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5 on Fridays - Five Ways I Cope With Panic Attacks

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As I enter a new era of my life I realize more than ever how important it is to manage anxiety and panic attacks. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and OCD. Yep, that’s a mouthful. It’s a condition I’ve battled with for several years and one of the toughest parts of my life. I am writing today’s post based solely on my own experiences in hopes that if you also struggle with anxiety or panic attacks that you will find help and create a better environment.

  1. Make sure physical needs are met - This seems obvious but lack of sleep, exercise and poor diet all contribute to my panic attacks. Although I have an affinity for wine, I have found alcohol only temporarily minimizes anxiety and then immediately increases panic attacks the following day or two. Removing alcohol requires me to deal with a situation instead of medicating myself. I feel better when I don’t drink all around and can tackle more situations with a clear mind.

  2. Have a plan - I go through a checklist when I start feeling light headed. I start with making sure I have snacks and water. Then, I find a quiet space. I slow my breathing down and focus on things that bring me positive feelings. It may be a song playlist, it may be a photograph or words of encouragement. I have a list of about ten things that bring me joy so when I feel one coming on, I slow down and go through my checklist.

  3. Take a walk - A ten minute walk can do wonders when I feel anxious. I usually have an exit strategy in place prior to most situations. I will excuse myself to the restroom or take a call if I need to in certain situations, but the best remedy for most of my panic attacks is a short brisk walk around the block. I set a timer and walk in one direction, then turn around and walk back. It takes the guess work out of things and I can just focus on moving my body. Panic attacks usually last 15-30 minutes so I know if I take a walk my mind will settle as my body moves.

  4. Remove things from your plate - Now instead of multi-tasking I try to focus on one thing at a time and only on my top 3 priorities. Once those things are accomplished I work on my next three items. By only worrying about three things it helps my brain to focus instead of feeling like a thousand thoughts are swimming in my head. I also allow breaks throughout the day, naps if needed and a good shower usually helps. I wrote an entire post about Taking Life Slower which you can read here. It’s helped so much and decreases the pressure I put on myself.

  5. Seek guidance - This is probably the best thing I did to help cope with anxiety and panic attacks. For years I only treated the problem but didn’t work on the underlying issues. My body was in a constant fight or flight state with adrenaline rushing through my veins. I found after meeting with counselors and a psychiatrist I was able to get the tools I needed to handle tough situations instead of freaking out. If you are currently experiencing panic attacks, I recommend visiting a reputable psychiatrist and a therapist. They will begin with evaluating your body and mental state to see if your brain chemicals are off balance. I used both medication and behavioral cognitive therapy to put long term strategies in place.

I write this post not from a doctor’s perspective but from a patient’s view. Anxiety and panic attacks haven’t completely gone away but they are more manageable than six months to a year ago. I’ve had to try different things over time to include meditation, journaling and yoga. All of these have aided but at the end of the day it boils down to making sure my body and mind are in a healthy state.

Have you ever experienced a panic attack? What are your coping strategies? Leave me a comment or send me an email at I love hearing about your own personal experiences.

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The Skincare Series: Dr. Jart FocuSpot Blemish Micro Tip Patches

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After battling adult hormonal acne for the past eight years I am always hunting products that can assist with healing blemishes. Prior to having my daughter I had clear skin requiring minimal maintenance. However, my hormones shifted and now I battle with skincare regularly. Nothing can replace stress management, diet, exercise and hydration but sometimes my skin needs a little extra care. I’ve been a fan of Dr. Jart’s skin care line for a few years. I’ve found their products are deep cleansing and healing without drying my skin out.

Today I’m sharing about a recent campaign I did on Instagram with Dr. Jart. These FocuSpot Blemish Micro Tip Patches are perfect for blemishes on the go. They come individually wrapped making it easy for me to throw them in my toiletry bag. They are also really easy to use! You simply cleanse your face and apply the patch for two hours. I put mine on while I was getting ready for the day. Right before leaving I removed the patch and applied moisturizer! The redness diminished and my blemish was significantly less swollen. I highly recommend using these!

I’m doing a giveaway for one lucky reader to receive their own goody bag full of my favorite travel size skincare products including Dr. Jart FocuSpot Blemish Micro Tip Patches included! Simply comment on the video post on Instagram or leave a comment below for an entry. You can also leave a comment on my Facebook page for two additional entries. The giveaway closes at midnight April 24th, 2019 and the lucky winner will be announced on April 25th!

5 on Fridays - Five Travel Skincare & Beauty Products I've Been Addicted To

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Oh the joys of travel! I’ll tell you the one thing that has been a challenge to conquer when I travel is how to fit all those wonderful beauty and skincare products into a tiny little cosmetic bag. The same goes for my makeup, but I’ll be sharing more about that in a future post! I’ve tried countless products in all sorts of trial sizes over the years and am happy to report that I may have found a winning combination. Today’s post, I’ll share five travel skincare and beauty products I’m addicted to using on my latest trips.

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  1. Clinique Clarifying Lotion - This is a step 2 of a three step program by Clinique. I’ve been a fan of the brand for two decades now with little dissappointment. Their products are created for all different types of skin, especially dry skin! When I’m traveling I like to bring along some sort of toner that’s less drying than what I might use in Houston. Houston is full of humidity and smog so when I head to dry climates my typical products oftentimes make my skin feel tight. Not this one though! I’ve been using it for about two weeks straight and it’s proving to be such a winner.

  2. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - This product was one I was recommended to use. It is so awesome and hasn’t dried out my skin. You’re supposed to take a cotton swab and dip it into the pink sediment at the bottom of the bottle then dab it directly on blemishes as a spot treatment overnight. I found in the morning it washed off easily and helped soothe redness without causing my skin to peel from over drying! With it being under $20 for a bottle, it’s almost silly not to grab some!

  3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - This one is step three of the above skin care system. Although I switch out the cleanser depending on my needs I really like the soft lightweight smooth texture of the lotion. I’ve added it back into my morning routine and then use a retinol product at night to start combating those finicky lines growing on my forehead and around my nose. Although I am not one who has tried Botox, I have nothing against it. I am just choosing to age with nature and accept that I am growing older. This lotion though is really helping my skin not get clogged but still retain moisture.

  4. Suave Moisturizing Conditioner - This travel size is larger than what most hotels offer and if you have dry, thick or curly hair you know how much more conditioner is needed. I go through half the amount of shampoo as I do conditioner. Suave tends to make great products for hair of all types. I love the size of this particular one and it smells wonderfully clean. I try to use hotel shampoo to save space, but usually bring along some sort of conditioner to combat dryness.

  5. Schmidt’s Lavender and Sage Natural Deodorant - I switched to natural deodorant a few years ago and love it! I’ve tried a few other brands, but picked this one up out of convenience at Wal-mart. It smells like I’m using essential oils and I’ve randomly been complimented by strangers asking what I am wearing when I have zero perfume on. My answer is deodorant. Yep, if nothing else at least I made it to deodorant that day. I’ve also found it’s one of those scented products that doesn’t irritate my skin!

Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Travel Skincare & Beauty Products I'm Addicted To (8).jpg

Well, there you have it! Five travel skincare and beauty products I’m currently bringing to destinations over the next few months. All of the above products I purchased through my own investigation and wanted to share them with you guys!

What are your favorite travel products for skincare and beauty?

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5 on Fridays - Five Skin Loving Actions to do Before You Take a Flight

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5 on Fridays - Five Skin Loving Actions to do Before You Take a Flight (13).jpg

Today’s 5 on Fridays includes my skincare preparation for flying and traveling to dry climates. One of the upsides of living in Houston is that we have humidity that moisturizes our skin. my skin tends to stay on the dry side, but when I’m in the Southern humidity I have to do much less in the way of moisturizing. Well, month over month I travel and the dry air on the plane combined with the lack of fresh air really can take a toll on skin. I mentioned yesterday I do not wear makeup on flights, but put it on at the end or once I land. During the flight I take great precaution in making sure I give it the best care I can. Here are five skin loving actions to do before you take a flight:

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Start by hydrating inside out

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but the first step in good skincare is to drink enough water. Not coffee, not sodas, not juice, straight up water. Try different brands until you find one you like. I’m less picky about my water. Seriously, love drinking the tap water at my home in Cypress but on the road I usually opt for bottled so I know it’s from a clean source. The body is made up of 70% water and we constantly deplete ourselves from movement, weather, and just living. If I have a morning flight I make it a point drink about 33 oz of water starting 12 hours before. Then, when I get through security I either refill an empty bottle or purchase the largest one I can for the flight.

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Use a moisturizing mask the night before

Masks give your skin what it needs on a deeper level than your typical routine. I use a variety of different masks (see this post) 3 or more times a week depending on what my skin needs, but before a flight I’m looking to hydrate. Try a sheet mask to conserve space. I like bringing a couple along with me so I can continue my skincare routine while on the go. The single serving packaging is not only convenient but practical. If you have a mask in a jar you prefer, buy a little container and bring along a sample of it for your trip.

Cover your whole body in lotion

It’s easy to forget about the body but after your shower take the time to layer on lotion for your whole body. I usually use the hotel’s lotion selection as long as it doesn’t irritate my skin but if I am looking for major moisturizer this one from Nivea is phenomenal. Especially, if you are going to a tropical climate like Hawaii or the coast. Your body is extra exposed to rays and the heat can take a toll. Before you even leave your hometown make sure you cover every inch of your body and throughout your trip.

5 on Fridays - Five Skin Loving Actions to do Before You Take a Flight (8).jpg

Pay special attention to the eye area

Who wants to look fatigued at the end of flight when you arrive at your final destination ready to take a new adventure on? Defintely not me! I make sure to be extremely diligent about undereye care to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fatigued eyes. Bring eye drops and an eye treatment. I really like this one from 100% Pure which is non-toxic and cruelty free. You can also use Neutragena’s hydro-boost for extra moisture if you want to grab something from your local drugstore. Both are winners in my opinion.

5 on Fridays - Five Skin Loving Actions to do Before You Take a Flight (9).jpg

Slather on a moisture rich cream or gel to soothe the face

Once you’ve cleansed and applied a hydrating mask then add a moisturizing facial cream or gel to lock in all of those nutrients. Skin tends to produce more bad oils when we don’t moisturize then our pores get clogged. I am now on my second bottle of this cooling gel that feels amazing (even with a sunburn) from Garnier. The best part? It’s such a great value at under $10 a jar.

Well, there you have it! Five ways to prepare that skin for less than ideal conditions. Grab your sleeping eye mask and a good chapstick then put those earbuds in to kick back on your flight. Use it as an opportunity to relax before you arrive at your final destination.

Do you guys have tricks for keeping your skin looking great during flights? If so, I’d love to hear!

5 on Fridays - Five Skin Loving Actions to do Before You Take a Flight (3).jpg

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Best Buys for Spring This Year

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Three Heel Clicks - Best Buys for Spring This Year.jpg

Lately, I’ve been focusing on quality over quantity. As I make any purchase I ask myself if I absolutely love something and will I keep it for years or use every day? If not, I leave it alone. This past month I purchased the following items and each have proved to be a good buy so I thought I’d share them with you all! From shoes to skincare all of the products are tried and true. I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts if you purchase any!!!

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