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Put Some Pep in Your Step This Morning!

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There was a time when I hated Monday mornings. Heck, I hated all mornings. Now I no longer use an alarm and find I naturally wake when the sunlight pours into my bedroom window (or hotel room as it currently stands). I immediately rise excited to start my day, but it wasn’t always like that. There were years that went by where I felt like getting out of bed required me to army crawl to my coffee pot for energy. Although I sure do love a good cup of coffee, I’ve noticed since I made lifestyle changes over the past year I have so much more enthusiasm to get myself out of bed. I thought it would be motivating to share a few ways to put some pep into your step this morning!

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Down a HUGE glass of water first thing

Hydration is key for energy, clear skin, and for our minds. By starting the day with a tall glass of water (at least 16oz) you’ll be immediately helping your mind and body kick off right! Hydration is so important in the mornings because you just spent hours sleeping which in turn means little fluids were put into your body. Put a tall glass beside your bed and down it first thing in the morning!

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Play some of your favorite upbeat music

Forget the TV, radio and news this morning and control the message with some upbeat tunes to lay a positive foundation for the day. Because the news and radio are pretty unpredictable on content, you can choose a playlist of songs that would get you movin’ in the morning. Imagine getting your favorite song stuck in your head rather than some silly jingle on the radio. Control the message you hear and keep your mind in a positive place!

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Wear a Favorite Outfit and Feel Your Best

When I worked in an office I usually came in dressed pretty nice on Monday’s. It was always nice because I usually had meetings with my teams or the executives. Being dressed up and prepared to attend a formal business meeting was something I frequently did. If you are staying at home today, pull out a comfy sundress or pair of athleisure joggers and matching top. Even your lounge wear can be stylish and luxurious.If your running errands or dealing with the kiddos, you can always opt for your favorite pair of shorts with a button down top or a cute matching athletic set. The key is to be intentional. Put on light makeup and fix your hair. You’d be surprised what 15 minutes of effort can do for your mood.

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The Perfect Wear Anywhere for Any Occasion Outfit

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Having a go to outfit for almost any occasion really simplifies my life. Today’s outfit is modern, relaxed and most of all comfy perfect for a weekend activity, brunch, dinner dates or a leisurely stroll. Last week I shared How to Utilize Habit Routines to Make Getting Ready Easier to inspire you to collect a few items to put together for effortless outfits. Today I’m expanding on that idea to give you a few creative ideas to make a staple outfit stand out while still being easy to wear. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable when you are enjoying life with those you love. I aim for comfort and ease above all else when putting together something to wear. If it’s not comfortable I probably won’t reach for an item in the future.

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Paper Bag Waist Pants

The pajama trend is still going strong and I’ve noticed pants are taking on a different structure than the leggings and skinny jeans of the past few years. Now I’m seeing an emergence of wide legged trousers, linen pants and paper bag waists all over the place. Look for pants made of cotton or linen for maximum comfort in the heat. Also, pants that are lightweight are perfect for summer travels. I prefer not to wear shorts if I’m riding in the car or taking a flight due to constant tugging and re-positioning. Instead, opt for a pair of relaxed paper bag waist pants to cinch the waist and the stripes help elongate your legs if you are petitie! Below are is a list including a variety of styles in neutral colors from $20-$100! Very budget friendly and all can be ordered online.

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One Shoulder Top

I’ve seriously had this top for 15 years. I bought it at Gadzook’s when a friend of mine worked there back in college. Although this particular top is obviously no longer in stock, I’ve rounded up a few other options in black, white and red. I like the modern ease of a one shoulder top. You can still wear a variety of undergarments like a convertible bra or use bra petals if you want maximum comfort. You can carry this top into the Fall by layering a blazer or jacket over it and adding a skirt for the office. I think this top has had more mileage than most in my closet and I highly recommend finding one that fits and creates slim lines!

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Buttery Soft Flats

After nearly two decades of practicing ballet and walking 4-5 miles a day I’ve grown to love the comfort of a good pair of flats. My go to brands include Marc Fisher, Banana Republic and Sam Edelman. I prefer to find flats that have support and padding with little need to break them in. The key to wearing a pair of ballet flats with relaxed pants is to find a pair that is on the slimmer side. You can opt for a classic pair of ballet flats or a pair of pointy toed ones. Either way these will quickly become a favorite when you find a good fitted pair!

Last but not least add a few accessories like a patterned purse and a pair of aviators. I love this bag my daughter picked out for me for Christmas. It is quintessentially me with it’s red rose print and structured medium size. I like to find a purse that converts to a cross body and this one checks the box! Also, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of aviators like these from Ray-Ban. They seriously make some of the most durable pairs and they also don’t hurt the sides of my head. If you have a smaller face like I do or a small bridge on your nose (guilty!) then choose the mini version for a better fit and frame!

What are some of your favorite pieces for a wear anywhere for any occasion outfit?

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Sweet Little Lemon Skirt in Birmingham

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Recently I made a trip back to Birmingham, Alabama where my extended family is from. I go every few years to visit family there and this year was fun because the city was in full bloom. Birmingham was an overnight success back in the 19th century. It’s home to some of the best cooking (I have a weakness for fried green eggs) and so much industrial business. It’s filled with lush forests, white sand beaches and so many beautiful flowers during spring. Today’s post was photographed at my grandmother’s home in a little town right outside Birmingham. We’ve gone there since I was born and although the property no longer has my grandparents vegetable garden that I used to pick tomatoes from, it’s still filled with charm that leaves me with such a happiness.

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Shop the Look:

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I’ve worn this skirt in two previous posts and it’s one of my favorite Amazon finds! Lemon prints have been in the past few Spring seasons and being a nature lover I jumped on the bandwagon early. A knee length cotton skirt is so versatile. On rainy days you can pair it with a rain boots. For work you can add a button down shirt and ballet flats. Today I featured it with a simple black tank top, wicker basket bag, scarf and black ballet flats for a classic easy going Spring look.

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If you are making your way out to the Birmingham area check out this post where I share an amazing jazz club! There are so many beautiful sites around the city and you will find the culture is different than other parts of the South. People from Alabama are the kind to sit on their front porch to watch thunderstorms roll in, make homemade deep fried dishes and sweet tea seems like it’s on tap at all times. Grab a cold glass and kick your feet up while you enjoy a slower pace of life!

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Freeport Bakery in Sacramento

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Hope your week is off to a good start! I’ll be honest, as much as I tried to have a positive perspective today (see this instagram post) it has been pretty rocky. I left early to drop off someone at the airport this morning and seemed to be a little less prepared than usual. In fact, I grabbed the wrong medication (taken every day at noon) and a broken tripod. Then, I showed up where I was planning on eating breakfast only to find they had zero outlets (was also planning on working while I was there) and it was freezing. Now it’s after lunch and I’m finally pulling it together. A few deep breaths and now working from a Starbucks, I think all is back on track and well within the world. Funny how a little latte can solve so much!


Shop the Look:

Today’s post was one I’ve been itching to share with you guys. While staying in Sacramento two weeks ago we split our time between an AirBnB and a hotel. The AirBnB was located in the city walking distance from this adorable cafe. As soon as I saw it’s flowered painted exterior I was hooked and had to drop in. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for local coffee places and eateries when I travel. I seek them out for their ambiance, specialty drinks and food, and overall local service. Supporting small businesses keeps our American economy alive and flourishing. Local coffee shops or restaurants are a perfect place to find the best recommendations in the area. Yes, there’s so much planning you can do ahead of time when traveling but asking locals is the way to find the hidden gems such as the Freeport Bakery!

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Freeport Bakery is not just a place for delicious coffee, it’s a full bakery complete with custom cakes, puffy pastries galore and all of the carbs you can inhale. The decor inside has the most beautiful floral wall paper in shades of coral and cantaloupe. Outside you will find a lovely patio perfect for a stop during the warmer months of Spring. I mentioned last week just how beautiful Sacramento is during the spring! You can read more about the Capitol Park and rose garden here if you are stopping through this city. I really like visiting Sacramento. It’s not as busy and bustling as San Francisco but has a ton of historic sites with charming streets.

Pretty Pink Dresses for Spring

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For today'‘s look I wore a beautiful pale pink See by Chloe dress. It’s such a perfect dress for Spring on chilly days. Bringing dresses on a trip offers so much versatility. You can layer cardigans, sweaters, blazers or jackets over them. You can dress them up with heels or down with boots or ballet flats. The embellished bodice is really beautiful and intricate for this dress! Unless you live underground, you probably notice the plethora of pearly accessories right now. (Especially hair clips or barrettes. More to come on this subject.) I rounded up several pink dresses for you to browse above including budget friendly options like this one for only $19 or this one for about $70.

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I’ve also recently added this pretty brown leather and gold chain strap bag to my collection. The color of leather is light enough to mix with black, brown, tan, navy or cream. The little bit of hardware dresses it up but the leather finish keeps the bag from looking over the top. It has almost a vintage feel and is a great size for carrying the essentials to dinner in the evenings. I’ll be sharing 1-2 more posts about Sacramento and am returning to the city over the Summer. If you are a California gent or gal, please send me your recommendations for future parks, sights, coffee shops and restaurants. This has been my fourth trip to the city and I’m looking forward to returning!

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What are some of your favorite places to grab coffee?

Trend to Watch: The Pink Jumpsuit

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A jumpsuit is my favorite alternative to a dress. It’s simple, streamlined and easy to put an outfit together. They pack nicely for traveling and you can dress them up or down with jackets, accessories and shoes. The one featured here is from Tibi and I can’t speak highly enough about this beautiful brand. Tibi makes clothing that are classic and modern with feminine shapes and details. I love how this particular jumpsuit has ruffles on the pants and a delicate halter neckline. It’s such a showstopper and I really enjoyed featuring the hard work I’ve put into toning through yoga over the past few months.

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Shop Pink Jumpsuits

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I found this one was of my favorite vacation outfits over Spring Break. I’m putting together a complete outfit round up for you guys for Friday’s 5 on Friday post so you can have a guide for a resort wear inspiration if you are heading to the beach over the next few months. A pink jumpsuit is at the top of my list for resort wear. Although the one I’m featuring is on the more expensive side, I rounded up so many options above starting as low as $12. You can find great style at any price, but sometimes it takes a little searching! If you would like to invest a little more, check out this BCBG version or this one from Elisabetti Franchi a designer I keep gravitating toward. I also really love this Ulla Johnson version in a more muted blush tone.

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To keep your jumpsuit from looking frumpy, consider one with a belted waist or fitted waistline. Especially if you are on the petite side! It makes such a difference on the overall structure of your jumpsuit when it ties at the waist. I decided to add a few accessories in the same tones like a pair of beaded drop earrings and my favorite blush ruffle clutch from Sole Society. You can also dress this up with metallic gold heels for a dinner date or down like I did here with simple ballet flats.

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Since the jumpsuit makes such a statement with so much volume, I did my hair up in a sleek low bun. When you are wearing dramatic pieces, it’s nice to keep some of your outfit simple. Don’t over accessorize and choose a hairstyle that makes sense. Since one of the features of this jumpsuit is the delicate neckline I wanted my hair up and off my shoulders so you could see the entire outfit.

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These photographs were taken on the Galveston Sea Wall by the Pleasure Pier. I’m going to share more about the Pleasure Pier in an upcoming post, but it’s a fun attraction for kids! Basically, it’s a mini theme park built on a pier! You can ride the ferris wheel for an aerial view. You can also get a little rush from the rollercoaster and log flume if that suits you! All in all, it’s a fun family activity for all ages!

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