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Trend to Watch: The White Tennis Skirt

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Over the next two weeks I am going to post a few ideas for Fourth of July outfits that can be worn all Summer long. I recently received this cute white tennis skirt as a gift and let me tell you… my life has been changed. It actually has shorts underneath! I loved it so much I wore it twice over the weekend. I paired it with a white camisole on my Shop Three Heel Clicks Instagram account and then with this classic red and white striped tee in today’s post. If you do not own a tennis skirt, I suggest you run with Godspeed to get one. You’ll thank me later.

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Shop White Tennis Skirts

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Between my parents’ house in College Station, TX and my own apartment right outside of Houston there are two Farmer's Markets I frequently stop at for a break on my hour and a half drive back and forth. I love fresh produce. I find the more vegetables and fruit I eat the more vibrant I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to appease late night cravings for chocolate and ice cream but if I have delicious fruits on hand I am more likely to reach for them throughout the day.

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I’ve shared a few posts about one of the Dilorio’s Market locations here on the blog a few times which is a smaller stand on the roadside of Highway 6, but they have an even larger location if you drive into the small town of Hempstead, TX. I love bringing my picnic basket to store and protect the produce I pick up so it’s not bruised or mashed when I get home. Tip: Don’t store bananas in a paper bag if you like the to remain yellow. Paper bags will ripen them immediately, instead opt for your own reusable bags, totes or baskets to keep your produce fresh!

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A big boater hat, sandals and cross body complete a weekend look keeping you cool, comfortable and the sun off the face. Our Summers in Texas are relentless. So ensuring I protect my skin by wearing a lightweight long sleeve cotton top and adding a hat helps immensely. Don’t forget a pair of sunglasses for the drive. With big open fields and ranches there is little protection from the sunlight when clouds dissipate.

I would love to hear outfit ideas for styling a white tennis skirt? How would you style this skirt?

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30 Pairs of Espadrilles Under $50

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30 Pairs of Espadrilles Under $50

Three Heel Clicks

To start your week off right, I’m giving you a little extra content today. It’s sort of a cross between a 5 on Fridays post and a round up of my favorite shoes right now. I’ve scoured the interwebs to bring you the best pairs of espadrilles under $50! From florals to stripes, wedges and flats, sandals and slip ons below you will find 30 different pairs for your shopping delight! And they can all be ordered online if you prefer! Anyhow, you’ll also find below five ways to wear espadrilles. They are such a fun addition for Spring and Summer seasons and they are a practical shoe. Hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites?

30 Pairs of Espadrilles Under $50



Floral printed shoes are one of my favorite prints for Spring and Summer seasons. I really love how they make a neutral outfit pop and add a touch of whimsy. It’s also fun to mix floral printed dresses in the same hues. I recently wore the pair featured above with white jeans, a white tank and lime cardigan. You could also pair with a white cotton or linen dress and a pair of statement earrings.


Bright Colors

Bright pink is pulled out every single year for Summer. I think during the hotter months I gravitate to crisp whites, cotton and linens and anything in the hot hues of pinks, corals, oranges, reds and yellows. If hot pink isn’t your thing, then choose a bold color you have in your wardrobe. Maybe a deep green or cobalt blue? Or if you prefer a pastel try lavender or blush. Use this season shoe to dress up floral sundresses (perfect for outdoor wedding guest attire), a chambray jumpsuit or otherwise neutral white outfit.


Basic Black

Although I rarely wear tons of black, I do like to have a few pairs of neutral shoes like black, white, tan, camel and navy. Black is a great choice for a Summer shoe since it hides sand, dirt and stains. Opt for open or closed toed espadrilles flat or with heels for a walking shoe for travels. You can also wear these with a maxi dress for a night out if you are going to a resort. Layer a jacket or blazer over a black and white print dress for a day at the office.

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Bow Embellished

A pair of bow embelleshed sandals is such a cute option to add a feminine touch to your wardrobe. I love the way this pair works with this chambray jumpsuit. You can also pair these with a shirt dress, white capri pants, wide legged sailor pants or a dress. Wearing a bow embellished shoe works so perfectly with a simple garment so let your shoes do the talking and dress in neutrals when wearing these babies!

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Nautical Stripes

This pair is just so much fun! Stripes are a easy way to incorporate a patterned shoe into your Summer mix. Perfect for a boat ride, walk along the pier or dock, dinner at sunset and just enjoying a Summer picnic. Wedges are ideal for an outdoor heel because they do not sink into the ground but provide a solid platform for walking. The key a good heel is to make sure it fits properly. Your foot should not wiggle around when you walk but become in one with the shoe. Give a little room in the toes so as your feet swell towards the end of the day you don’t rub blisters.

Which shoe and look featured today is your favorite? Leave a comment!

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The Perfect Wear Anywhere for Any Occasion Outfit

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Having a go to outfit for almost any occasion really simplifies my life. Today’s outfit is modern, relaxed and most of all comfy perfect for a weekend activity, brunch, dinner dates or a leisurely stroll. Last week I shared How to Utilize Habit Routines to Make Getting Ready Easier to inspire you to collect a few items to put together for effortless outfits. Today I’m expanding on that idea to give you a few creative ideas to make a staple outfit stand out while still being easy to wear. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable when you are enjoying life with those you love. I aim for comfort and ease above all else when putting together something to wear. If it’s not comfortable I probably won’t reach for an item in the future.

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Paper Bag Waist Pants

The pajama trend is still going strong and I’ve noticed pants are taking on a different structure than the leggings and skinny jeans of the past few years. Now I’m seeing an emergence of wide legged trousers, linen pants and paper bag waists all over the place. Look for pants made of cotton or linen for maximum comfort in the heat. Also, pants that are lightweight are perfect for summer travels. I prefer not to wear shorts if I’m riding in the car or taking a flight due to constant tugging and re-positioning. Instead, opt for a pair of relaxed paper bag waist pants to cinch the waist and the stripes help elongate your legs if you are petitie! Below are is a list including a variety of styles in neutral colors from $20-$100! Very budget friendly and all can be ordered online.

Three Heel Clicks - The Perfect Wear Anywhere for Any Occasion Outfit (15).jpg

One Shoulder Top

I’ve seriously had this top for 15 years. I bought it at Gadzook’s when a friend of mine worked there back in college. Although this particular top is obviously no longer in stock, I’ve rounded up a few other options in black, white and red. I like the modern ease of a one shoulder top. You can still wear a variety of undergarments like a convertible bra or use bra petals if you want maximum comfort. You can carry this top into the Fall by layering a blazer or jacket over it and adding a skirt for the office. I think this top has had more mileage than most in my closet and I highly recommend finding one that fits and creates slim lines!

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Buttery Soft Flats

After nearly two decades of practicing ballet and walking 4-5 miles a day I’ve grown to love the comfort of a good pair of flats. My go to brands include Marc Fisher, Banana Republic and Sam Edelman. I prefer to find flats that have support and padding with little need to break them in. The key to wearing a pair of ballet flats with relaxed pants is to find a pair that is on the slimmer side. You can opt for a classic pair of ballet flats or a pair of pointy toed ones. Either way these will quickly become a favorite when you find a good fitted pair!

Last but not least add a few accessories like a patterned purse and a pair of aviators. I love this bag my daughter picked out for me for Christmas. It is quintessentially me with it’s red rose print and structured medium size. I like to find a purse that converts to a cross body and this one checks the box! Also, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of aviators like these from Ray-Ban. They seriously make some of the most durable pairs and they also don’t hurt the sides of my head. If you have a smaller face like I do or a small bridge on your nose (guilty!) then choose the mini version for a better fit and frame!

What are some of your favorite pieces for a wear anywhere for any occasion outfit?

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Thoughts on Vulnerability

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“Vulnerability is the courage to show up when you don’t know the outcome.” - Brene Brown

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Shop Rainbow Maxi Dresses

Vulnerability is a concept I’ve avoided for 33 years. Yes, completely avoided. I’m sitting here listening to Brene Brown’s feature on Netflix and it is inspiring. If you didn’t know Brene Brown is a specialist in studying the concept of courage and vulnerability over the past twenty years. What she found through extensive research and data is that you can’t have courage without vulnerability. I was raised as a child who gathers strength from God and Jesus. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I started thinking about how vulnerability plays into drawing from Christ's strength instead of my own strength.

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In the past, I’ve made sure to skip over every weakness and amplify my own strengths. In doing so, people found often that they couldn’t relate to me. How heartbreaking for someone who puts forth the effort to being their best. Do I fail? Often. Do I lose? Yes. But do I dwell there? No. I always found it inefficient and will hinder meeting my own goals. But does that mean I’m not vulnerable? Absolutely not.

Vulnerability is defined “the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.” (according to Being exposed….well, hmmm. What exactly does that mean? I think vulnerability is admitting to yourself and others where you have gaps. It doesn’t mean those gaps won’t be filled in your life, it just means you are willing to recognize shortcomings. I think the more aware we are of ourselves the more that we can experience true greatness in our lives.

What are your thoughts on vulnerability? I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment below!

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All the Feels for Vintage Stripes

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Vintage stripes are all the rage right now and I’m not complaining about it! I love stripes (in fact you can search my blog for tons of Stripe Outfits!) But the softer palette of pastels and earth tones make vintage stripes at the top of my styling list! This top was one my daughter bought me from Kohl’s and although I cannot find it online, you can shop similar items below with the same look and feel.

Three Heel Clicks - All the Feels for Vintage Stripes (10).jpg

Shop the Look:

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My daughter and I headed over to see Washington on the Brazos State Park a few weeks ago before the bluebonnets died to snap a few photos. I’ve posted about this location in the past and it’s beautiful every year. Did you know that it’s the birthplace of Texas? Yep, that’s where this Texas pride all started! Texas is a unique state in the fact that it was it’s own country before the U.S. annexed it. If you haven’t traveled to the Lone Star State, you will find it has it’s own unique culture and a ton of Texas pride. After living all over the world, I have to say if you can endure the Texas heat this is a prime place to raise a family.

Three Heel Clicks - All the Feels for Vintage Stripes (5).jpg

Today I wore a pair of cropped white linen pants with a vintage stripe blouse. I love how lightweight linen is and cropped pants make it an easy staple to pair with any shoe. I added a pair of statement earrings (last seen here in this post) to dress the otherwise casual outfit up. Then, I layered a simple pink top handle bag and denim flats to the whole ensemble. This is currently my go to uniform for dinner out, drinks, or weekend travels.

Three Heel Clicks - All the Feels for Vintage Stripes (12).jpg

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