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30 Items to Buy From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the Mecca of all online purchases! It begins tomorrow for the public and I just cannot wait! I’ve already loaded up my shopping cart with tons of options! I’ve rounded up 30 items for you to shop including this purse featured in the picture above. The goodies found in this post will transition nicely from summer until fall and most of them are under $100!

Which item is your favorite?

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How to Wear the Hottest Hair Accessories

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Shop Green Dresses

One of the best parts of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger for my job is getting to share new ideas with you guys! I’ve always been drawn to a feminine, modern and timeless style but I like adding touches of whimsy from older eras like hats, silk scarves, vintage bags and hairpieces. Mixing old ideas with new pieces is one of the most fun parts for putting together a new fresh look.

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You may notice that lately I’ve been playing more and more with scarves. You can see an entire group of posts where I use scarves in different ways on the blog and on Pinterest. Today I’m sharing how to incorporate some of the best accessories for your hair right now! For today’s look I added a simple floral crown to tie in the blush rose printed dress and mules. I love how this changes the entire dress taking it from an otherwise conservative approach to something more whimsical.

Shop Hair Accessories

Adding a new style or accessory in your wardrobe can be a little bit of an adjustment. I remember when I first started adding hats into every day outfits I felt like they were a little over the top. But as I wore them more and more, I began to grow comfortable with this new apparatus being on my head. Same with headbands, hairclips and floral crowns. Sometimes, our minds and bodies have to adjust to something new. Think about it like a new piece of furniture you just purchased to fill an empty space. At first, the piece of furniture may feel like it’s taking up so much room in your home… but after a few weeks your mind adjusts and you can’t imagine the room looking any different!

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This can be said with anything you add in your life. Maybe it’s a new routine like I talked about last week on the blog. Maybe it’s a new decor item or fashion trend. Life is about experimenting and expressing creativity. When we do the same things over and over expecting different results it increases frustrations and feelings of inadequacy or low self worth. As humans, I believe we were meant to be exposed to new places, experiences and ways of self expression to deepen and define exactly who we are. I challenge you this Monday morning to try something you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe it’s a floral crown like I did here in today’s post. Or maybe you decide to take a walk to relax at the end of your day today. Maybe you finally pick up a pen and write words that have been lingering in your mind. Whatever you choose, challenge yourself to try something new. Write down how you felt afterwards. Reflect on your purpose and choices.

What is one thing you plan to add to your life today that’s new?

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5 on Fridays - Five Tips for How to Safely Lose Weight and Get Into Shape

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I’m writing about my own experiences over the past few years. I’ll start off by saying that no matter what body type you are you can improve your self-esteem by being fit. Not only does being in good shape help your body look better, but it elevates your mood and increases health to your organs. Today I’m writing about my personal experiences for what has worked for me. I understand that not everyone has the same lifestyle but I hope it serves as a point of inspiration for you if you are looking to increase your fitness and a result of that is to lose unnecessary weight.

Shop Workout Gear

Seek not to Lose Weight But To Live Healthier

First thing first do not seek to lose weight, instead shift your focus to living a healthier lifestyle. I think when I focus on the latter there is a positive emphasis on my body image and mental state. Instead of focusing on flaws, I put my energy towards my health. It makes it so much easier to choose a plant based meal or go on an extra walk knowing that it’s only going to benefit my overall health mentally, physically and emotionally. The bi-product of living healthier is being trimmer and slimmer. Here are the things I’ve done since last August to improve my health:

Removed Alcohol Completely

I will be the first to tell you that this was not easy for me. I love wine. Anyone who knows me knows my affinity for the taste of a deep red Bordeaux. However, I struggle with anxiety and panic disorder. It was at a point where any alcohol increased panic attacks. Back in September I stopped drinking at my home and on a regular basis. At the time I only had alcohol on vacation or for something special. I realized that if I was going to be more focused, alcohol wasn’t going to help. Over the course of the past year, I’ve now removed it all together. I found I felt best when it wasn’t apart of my diet. Whether you choose to cut back or maybe eliminate it from your own diet, you will find so many benefits and improvement to your well being.

Increase Walking

I’ve probably harped about the importance of walking way too many times, but without daily long walks I do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. I use to use the Steps app from Adidas prior to my Apple Watch. It’s one of my favorite fitness apps and works with any mobile device. Now I aim for 11k steps a day, but I started out by just seeing what I was currently doing then slowly increasing the activity. Let’s say you already do 4k steps a day you can set a goal for a 30 minute walk and add another 3k steps. You’ll quickly almost double your activity by adding a scheduled walk in every day. Try taking a walk for 15 minutes at lunch or park at the back of a parking lot when you grocery shop. For more tips about getting steps in see this post!

Add a Fitness Class

From October to January last year I actively took 3-5 yoga classes a week. It was such a beneficial decision and allowed me to work on focus, toning and flexibility. Attending classes also pushed me further to master moves and challenge myself. Whether you choose something with high intensity or more relaxing getting involved in a class breaks up the monotony of working out alone.

Move to a Plant Based Diet

Now I understand not everyone is interested in eating vegan or vegetarian. There are so many benefits on our digestive system when you choose to eat more green leafy vegetables instead of bread, cheese and meat. Eating a plant based diet doesn’t mean you have to go rogue and eat only salads. You can start off by just having a vegetable first with every meal. Fill your plate with as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible. Then, after you eat them have meat, gluten or dairy. I will tell you, you will be so much more full on nutrients you’ll find you will eat less of the latter. This helps so much in processing your food. Your body can’t burn stored fat if it’s working on processing all the food you just put in your body. The easier your food moves through your body the more nutrients will be absorbed and your body can free up energy for other things like restoring your skin or losing weight! You can read all about this philosophy in Kimberly Snyder’s Book The Beauty Detox Diet.

Well, there you have it. This is exactly how I lost weight over the past six months. My skin is clearer, my mental focus is better and my body feels lighter. I did take pictures throughout the journey as a reminder of my progress and the proof is there. I try not to step on a scale often (maybe once a month) since I tend to get a little obsessive about scales. Instead, I took a picture and would reference the success when I felt like I wasn’t making progress.

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Freeport Bakery in Sacramento

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Hope your week is off to a good start! I’ll be honest, as much as I tried to have a positive perspective today (see this instagram post) it has been pretty rocky. I left early to drop off someone at the airport this morning and seemed to be a little less prepared than usual. In fact, I grabbed the wrong medication (taken every day at noon) and a broken tripod. Then, I showed up where I was planning on eating breakfast only to find they had zero outlets (was also planning on working while I was there) and it was freezing. Now it’s after lunch and I’m finally pulling it together. A few deep breaths and now working from a Starbucks, I think all is back on track and well within the world. Funny how a little latte can solve so much!


Shop the Look:

Today’s post was one I’ve been itching to share with you guys. While staying in Sacramento two weeks ago we split our time between an AirBnB and a hotel. The AirBnB was located in the city walking distance from this adorable cafe. As soon as I saw it’s flowered painted exterior I was hooked and had to drop in. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for local coffee places and eateries when I travel. I seek them out for their ambiance, specialty drinks and food, and overall local service. Supporting small businesses keeps our American economy alive and flourishing. Local coffee shops or restaurants are a perfect place to find the best recommendations in the area. Yes, there’s so much planning you can do ahead of time when traveling but asking locals is the way to find the hidden gems such as the Freeport Bakery!

Three Heel Clicks - Freeport Bakery in Sacramento (14).jpg

Freeport Bakery is not just a place for delicious coffee, it’s a full bakery complete with custom cakes, puffy pastries galore and all of the carbs you can inhale. The decor inside has the most beautiful floral wall paper in shades of coral and cantaloupe. Outside you will find a lovely patio perfect for a stop during the warmer months of Spring. I mentioned last week just how beautiful Sacramento is during the spring! You can read more about the Capitol Park and rose garden here if you are stopping through this city. I really like visiting Sacramento. It’s not as busy and bustling as San Francisco but has a ton of historic sites with charming streets.

Pretty Pink Dresses for Spring

Three Heel Clicks - Freeport Bakery in Sacramento (28).jpg

For today'‘s look I wore a beautiful pale pink See by Chloe dress. It’s such a perfect dress for Spring on chilly days. Bringing dresses on a trip offers so much versatility. You can layer cardigans, sweaters, blazers or jackets over them. You can dress them up with heels or down with boots or ballet flats. The embellished bodice is really beautiful and intricate for this dress! Unless you live underground, you probably notice the plethora of pearly accessories right now. (Especially hair clips or barrettes. More to come on this subject.) I rounded up several pink dresses for you to browse above including budget friendly options like this one for only $19 or this one for about $70.

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I’ve also recently added this pretty brown leather and gold chain strap bag to my collection. The color of leather is light enough to mix with black, brown, tan, navy or cream. The little bit of hardware dresses it up but the leather finish keeps the bag from looking over the top. It has almost a vintage feel and is a great size for carrying the essentials to dinner in the evenings. I’ll be sharing 1-2 more posts about Sacramento and am returning to the city over the Summer. If you are a California gent or gal, please send me your recommendations for future parks, sights, coffee shops and restaurants. This has been my fourth trip to the city and I’m looking forward to returning!

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What are some of your favorite places to grab coffee?

Spring Blooms in Sacramento's State Capitol Park

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I’ll be unveiling little pieces of this past week’s trip to Sacramento but I wanted to kick things off with a few thoughts this week. You may have noticed I’ve been talking more and more lately about self care and self love. From topics like seeking purpose to taking life slower I came to a halting stop in my life last September when panic attacks were hitting me multiple times a day and I felt like I had no direction in life. I share this, because as I’ve been working on better maintenance I came to understand many of us share those same feelings.

Three Heel Clicks - Spring Blooms in Sacramento's State Capitol Park (28).jpg

Things started improving as I made a schedule every day, exercised daily, ate healthier and gave my body more rest. Then, last week happened. I thought I could surely handle 10 days of traveling alone with my kiddo. I thought I had it all under control… but I did not stick to my routine for a chunk of my trip. Suddenly, I began to feel overwhelmed and realized finally I needed to get more help when I returned. It was a huge roadblock. A huge setback you may say, but the loved ones around me all told me setbacks aren’t failures and that I could get back on track. So I started back on my schedule today. I have scheduled counseling and a good plan. I have small goals that aren’t overwhelming. But most of all I have a support system.

Three Heel Clicks - Spring Blooms in Sacramento's State Capitol Park (9).jpg

If you feel like life is spinning out of control again, it’s okay to reach out. I always felt so prideful doing so, but it’s a good thing. In fact, those around you will probably tell you that they are glad you did. It’s hard to admit we can’t do everything. It’s hard to say we feel incredibly sad or regretful. But, there are always new beginnings. You’re not down, you’re not out, you aren’t a failure… you are a person. You can make amends, you can work on being better and you can accept your weaknesses. Most of all, you can be honest with yourself. I’ll be the first to say that for years I was not honest at all with myself. That topic is still a work in progress. But day by day, I’ll do better and if I have setbacks I’ll get things on track.

Three Heel Clicks - Spring Blooms in Sacramento's State Capitol Park (4).jpg

Okay so onto the more fun stuff! Today’s post is all about the beautiful park right outside of the Capitol in Sacramento. This was a lovely weather week and we decided to get out and see the Camillas, roses and blooms that were opening all over the park. There is the prettiest rose garden right there in the heart of the city. After strolling around the city we spotted a gelato truck right in front of the walk way leading up to the Capitol. I immediately ran to the truck like a kid after school. Luciano’s scoop is something not to miss if you are in the Sacramento area. I ate the matcha green tea and the rest of my family chose the oreo cookies ‘n cream. With the sun in full shine and not a cloud in the sky, gelato was just the thing for a warm weather day.

Three Heel Clicks - Spring Blooms in Sacramento's State Capitol Park (22).jpg

The leggings I am featuring here is a newly discovered brand called Ziya. One of my friends is a rep for them and had a party where we could try on sizing, order right there on the spot, and socialize. I ordered the rose colored 7/8” length and the most adorable sports bra. You can shop all of their products here! They are made by the same manufacturer as Lululemon wear but about a third of the cost. Let me tell you about these leggings… they’ve been worn about 4 times in two weeks. From yoga to dressing them up for sight seeing they are my new favorite pair of pants. They fit true to size, although I would size up if you are busty in a sports bra.

Three Heel Clicks - Spring Blooms in Sacramento's State Capitol Park (18).jpg

I added rose colored scarf, zip up hoodie and periwinkle accessories. My Longchamp bag has been so useful during my travels and one of my favorite buys for this year. I added a pair of platform lace sneakers and sunnies for the finishing touches. You can’t really go wrong with an athleisure look and a scarf for sight seeing. I was comfortable and it was easy to just remove the scarf as the afternoon temperatures rose a little.

Three Heel Clicks - Spring Blooms in Sacramento's State Capitol Park (29).jpg

I’ll be sharing some upcoming posts this week finishing the last bit of Galveston and then more on Sacramento. I’ve been working since January on getting you guys a full Sacramento Guide and I think I’m pretty close to finishing (fingers crossed). What would you guys like to know about Sacramento? I’ll be happy to include any recommendations I’ve come across!

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Have you been to Northern California? If so, what was your favorite sight?

Three Heel Clicks - Spring Blooms in Sacramento's State Capitol Park (14).jpg

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