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5 on fridays - Five Ways to Squeeze in Me TIme

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Getting a little bit of me time is possible even if you have a crazy schedule. I get it. There are kids, extracurricular activities, work, social events, birthday parties, work parties and the list goes on. Sometimes life feels like we are just switching constantly from one thing to the next. Over time, without having our self care time it’s easy to lose a sense of purpose. It’s so vital to our well being to be able to relax, refresh, and reset. I challenge you starting today to incorporate a minimum of just 15 minutes of designated “me” time daily during the next week.

The Day Before Set an Alarm for Your 15 Minutes

Always prepare time for yourself. Schedule it! Add it to your daily plan and then set an alarm for it. Treat this time as important as you would preparing your kids for school. After all, you’ll be a better coworker, mom, wife, and friend if you feel yourself!

Set Expectations With Your Family

Let those you love know that you have some time scheduled for yourself and ask them to respect your 15 minutes. You may even request 30 minutes just to ensure you can actually get a full 15 minutes without interruption.

Plan an Activity You Love

Decide on one or two things you’d like to spend time on. Maybe it’s finally trying a yoga flow. Maybe it’s working on your French using Duolingo. Maybe it’s sketching or reading a book. Whatever the activity, have it ready to go so all you have to do is start working on it.

Enjoy Your Time

This is YOUR 15 minutes. Enjoy every last drop! This is NOT the time for Mom guilt. You work hard and help your loved ones, enjoy all of it and remember you are bettering yourself so you can be better for them!

Document Afterwards

Take a photo, post on social media or even keep a journal with a reflections page for this week. Note how you feel after you complete your “me” time! Share your happiness with those around you! Joy is contagious and you’ll be able to see your progress!

Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Ways to Squeeze in 15 Minutes of Me Time  #selfcare #personaldevelopment

Create a beautiful berry inspired Fall look!

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30 Neutral Back-to-School Pieces from Walmart You Don't Want to Miss

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I shared a post on Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale where you can find tons of neutral pieces to rebuild your wardrobe for Fall. Fall is a great time to stock up on basics because of there are tons of sales from summer clearance and then tax free weekend! Don’t forget if you are in Texas it is tax-free weekend beginning on Friday, August 9th! You’ll save 8.25% from any sales tax on products like clothing and school supplies. It’s one of the biggest shopping events of the year and makes a difference the more money you spend.

Although Nordstrom is an all-time favorite, let’s be real sometimes you just need a few pieces that cost less than a bag of groceries. Wal-mart has really strived over the past few years to bring you competitive garments and styles at affordable prices. More and more times I run in for a grocery item I come out with a new outfit. They have tons of bold pieces and also some beautiful neutrals. Below is a round up of my favorite 30 neutral back-to-school pieces from Wal-mart!

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30 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Back-to-School Picks

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Three Heel Clicks - 30 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Back to School Picks (3).jpg

30 Nordstrom Anniversary Back-to - School Picks

This is the weekend to buy more and save more. I've broken today's 30 items into 5 categories for teens and college kids for cute items for back-to-school. Whether you are going to grad school, enrolling in college for your first year, are attending High School or maybe shopping for your kids - this is the post for you! Below you’ll find a round up of bags for books, layering pieces, neutral shoes and much more! If you are looking to switch up your beauty and skincare routine - well, no worries! Just head over and take our skincare quiz or submit your email below!

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Okay now let’s get to shopping!

Back to School Bags

Every kid or young adult will need a sturdy, reliable bag for everyday. When I was in both High School and College I loved carrying a stylish tote or messenger back instead of a backpack. I still carry something similar for work. If you choose a classic but modern style it won't dissapopoint! You'll quickly find that beautiful leather wears well over time. For backpacks, check out padded straps and a good quality canvas or leather. The backpack selection is light years ahead of when I was going to class daily! Take advantage. Also, look for pockets for wallets and makeup!

Step Up Your Shoe Game

With school campuses getting larger everyday, having shoes that allow you to be on your feet all day are a necessity not a luxury. Opt for an old school style sneaker, low cut boot, ballet flats and stylish slide. If you have a colder climate make sure your snow or rain boots are in good condition.

Let's Talk Tees and Tops

For tops I like to have a few soft tees both short sleeve and long sleeved on hand. They can be layered under jackets, sweaters and blazers. They also are cute with a skort, skirt, jeans or shorts. James Pearse make some of the best or splurge on a commes de garcons. Check out stripes, solids and a few graphic ones.

Practical pants and bottoms

Since most schools have a dress code, I like to keep my bottoms more conservative. Defintely don't want to be sent home because of a few inches. If you are in a warm climate JCrew makes tons of great shorts. Make sure you stock up on a pair of quality jeans like these highly rated ones from Everlane. Also, I like a good mid length skirt and shorter corduroy option for a cute mod look.

Layering Pieces for Warmth

Lastly, it's time to round up a few pieces to keep you warm and dry. Never underestimate the power of the classic pea coat. My mom wore one in the 60s and I wore one in the early 00s when I was in school. I still have both a navy and tan ones. If this style is a little preppy, check out a suede or leather moto jacket, or a puffer for colder days. Also, make sure you have both thin and heavy sweaters. I like these from jcrew! Always classy, and in so many colors!

Here's a few outfits you can easily re-create whether you are going to school or not this year. Most of these I would wear as a momma or on casual activities.

Transform any outfit with a bold lip

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30 Neutral Pieces to Buy From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Three Heel Clicks - 30 Neutral Pieces to Buy from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (1).jpeg

I mentioned last week that the Nordstrom anniversary sale is in full swing. It ends on August 4th but you’ll want to go shop now in case products are sold out! The sale happens two times a year and is a great resource to save lots when you are looking to refresh your wardrobe. The main goal of the sale is for them to clear out inventory so when a product runs out, it’s oftentimes not restocked! I’ve rounded up 30 neutral pieces to add to your wardrobe for under $100. These are all timeless, classic pieces you’ll be able to wear from season to season. They are meant to help you build a foundation in your closet!

Nordstrom is one of the largest online retailer. They have a phenomenal exchange program that makes something easy to return if you don’t like or it doesn’t fit. What makes the Anniversary Sale special? Brand-new arrivals at limited-time sale prices. Which item is your most wanted piece?

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Developing Your Morning Habit Routine

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Developing Your Morning Habit Routine (6).jpg

Lately, I’ve begin growing into the discipline of developing habit routines. After reading a few incredibly inspiring books like Thrive and The Power of Habit I’ve learned to begin my day the way I need to so that I set up a foundation to be kinder, gentler, more compassionate and most of all loving. There was a time in my corporate work career where I moved from one activity to the next without giving any thought to how it might affect my body, mind and soul. After a decade of living like that and burning the entire candle not just both ends, I’ve made a conscious and deliberate effort to change a life of chaos and develop a life of purpose, discernment and intention.

While hardwork and diligence is a discipline, I was far exceeding discipline and I turned it to a full obsession. I was a corporate supervisor’s dream… always ready to tackle more. Always willing to say yes. Never realizing that the more times I said, “yes” without hesitation or intention I was slowly become less of me and more of something I did not want to become. Late nights at work spilled over to not being able to sit still and enjoy time at home. I literally lived in chaos for a decade. Although I appreciate every single experience from that time, I now realize I can achieve a better life by implementing discipline into my morning habit routines that will allow my mind to have the space it needs to flourish. At the beginning of May I set out on a new journey. A journey to redefine my purpose - you can read more about that in last week’s post.

Developing Your Morning Habit Routine (8).jpg

After exptensive research and trial and error I begin to develop new routines. I start my day with a glass of water beside my bedstand. Before I even move or stretch I get this first glass down to fill my body with the hydration it needs. I spend a few minutes making my bed and stretching. I slowly let my body come alive instead of being my previous pop tart of a self. Then, I read a small meditation or excerpt from something inspiration and journal about thoughts. From there, I make a list of three categories:

  • One Big Thing I’m Going to Accomplish Today

  • Three Important Tasks

  • A Timeline for My Day

I begin with the end in mind which is how I am going to accomplish one big thing. That way if nothing else goes my way, then at least I knocked off one thing. Sometimes the one big thing is a long workout. Sometimes it’s a project or chore. My one big thing has become the center of the day. From there I list three other important tasks - pick up dry cleaning, coffee with a friend, or maybe write a blog post. I base my entire day’s timeline on these four items. I allow plenty of time to accomplish things and keep my schedule simple. I’ll be sharing my daily schedule with you guys over the course of the next few weeks on Instagram Stories.

If I could rewind the clock I would have been kinder to my twenty something self. I would have taken more breaks. Turned off work and slept more. Turned off the phone, the emails and late texts for work. I became consumed with being a slave to deadlines and projects. I literally could not go on a Sunday drive through the city without thinking as I passed by an industrial building that maybe I could help them become a client. While I do believe that many work inspirations can bloom out of the office, I was not being inspired… I had conditioned my mind to think only about work… about the next meeting, the next sale, the next goal I needed to reach to support my family financially. Now my days are different. My morning routine sets me up with intention. I realize what’s important and urgent and what can wait. At the conclusion of my day I reflect upon the things I put on plate and decide if it’s too much or too little. Whatever your current routine is I challenge you to start with just five minutes. Take five minutes to think about your purpose in life. Build your day around that purpose.

How do you prepare for your day? Anything especially helpful? Leave a comment or send me a tweet!

All photographs courtesy of the talented Andrew Sherard.

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