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Five Summer Swimsuit & Cover Up Looks

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Now that it’s offiicially summer all hats are on and I’m spending time in the sun! Although I have a wide collection of swimsuits, I also like to have several cover ups on hand so that I don’t have to trot to and from the pool, beach or on vacation with everything hanging out! Usually, I use pieces I already own like scarves, skirts, linen dresses and totes to make sure I am covered and prepared to tote all the swim essentials.. Think about your swimwear as another outfit. You don’t have to throw on old t-shirts or look frumpy. Depending on the activity I add earrings if I’m just lounging, a wide variety of sunglasses and totes that I know will hold a towel, sunscreen and reading material. Today I have rounded up a few previous looks along with one I’ll be posting in the future to give you a little inspiration for a snazzy swimwear look!

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Linen Dress, Wide Brimmed Boater and Espadrilles

Three Heel Clicks - Four Summer Swimsuit and Cover Up Looks  (18).jpg

A Sheer Maxi Skirt, Striped Cabana Towel, and Yellow Accessories

Three Heel Clicks - Four Summer Swimsuit and Cover Up Looks  (16).jpg

Lace Embellished One Piece, Cream Crocheted Shorts and Woven Hat

Three Heel Clicks - Four Summer Swimsuit and Cover Up Looks  (15).jpg

Coral Halter One Piece, Pink Sheer Scarf and Blush Lace Shorts

Three Heel Clicks - Four Summer Swimsuit and Cover Up Looks  (12).jpg

Gladiator Sandals, Gold Monogram Tote, and Cotton Maxi Dress

What are your favorite pieces to wear over a swimsuit?

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Trend to Watch: The White Tennis Skirt

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Over the next two weeks I am going to post a few ideas for Fourth of July outfits that can be worn all Summer long. I recently received this cute white tennis skirt as a gift and let me tell you… my life has been changed. It actually has shorts underneath! I loved it so much I wore it twice over the weekend. I paired it with a white camisole on my Shop Three Heel Clicks Instagram account and then with this classic red and white striped tee in today’s post. If you do not own a tennis skirt, I suggest you run with Godspeed to get one. You’ll thank me later.

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Shop White Tennis Skirts

Three Heel Clicks - Trend to Watch -  The White Tennis Skirt (9).jpg

Between my parents’ house in College Station, TX and my own apartment right outside of Houston there are two Farmer's Markets I frequently stop at for a break on my hour and a half drive back and forth. I love fresh produce. I find the more vegetables and fruit I eat the more vibrant I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to appease late night cravings for chocolate and ice cream but if I have delicious fruits on hand I am more likely to reach for them throughout the day.

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I’ve shared a few posts about one of the Dilorio’s Market locations here on the blog a few times which is a smaller stand on the roadside of Highway 6, but they have an even larger location if you drive into the small town of Hempstead, TX. I love bringing my picnic basket to store and protect the produce I pick up so it’s not bruised or mashed when I get home. Tip: Don’t store bananas in a paper bag if you like the to remain yellow. Paper bags will ripen them immediately, instead opt for your own reusable bags, totes or baskets to keep your produce fresh!

Three Heel Clicks - Trend to Watch -  The White Tennis Skirt (13).jpg

A big boater hat, sandals and cross body complete a weekend look keeping you cool, comfortable and the sun off the face. Our Summers in Texas are relentless. So ensuring I protect my skin by wearing a lightweight long sleeve cotton top and adding a hat helps immensely. Don’t forget a pair of sunglasses for the drive. With big open fields and ranches there is little protection from the sunlight when clouds dissipate.

I would love to hear outfit ideas for styling a white tennis skirt? How would you style this skirt?

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How to Survive the Heat and Still Look Chic

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How to Survive the Heat and Still Look Chic (8).jpg

The Texas heat is something else. We experience temperatures year round that some climates only handle through a few months. In Houston, the heat is amplified by humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. Let me tell you, starting in April it’s nothing but hot or rainy until October. After living here in Houston over a decade and having to endure heat through work, extra curricular activities and exercise I have found a few tricks for enduring heat that soars above 90 degrees with 100% humidity. If you want to buy this exact dress and hat head on over to my Amazon Shop and grab them for under $20!

How to Survive the Heat and Still Look Chic (15).jpg

Choose Fabrics that Breathe

Being a person with very reactive and sensitive skin the material of the clothes and fit of a garment is a high priority for comfort. Too many synthetic fibers woven into a material traps sweat and ends up just breaking my skin out. I found that switching to linen, cotton, and silk during the warm months makes a big difference in being comfortable. I love the look of this checked shirt dress for warmer months. The loose fitting skirt allows you to move and sit with ease, but it’s still fitted enough in the bodice to look polished.

How to Survive the Heat and Still Look Chic (2).jpg

Keep the Sun Off Your Face

Although I confess, I have a penchant for hats so I will use any excuse to wear one but they do offer coverage off my face. A lot of people I meet are surprised when I tell them I’m over 30 years old. I think so much of that is attributed to living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining my weight, taking care of my skin and eating nutrients. Where I used to bask in the sun, I now take extra precaution and wear hats for additional coverage on my face. Hats also provide you with better vision during bright days by blocking direct sunlight on your eyes. For this time of year I am draw to straw hats, boater hats and anything including a bow.

How to Survive the Heat and Still Look Chic (4).jpg

Wear a Comfortable Sandal for Walks

When your feet are hot and uncomfortable, you are hot and uncomfortable. Although for long hikes I choose to wear protective footwear for a typical warm day I opt for a pair of comfortable slides or sandals. I stay so much cooler and I can still walk for a good period of time without getting unnecessary blisters. Another tip if you do get blisters often is to look for a shoe that has padding and is backless. I prefer to stay away from flip flops as they have been proven to damage your feet and ankles but instead go for a sweet pair of slides.

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Springtime in Texas

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There is a sweet little period of time where it warms up just enough to wear a lovely dress here in Texas and not feel like you stepped into a furnace. That time is now! From March to April Texas is a plethora of blooming wildflowers, beautiful blue skies and the perfect temperature. Word of advice: July and August are not your friends if you are a planning a trip out West unless you prefer 100 degree weather. In that case, be my guest. For most, a good 70-80 degrees is by far the best time of year to visit. So mark your calendars for next year or hurry on over now to see all of the beauty Texas offers.

Shop the Look:

Three Heel Clicks - Springtime in Texas (8).jpg

I’ve lived in Texas my entire adult life for a reason. The people are kind, everyone says Howdy to strangers and the flowers….oh, the beautiful flowers. Texas is a place to come to if you want to see a horse ride alongside a country drive or cows and ducks hanging out in pastures. One of the other things I love about this state includes all of the small towns scattered across. I live to find these hidden places and today’s post was shot in Navasota. I’ve posted in this location a few times before to include Veronica’s Daiquiri Shop and this lovely yellow dress shot two years ago. Navasota sits about an hour outside of Houston and makes a fantastic day trip. You can visit Martha’s Bloomers which has the prettiest cafe where you can order tea, brunch and dessert.

Three Heel Clicks - Springtime in Texas (17).jpg

Another big influence for Texas style is that we border Mexico. In fact, we have our own taste of Mexican food called Tex-Mex which is hands down some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. In Texas you can wear Mexican embroidered tunic dresses, espadrilles and a hat is necessary to block the blazing sun that radiates from our wide open skies. I found this Mexican style dress recently second-hand along with the belt featured in today’s look. Mixing old and new pieces is a great way to stretch a budget and create a unique look. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite embroidered dresses for you guys today to shop!

Three Heel Clicks - Springtime in Texas (13).jpg

Espadrilles are my number one dressed up shoe besides a block heel featured last week on the blog. They are comfy, chic and come in a variety of heel heights, styles, and colors. I wore this pair last Spring when I visited Bayou Bend Museum and Gardens for the annual Azalea Trail. When I saw how perfectly they went with the vintage dress I was ecstatic. I prefer to belt tunic dresses so they don’t look like a giant tent and love the full skirt style for picnics, BBQ’s and sightseeing.

Three Heel Clicks - Springtime in Texas (7).jpg
Three Heel Clicks - Springtime in Texas (19).jpg

This crocheted hat is from Free People and I found it last year when I was visiting one of my best friends in Seattle. I found a similar hat here good price point and doesn’t make your head hot but still offers coverage on your face from unwanted UV rays. You can easily pair it with slides, white jeans and a white button down top for a minimal Spring look or wear it with practically any floral dress.

Three Heel Clicks - Springtime in Texas (2).jpg

What are you looking to add to your Spring wardrobe?

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Modern Looks for Easter Sunday Outfits

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In case you’re like me and feel like this year has already been a roller coaster and time has absolutely no meaning anymore here’s a PSA: Easter Sunday is in two weeks! Did you know Easter Sunday is the most popular day out of the entire year for people to go to church? I don’t touch as often on spirituality simply because I feel that we are all entitled to believing what reasonates within us, but since so many of us do attend church on holidays (and throughout the year) I thought I’d share a little more about Easter on the blog today.

Shop the Post:

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Growing up, outside of the Resurrection (yes, I’m a Christian and Easter is the celebration of Jesus shedding his life for us) Easter Sunday meant something special for me - I got a brand new dress every year for it. Although my parents provided my sister and I with plenty growing up we were always confined to a strict budget. How else were my parents going to support two little kids and my brother who was in High School on a military salary? We ate generic everything and went shopping for school, things that were needed, and special occasions. One of those occasions I could count on a new outfit (including shoes) was Easter. Every year we would go pick out our new dresses, hats, gloves, lace embellished socks and patent white shoes. One year Mom let us help pick out our own fabric and dress patterns and she slaved away for a month to make sure we had new ones picked out in time!

Three Heel Clicks - Modern Looks for Easter Sunday Outfits (6).jpg
Three Heel Clicks - Modern Looks for Easter Sunday Outfits (10).jpg

As I fast forward to today, I carried the same tradition on to my own daughter. We love getting to pick out a pretty pastel dresses and in true Southern Style I finally feel comfortable wearing white now that it’s Easter weekend. This year I’m opting for something a little more streamline than my child hood days and this Everlane dress is perfect for Easter celebrations. If you aren’t into embellishments, patterns or over the top frills then this is such a good buy for Spring! I’ve rounded up my favorite streamlined dresses with modern silhouettes and all are budget friendly!

Three Heel Clicks - Modern Looks for Easter Sunday Outfits (8).jpg

Whenever I think of Easter I also think about hats! Easter Sunday along with the Kentucky Derby are two occasions where you will receive minimal criticism for wearing a hat with a giant bow! I love this one from San Diego Hat Company. They are my go to brand for quality hats and at a price point under $50. Then, I added a pair of yellow drop earrings you can shop on my Amazon Easter Sunday Round Up page and a vintage wicker basket. Speaking of basket bags, Alice from Lone Star Looking Glass shared the cutest wicker bags from Patricia Nash. They are so similar to what I’m wearing in this post. Also, Alice is such a Southern inspiration for me! I’ve followed her for a few years now and love her Southern take on Texas style. Add a sweet little printed scarf for a colorful touch!

Three Heel Clicks - Modern Looks for Easter Sunday Outfits (5).jpg

Last but not least, make sure you grab a pair of new shoes! If you are looking for a pair of block heels I posted a few days ago What to Wear to an Outdoor Spring Wedding. All of the posts are outdoor friendly and perfect to wear all season long for any occasions from dinner out to a more formal occasion like a wedding or holiday.

What are you planning on wearing for Easter? Do you celebrate?

All photos today were taken by the talented Jaime Salinas. Let me know if you are looking for a photographer in the Bryan/College Station area. She’s so great to work with and we had so much putting these together! You can check out another post we did together here!

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