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5 on Fridays - Five Western Inspired Outfits Perfect for the Rodeo

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February and March are a big deal in Houston. We have one of the largest rodeos and the city is packed during this time. If you’ve never been to the Houston rodeo it’s such an remarkable experience. It’s filled with delicious food vendors of all kinds, shows, concerts, the rodeo itself, a petting zoo and tons of shopping. It’s a place you can sport allllll of the best western goodies like boots, hats, jewelry, fringe and suede. Today I’m giving you guys a little inspiration for Western looks if you are thinking about going to a local state fair, rodeo or if you are traveling down to Texas!

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Not much screams western more than a bandanna and chambray shirt. Both of these are regular staples here in Texas for such practical reasons. Keeping a bandanna on you to wipe away the sweat from the blazing sun and open blue skies is pretty important for keeping droplets of your face and neck. Chambray is a lighter weight denim with a lot of durability. When you are in the heat, it’s good to have breathable cotton on your skin so you don’t trap sweat underneath your clothes and your body is able to breath. You can easily pair these with a pair of wide legged or flared jeans and boots or go for a preppy option and add a pair of loafers or moccasins for all day walking.

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Gingham prints immediately scream southern style and when paired with lace they take on a whole new flavor. When reaching for a pair of shorts, look for cut off denim or gingham prints for a casual western feel. You can add western booties (these are from my favorite vintage store of all time - Feather’s Boutique in Austin, TX). Since they reveal the ankle it lengthens your legs - always a win for us petites! Finally, grab a low key cross body bag so you can have your hands available for shopping, attending the rodeo itself and not having tor worry about carrying around a purse in your hands while you eat!

Shop gingham, lace and western booties

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Ahhhh, the tunic dreses - AKA long shirt, comfy as a nightgown and basically makes your outfit a “no pants day.” All wins in my book! Again, when looking for a comfortable tunic dress opt for one that’s made of lightweight cotton. I like to buy mine a l little longer so I can belt it or wear it relaxed like I did in this photograph. This is probably the EASIEST of all the looks shown today to put together. Add a pair of cowboy boots and grab your purse to head out the door - bonus points if you add earrings!

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If you love skinny jeans then this is the look for you. Pair your favorite skinny jeans with cowboy boots and then add a pop of pale pink as your layer top. I love tunics this time of year because they are long sleeved yet still maintain coolness being airy and comfortable. Add a suede moto jacket and leather jewelry for a special touch. Texans love accessories from boots to jewelry so don’t be afraid of a statement piece or two.

Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Western Outfits Perfect for the Rodeo (16).jpg

Ponchos are not a new thing over here on Three Heel Clicks. Although I tend to reach for them more often in the Fall, it’s great to grab one for camping or cool Spring nights. This one feels even more western with the fringe details and soft color. Layer it over a camisole or tank and suede like pants to keep the look simple and elongating. Add boots, booties or even a pair of flats in the same color as your pants to give your body more height.

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How to Wear Booties if You're Petite

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I have to admit I was hesitant to jump on the bootie bandwagon. Being only five feet tall booties didn’t seem like a leg lengthening shoe. Boy was I wrong! I just wasn’t sure how to wear them. Well folks, today I’ve got you covered. For anyone out there who has the privilege of being pint sized here are a few tips about how to wear booties!

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I started by making sure I paired them with the same color pants to give the illusion of length. This is a trick I often go to. Sometimes I’ll wear nude heels with bare legs. Other times it’s over the knee boots on top of jeans of the same hue. Dressing mono-chromatically gives the illusion of length. Another trick is to look for a boot with a pointy toe. This also makes the leg look much longer. Today I paired white booties with a simple white pair of skinny jeans for a lean look.

Three Heel Clicks - How to Wear Booties if You're Petite (7).jpg

With spring being just around the corner I have all of the pastel feels. I pulled out this powder blue coat and beanie (worn in this post and this post) and paired it with otherwise neutrals. Blue pairs so nicely with white and tan. You can easily change this outfit up by switching the sweater for a soft blush, lavender or another neutral like navy or black.

What are ways you like to wear booties?

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San Jose Flea Market

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We flew into Sacramento a couple of days before New Year’s Eve. While we wanted to originally stay in Sacramento it was difficult last minute for us to find the right AirBnB so we decided to venture to San Jose. I’m still pretty new to exploring a lot of California. Outside of flying through LA I’ve never really spent time in the Southern half of the state. I am growing to love the laid back lifestyle California offers and Northern California is no different. San Jose is just south of San Francisco and is such a beautiful city. Although it’s close to San Francisco you don’t have to drive up and down those crazy steep hills!

Three Heel Clicks - San Jose Flea Market (13).jpg

The San Francisco Flea Market wasn’t a planned trip. We were actually headed out of San Jose one evening when we stumbled upon this fun little spot. We easily spotted it as we were on one of the main roads and knew we had to stop. Just a note, you do have to pay for parking, but it’s well worth it if you are looking to do some shopping! Situated right in the center of the flea market is a food court like area and outdoor play area for kiddos. I loved the carousel! It was almost like being at a state fair! There are food carts, an ice cream shop and other places to grab a bite to eat situated among the many vendors! Although I was sticking to coffee, the others in our group grabbed a beer for a stroll along the isles.

Three Heel Clicks - San Jose Flea Market (4).jpg

For today I wore a red belted coat, white jeans, boots and a fun red beret. I love wearing berets. They offer a unique flair instead of a traditional beanie or hat. I purchased this one from Amazon and found a few similar options here, here and here (all of which are under $15!) One of the best Winter color combinations in my book includes white and red. So I didn’t look like an candy cane I added details of grey and black to offset the brighter colors.

Three Heel Clicks - San Jose Flea Market (6).jpg

I ended up picking up two pom pom fleece lined beanies but was pretty impressed with the selection of things to buy at the flea market. If it wasn’t thirty degrees I probably would have ended up getting some new summer shoes but that particular day it just didn’t seem so practical. I love markets! When we lived in Asia as a kid we would venture to East Gate for the Korean markets. I remember it being so much fun every time we went scouring various vendors and picking up clothing, gift items and household goods. In Asia you will find a shoe store next to a vendor who sells hog heads. It was a lot like that at the San Jose Flea Market. There was a candy vendor next to someone selling luggage.

Three Heel Clicks - San Jose Flea Market (17).jpg

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Timeless Style

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Three Heel Clicks - Timeless Style (16).jpg

Let’s start this post out by noting this blazer has history! My great aunt gave it to my grandmother back in 1948. Yes it’s 80 years old! I saw my mom wearing it on and off throughout my childhood and once I was in college she mentioned it was my grandmothers. I told her when she was through with it to please pass it along. Sure enough, last weekend I came to visit my parents and there it was hanging on the door knob of my closet in my old room. I was ecstatic! This plaid blazer is the epitome of timeless style so I made it a priority to get this post up and hope you guys enjoy it!

Three Heel Clicks - Timeless Style (10).jpg
Three Heel Clicks - Timeless Style (12).jpg

A plaid tweed blazer is always an easy choice for dinner, work or on the weekends. You can dress it down with a tee and loafers or dress it up by throwing it over a dress or fluted skirt. I think my favorite way to wear it is pictured here with a simple classic button up, skinny jeans, structured satchel and over-the-knee boots. It’s a modern yet timeless way to wear it and looks polished for most occasions.

Three Heel Clicks - Timeless Style (15).jpg

Below I’ve rounded up a variety of both tweed blazers and over-the-knee boots. Neither in which you have to spend a fortune! All of the selections below are under $200 and many under $100. When selecting a blazer make sure it fits properly and it’s construction is of good quality. I prefer lining in my blazers to ensure they aren’t going to be itchy if I’m wearing a sleeveless or short sleeved top. Try a few on and try them in different sizes. Blazers are typically made to be a fitted unless you are going for the over-sized look so take your time and find something that works for your body type.

Three Heel Clicks - Timeless Style (5).jpg
Three Heel Clicks - Timeless Style (6).jpg

These photographs were taken in Katy, TX at the Katy Heritage Society property. It’s a little museum near downtown Old Katy where you can learn about some of the figures who made this now Houston suburban area a town. The structures date back to the late 1800’s and it was pretty cool to see how the city emerged. Being a lover of small towns I keep my eyes peeled when traveling to show you guys some of the little road stops you may come across as you adventure. You can read more about many of the small towns and cute places here if you’re interested.

Three Heel Clicks - Timeless Style (4).jpg

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow I thought it would fun to share an older pot about setting a Thanksgiving table. You’d be surprised by how many items you may already own and just need a little direction on displaying centerpieces, layering linens and finally setting the table. I’m still rounding up a few more looks to post later today for outfit inspiration for the long weekend, but this look would also be perfect for tomorrow!

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Mustard Dress at the Rainbow Lodge

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Mustard is a current favorite color for Fall this year along with burgundy and a cognac brown. This dress is one from last year, but I restyled it with a braided belt I’ve had for years and over the knee boots. To top it off I added this structured handbag for a classy touch. It was a birthday gift this year but comes in grey, soft pink blush and this amazing buttery color. It’s a little bohemian, a little western and still chic at the same time.

Three Heel Clicks - Mustard Dress at the Rainbow Lodge (29).jpg

I wore this outfit last week to go to the Rainbow Lodge for lunch. If you’ve never been there and live in Houston or are traveling here any time soon you have to go! It has such an amazing menu and at lunch you get a three-course-meal for only $15. I ordered the fish, a salad and then they brought me a delicous pound cake drizzled in a citrus like glaze. Their patio is amazing day or night!

Three Heel Clicks - Mustard Dress at the Rainbow Lodge (30).jpg

It couldn’t have been a prettier day to enjoy a slow lunch and the weather. I oftentimes order a cappuccino or espresso to pair with dessert. I find it helps keep me perked up after a full meal and contrasts nicely with a few bites of dessert. Most places now offer almond milk instead of dairy so if available I opt for that and leave the sugar out.

Three Heel Clicks - Mustard Dress at the Rainbow Lodge (32).jpg

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