personal responsibilities and my family is helping out a lot to fill in during this time. I decided to take a break to get down to the bottom of things. After a few life or death situations and past experiences, I know that learning how to deal with them is going to better me as a person in the long run.

In preparation for time away, I’ve prescheduled 3-4 blog posts a week. I’ve also pre-scheduled social media posts to announce blog posts and additional things I’ve prepared. I encourage you to comment, respond, DM me, etc. I will be checking any and all messages upon my return and love hearing from all of you! Just because it feels one way for a few weeks, I’ll be back and responsive in no time!

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I wanted to share a little more about preparing for a month long trip. There were a lot of things that had to happen from financial to childcare. I want to encourage those of you who need a break to not be afraid to ask for help. A break is good. A break is rejuvinating. A break allows your mind to gain the space it needs to respond appropriately to situations. I read so often that people feel discouraged after scrolling through social media after an hour. So take a break. Take a break from all of it. Line up your responsibilities. Prepare as much as you can. Delegate to willing and able trusted parties and take your break.

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The more I’ve been reflecting upon entering this transition in my life the Psalm that states for us to “Be Still and know that I am God.” comes to mind over and over. I am choosing to be still. To remove myself completely from the public eye, social media and the constant noise of society. No I’m not a hippie, but I do believe the soul craves for us to be still. I believe that it’s impossible to be your highest self and push on the gas pedal constantly. Life needs breathing room and when I feel like I’m suffocating I’m not my truest self. I have no room to be because I’m barely surviving.

So, the break is here. For 30 days I pushing the reset button. I cannot wait to share about this experience when I return. In the meantime, I spent time this month not only preparing blog posts for the duration of my leave but also enhancing my navigation menu on the website. You will now find a variety of sub-categories if you scroll across the top of the site. I created a little video for you here if you are interested in better ways to navigate Three Heel Clicks.

I will leave you all with one note - Listen to your inner voice. Listen to your gut. Listen to your heart. Those are what makes up your soul. Take time to nourish those parts of you so that you can be your truest self. So that you feel at peace even when the world is cycloning around you. Take the time to breathe. Take time for breaks the best way you know how without guilt. Rest your body, rest your mind and rest your soul.

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Springtime in Texas

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There is a sweet little period of time where it warms up just enough to wear a lovely dress here in Texas and not feel like you stepped into a furnace. That time is now! From March to April Texas is a plethora of blooming wildflowers, beautiful blue skies and the perfect temperature. Word of advice: July and August are not your friends if you are a planning a trip out West unless you prefer 100 degree weather. In that case, be my guest. For most, a good 70-80 degrees is by far the best time of year to visit. So mark your calendars for next year or hurry on over now to see all of the beauty Texas offers.

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I’ve lived in Texas my entire adult life for a reason. The people are kind, everyone says Howdy to strangers and the flowers….oh, the beautiful flowers. Texas is a place to come to if you want to see a horse ride alongside a country drive or cows and ducks hanging out in pastures. One of the other things I love about this state includes all of the small towns scattered across. I live to find these hidden places and today’s post was shot in Navasota. I’ve posted in this location a few times before to include Veronica’s Daiquiri Shop and this lovely yellow dress shot two years ago. Navasota sits about an hour outside of Houston and makes a fantastic day trip. You can visit Martha’s Bloomers which has the prettiest cafe where you can order tea, brunch and dessert.

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Another big influence for Texas style is that we border Mexico. In fact, we have our own taste of Mexican food called Tex-Mex which is hands down some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. In Texas you can wear Mexican embroidered tunic dresses, espadrilles and a hat is necessary to block the blazing sun that radiates from our wide open skies. I found this Mexican style dress recently second-hand along with the belt featured in today’s look. Mixing old and new pieces is a great way to stretch a budget and create a unique look. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite embroidered dresses for you guys today to shop!

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Espadrilles are my number one dressed up shoe besides a block heel featured last week on the blog. They are comfy, chic and come in a variety of heel heights, styles, and colors. I wore this pair last Spring when I visited Bayou Bend Museum and Gardens for the annual Azalea Trail. When I saw how perfectly they went with the vintage dress I was ecstatic. I prefer to belt tunic dresses so they don’t look like a giant tent and love the full skirt style for picnics, BBQ’s and sightseeing.

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This crocheted hat is from Free People and I found it last year when I was visiting one of my best friends in Seattle. I found a similar hat here good price point and doesn’t make your head hot but still offers coverage on your face from unwanted UV rays. You can easily pair it with slides, white jeans and a white button down top for a minimal Spring look or wear it with practically any floral dress.

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What are you looking to add to your Spring wardrobe?

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Modern Looks for Easter Sunday Outfits

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In case you’re like me and feel like this year has already been a roller coaster and time has absolutely no meaning anymore here’s a PSA: Easter Sunday is in two weeks! Did you know Easter Sunday is the most popular day out of the entire year for people to go to church? I don’t touch as often on spirituality simply because I feel that we are all entitled to believing what reasonates within us, but since so many of us do attend church on holidays (and throughout the year) I thought I’d share a little more about Easter on the blog today.

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Growing up, outside of the Resurrection (yes, I’m a Christian and Easter is the celebration of Jesus shedding his life for us) Easter Sunday meant something special for me - I got a brand new dress every year for it. Although my parents provided my sister and I with plenty growing up we were always confined to a strict budget. How else were my parents going to support two little kids and my brother who was in High School on a military salary? We ate generic everything and went shopping for school, things that were needed, and special occasions. One of those occasions I could count on a new outfit (including shoes) was Easter. Every year we would go pick out our new dresses, hats, gloves, lace embellished socks and patent white shoes. One year Mom let us help pick out our own fabric and dress patterns and she slaved away for a month to make sure we had new ones picked out in time!

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As I fast forward to today, I carried the same tradition on to my own daughter. We love getting to pick out a pretty pastel dresses and in true Southern Style I finally feel comfortable wearing white now that it’s Easter weekend. This year I’m opting for something a little more streamline than my child hood days and this Everlane dress is perfect for Easter celebrations. If you aren’t into embellishments, patterns or over the top frills then this is such a good buy for Spring! I’ve rounded up my favorite streamlined dresses with modern silhouettes and all are budget friendly!

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Whenever I think of Easter I also think about hats! Easter Sunday along with the Kentucky Derby are two occasions where you will receive minimal criticism for wearing a hat with a giant bow! I love this one from San Diego Hat Company. They are my go to brand for quality hats and at a price point under $50. Then, I added a pair of yellow drop earrings you can shop on my Amazon Easter Sunday Round Up page and a vintage wicker basket. Speaking of basket bags, Alice from Lone Star Looking Glass shared the cutest wicker bags from Patricia Nash. They are so similar to what I’m wearing in this post. Also, Alice is such a Southern inspiration for me! I’ve followed her for a few years now and love her Southern take on Texas style. Add a sweet little printed scarf for a colorful touch!

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Last but not least, make sure you grab a pair of new shoes! If you are looking for a pair of block heels I posted a few days ago What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding. All of the posts are outdoor friendly and perfect to wear all season long for any occasions from dinner out to a more formal occasion like a wedding or holiday.

What are you planning on wearing for Easter? Do you celebrate?

All photos today were taken by the talented Jaime Salinas. Let me know if you are looking for a photographer in the Bryan/College Station area. She’s so great to work with and we had so much putting these together! You can check out another post we did together here!

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