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Chic Alternatives to a Mom Uniform

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Sweat pants, yoga pants, or pjs every day all day. We’ve all been there at some point as young moms. Day in and day out seems to mesh together and before you know it you are reaching for whatever is somewhat clean and super comfortable. Sound familiar? I know I’ve been there a few times. There are too many mom activities like taking the kiddo to school, making lunches, washing all of the clothes, making dinners, and sitting through countless extra curricular activities. The list never ends. Soon I was grabbing black leggings or wearing a hooodie over my yoga gear almost every single day. While I do enjoy comfy clothes, I realized I was loosing a little sense of self.


I decided over the past few weeks I would make a few changes. The first was to find some comfy shoes that I loved and could wear with a whole bunch of outfits! The first pair included these Dolce Vita brown suede booties (on sale!!!). They are almost the same shade as my skin tone and I love the soft material. Suede gives off casually cool vibes and the flat heel makes these babies ideal for walking (kind of a necessity here in LA where you walk ALL the TIME). I wore them with a midi dress in navy which is a year round neutral. I added a patchwork leather cross body for a little interest and it played well with the western vibes from the boots. I can layer a jacket if I’m chilly or throw a chunky sweater or cardigan on!


The second pair I found were an upgrade from my old blush Puma sneakers I’ve worn countless times. This pair is also suede and the color is a soft neutral pink. I found they work really great with everything from jeans and athleisure to cute dresses like this vintage find or jeans. You can also pair them with a blazer. But for this alternative to a mom uniform look for a flattering dress that accentuates the waist. Then add sneakers, a mid size bag with room for your diapers, snacks or whatever for the kiddos. If you find a comfy dress then you end up feeling like you are just wearing a giant skirt. Side note: Add a pair of snug fitting cotton shorts underneath if you have a fear of flashing people. I promise you’ll love this whole ensemble!


As far as dresses are concerned look for ones that are a few inches above the knee or a midi length. I also like pieces that are fitted in the bodice but flare out with plenty of leg room in the skirt. Most of the time I sit with my legs tucked under so a fully skirt will allow me to do so without sharing my underwear color with the whole universe. If you feel like white isn’t the best color (I actually spilled coffee five minutes after taking these pics last weekend) then opt for olive, navy, black or cranberry. Patterns typically hide a stain a little better than solids, but find something in a washable material with low maintenance. I promise, you’ll feel like a whole new woman if you try a few of the style tips! I’m curious, which look in today’s post do you like the best?

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What To Wear As Summer Winds Down

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This week is going to be a full one over here on! I am rounding up the last of my Nordstrom Anniversary picks since the sale ends August 4th. I already wrote two posts which you can view here and here. Also, we just published a brand new newsletter yesterday for Three Heel Clicks Beauty! I am so excited about this! It's a monthly newsletter released towards the end of the month with all of the best sales, tips, product releases and a round up of all things beauty oriented like makeup, skincare and hair! You can sign up for the newsletter here or submit your email below and you'll be added! It only goes out once a month so no worries about getting flooded with tons of emails.

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The second thing I am sharing this week includes all things Back to School! Whether you are a professional looking to start higher education classes or a young student in dire need of a new makeup palette and staples for the school year we've got ya covered! Don't forget tax free weekend is coming up and you DON'T want to miss these seasonal sales!

Three Heel Clicks - What To Wear As Summer Winds Down (15).jpg

Before we dive into Fall content and topics this week, I wanted to make sure I still covered some sweet Summer style. Today's outfit was actually done for a campaign for Coca-cola. These were the outtakes and I figured sharing this look would be pretty inspiring! One of the things I strive to make sure I practice is enjoying the current season instead of rushing into the next one before it starts. Don't get me wrong, I usually take an inventory for my Fall wardrobe needs about this time of year, but it's too soon for me to actually wear a blazer or sweaters.

Shop the Look

This entire outfit was found on Amazon. There was a time before Amazon Prime where I found it really difficult to find things that fit properly on Amazon. Many times I ordered something 3rd party only to find issues getting it delivered timely or sizing properly. Not so much now! I learned to read the reviews, the ratings, only shop Amazon Prime for free shipping and accurate package tracking.

Three Heel Clicks - What To Wear As Summer Winds Down (2).jpg

Let's talk about how to build this outfit. When I'm assembling a look I usually start with a color scheme and a focal point. This beautiful skirt can easily be dressed up with pumps and a button down blouse for a meeting or you can pair it with a lace trimmed top and suede slides. The feminine print with pops of red flowers make this skirt have a unique appeal. It's part feminine, part 50's inspired and very classic. It's a shape that flatters most body types and never goes out of style. All wins in my book!

MOODSTRUCK SPLASH Liquid Lipstick - True Crimson.jpg

Beauty Tip: Add a matte liquid lip color to match your outfit

A bright colored lipstick can give any look a little punch! I prefer to use a matte liquid lip during the day when I’m adding color to my make up look. We think an outfit is just clothes, but many times it’s hair and makeup that give an outfit a unique look! MOODSTRUCK SPLASH liquid lipstick in Sizzling is a true crimson color that dries to a soft finish and made to wear all day long. You can grab a tube here or bundle three of them for a deeper discount!

I love to wear a great pair of heels but comfort always takes priority these days. These suede slides are from one of my favorite new found brands The Royal Standard. If you follow along on Instagram you'll see me wearing these pretty much all Summer long. The soft suede like material make them blister proof! One of the reasons I find myself reaching for them again and again is that they are neutral, elongate my short 5'0 tall frame and easily pack. If I'm wearing heels, I oftentimes throw these into my purse for a quick change if my legs start to hurt. Beauty does not have to equal pain and there are so many options for shoes with support, memory foam and comfort!

Three Heel Clicks - What To Wear As Summer Winds Down (1).jpg

This skirt will easily transition to Fall but for this hot Summer day a bright cherry tomato red hue is the perfect companion to a bottle of Coca-cola. I'll be honest, I don't drink sodas on a regular basis. However, every now and then I'll reach for an old favorite like a classic Coca-cola in a glass bottle. I prefer glass bottles to plastic for environmental and recycling purposes. I also prefer them due to the toxins that seep out of plastic. I've been looking into buying a refillable glass water bottle to use daily and would really like a recommendation!

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If you could treat yourself with one item on your next birthday what would it be?

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5 on Fridays - Five Books to Read to Ease Anxiety

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Lately, one of the biggest ways I’ve used a coping mechanism like reading to learn more about ways our thinking can impact the brain. Specifically, how our thought patterns can improve our behavior and the way we think on a broader scale. Anxiety has been a battle for me for years. This year I’ve made huge strides in informing myself more about behavioral cognitive therapy, meditation, how sleep affects us and thinking patterns. I’ve used audio books from Audible to listen to while driving and also downloaded a few ebooks to read when I’m in need of a little break from daily tasks. Here are a list of what I’ve been reading lately:

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder

By: Arianna Huffington

This book was one I downloaded and listened to on drives and walks. It’s written by one of the founders of The Huffington Post. Arianna discusses some of life’s stresses, collective international data on how things like technology impacts our ability to be more mindful and ways to address health epidemics. If you are a fan of having data back up a book then I highly encourage taking a look a this book. It’s absolutely inspiring and I’ve already started implementing more techniques and mindfulness in my every day life.

Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Books I've Read to Ease Anxiety (8).jpg

The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook 3nd Edition

by Edmund J. Bourne 

I picked this workbook up last Fall and have enjoyed working through the assignments. It’s half text book and half therapy worksheets. It addresses how anxiety affects us, ways to spot triggers and identifying coping mechanisms.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Charles Duhigg, Mike Chamberlain

This was another downloaded audio book for myself. I listened to this one mostly on walks. It discusses how creating and implementing daily habit routines allow our minds to think more clearly and calmly. Habit routines are linked to creating mental clarity. This is a fantastic book and was very impressed by how the book draws sociological examples.

Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Books I've Read to Ease Anxiety (9).jpg

Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living

Shauna Niequist, Brene Brown

This is a spiritual based book discussing a woman’s journey being addicted to performance. I actually was in a bible study group and we discussed a new chapter every week. It was a really fun group and getting to process what we learned each week on our own time in a conversational setting was so rewarding. I would recommend this for any mother or woman who feels like life is too full right now. The book discusses how important being present is and how it impacts inner peace, joy and our perspectives in life.

Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson, 20th Anniversary Edition

by Mitch Albom 

This is not a new book, but I felt like it was worth mentioning. The book is written in a conversation form and is a short read. Although small in stature this was an impactful book in my life when I first read it early high school. It’s written by an young man who was a student of an older gentleman who is now dying of ALS. The wisdom in each chapter is profound and meaningful.

Three Heel Clicks - 5 on Fridays - Five Books I've Read to Ease Anxiety (4).jpg

What are some of your favorite books right now?

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Developing Your Morning Habit Routine

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Developing Your Morning Habit Routine (6).jpg

Lately, I’ve begin growing into the discipline of developing habit routines. After reading a few incredibly inspiring books like Thrive and The Power of Habit I’ve learned to begin my day the way I need to so that I set up a foundation to be kinder, gentler, more compassionate and most of all loving. There was a time in my corporate work career where I moved from one activity to the next without giving any thought to how it might affect my body, mind and soul. After a decade of living like that and burning the entire candle not just both ends, I’ve made a conscious and deliberate effort to change a life of chaos and develop a life of purpose, discernment and intention.

While hardwork and diligence is a discipline, I was far exceeding discipline and I turned it to a full obsession. I was a corporate supervisor’s dream… always ready to tackle more. Always willing to say yes. Never realizing that the more times I said, “yes” without hesitation or intention I was slowly become less of me and more of something I did not want to become. Late nights at work spilled over to not being able to sit still and enjoy time at home. I literally lived in chaos for a decade. Although I appreciate every single experience from that time, I now realize I can achieve a better life by implementing discipline into my morning habit routines that will allow my mind to have the space it needs to flourish. At the beginning of May I set out on a new journey. A journey to redefine my purpose - you can read more about that in last week’s post.

Developing Your Morning Habit Routine (8).jpg

After exptensive research and trial and error I begin to develop new routines. I start my day with a glass of water beside my bedstand. Before I even move or stretch I get this first glass down to fill my body with the hydration it needs. I spend a few minutes making my bed and stretching. I slowly let my body come alive instead of being my previous pop tart of a self. Then, I read a small meditation or excerpt from something inspiration and journal about thoughts. From there, I make a list of three categories:

  • One Big Thing I’m Going to Accomplish Today

  • Three Important Tasks

  • A Timeline for My Day

I begin with the end in mind which is how I am going to accomplish one big thing. That way if nothing else goes my way, then at least I knocked off one thing. Sometimes the one big thing is a long workout. Sometimes it’s a project or chore. My one big thing has become the center of the day. From there I list three other important tasks - pick up dry cleaning, coffee with a friend, or maybe write a blog post. I base my entire day’s timeline on these four items. I allow plenty of time to accomplish things and keep my schedule simple. I’ll be sharing my daily schedule with you guys over the course of the next few weeks on Instagram Stories.

If I could rewind the clock I would have been kinder to my twenty something self. I would have taken more breaks. Turned off work and slept more. Turned off the phone, the emails and late texts for work. I became consumed with being a slave to deadlines and projects. I literally could not go on a Sunday drive through the city without thinking as I passed by an industrial building that maybe I could help them become a client. While I do believe that many work inspirations can bloom out of the office, I was not being inspired… I had conditioned my mind to think only about work… about the next meeting, the next sale, the next goal I needed to reach to support my family financially. Now my days are different. My morning routine sets me up with intention. I realize what’s important and urgent and what can wait. At the conclusion of my day I reflect upon the things I put on plate and decide if it’s too much or too little. Whatever your current routine is I challenge you to start with just five minutes. Take five minutes to think about your purpose in life. Build your day around that purpose.

How do you prepare for your day? Anything especially helpful? Leave a comment or send me a tweet!

All photographs courtesy of the talented Andrew Sherard.

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How to Wear the Hottest Hair Accessories

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Shop Green Dresses

One of the best parts of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger for my job is getting to share new ideas with you guys! I’ve always been drawn to a feminine, modern and timeless style but I like adding touches of whimsy from older eras like hats, silk scarves, vintage bags and hairpieces. Mixing old ideas with new pieces is one of the most fun parts for putting together a new fresh look.

Three Heel Clicks - How to Wear Spring's Hottest Hair Accessories (19).jpg

You may notice that lately I’ve been playing more and more with scarves. You can see an entire group of posts where I use scarves in different ways on the blog and on Pinterest. Today I’m sharing how to incorporate some of the best accessories for your hair right now! For today’s look I added a simple floral crown to tie in the blush rose printed dress and mules. I love how this changes the entire dress taking it from an otherwise conservative approach to something more whimsical.

Shop Hair Accessories

Adding a new style or accessory in your wardrobe can be a little bit of an adjustment. I remember when I first started adding hats into every day outfits I felt like they were a little over the top. But as I wore them more and more, I began to grow comfortable with this new apparatus being on my head. Same with headbands, hairclips and floral crowns. Sometimes, our minds and bodies have to adjust to something new. Think about it like a new piece of furniture you just purchased to fill an empty space. At first, the piece of furniture may feel like it’s taking up so much room in your home… but after a few weeks your mind adjusts and you can’t imagine the room looking any different!

Three Heel Clicks - How to Wear Spring's Hottest Hair Accessories (6).jpg

This can be said with anything you add in your life. Maybe it’s a new routine like I talked about last week on the blog. Maybe it’s a new decor item or fashion trend. Life is about experimenting and expressing creativity. When we do the same things over and over expecting different results it increases frustrations and feelings of inadequacy or low self worth. As humans, I believe we were meant to be exposed to new places, experiences and ways of self expression to deepen and define exactly who we are. I challenge you this Monday morning to try something you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe it’s a floral crown like I did here in today’s post. Or maybe you decide to take a walk to relax at the end of your day today. Maybe you finally pick up a pen and write words that have been lingering in your mind. Whatever you choose, challenge yourself to try something new. Write down how you felt afterwards. Reflect on your purpose and choices.

What is one thing you plan to add to your life today that’s new?

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