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30 Neutral Pieces to Buy From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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I mentioned last week that the Nordstrom anniversary sale is in full swing. It ends on August 4th but you’ll want to go shop now in case products are sold out! The sale happens two times a year and is a great resource to save lots when you are looking to refresh your wardrobe. The main goal of the sale is for them to clear out inventory so when a product runs out, it’s oftentimes not restocked! I’ve rounded up 30 neutral pieces to add to your wardrobe for under $100. These are all timeless, classic pieces you’ll be able to wear from season to season. They are meant to help you build a foundation in your closet!

Nordstrom is one of the largest online retailer. They have a phenomenal exchange program that makes something easy to return if you don’t like or it doesn’t fit. What makes the Anniversary Sale special? Brand-new arrivals at limited-time sale prices. Which item is your most wanted piece?

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YOUNIQUE Purple Presenter Bag Worn Three Ways

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So often a work bag is a necessary staple for everyday life. If it’s not a work bag then maybe it’s a tote or diaper bag we are carrying around daily. I recently received this vibrant purple satchel when I made the decision to partner with YOUNIQUE. You can get your own kit here if you would like your own bag filled with goodies (only $79 and comes with 7 makeup products and tools all full size). I had no idea until I started using it daily to tote around samples, an ipad, makeup, a notebook and various other necessities just how much I would fall in love with this beautiful color.

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Now that I’m in the process of a cross country move, I’vie been really conscious about purchasing new wardrobe items so making do with what I already owned was a welcomed challenge. Purple is a color in my closet with a much smaller presence. I quickly realized it would be a good idea to find a few similar items items to pair it with so I could use it as a conversation starter and carry daily. Today’s post gives you three looks to wear a statement bag - a casual, business appropriate and dressy.

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Look 1 - Casual

Taking notes from Audrey Hepburn’s classic style, wear simple black form fitting leggings and a tank with black ballet flats to mimic this look. To incorporate an acccent color like deep purple add a pair of statement earrings for just the right amount of pop. Almost everyone I know has a pair of black leggings, a black tank and black flats. I prefer to wear a pair of leggings with a control top waist band and opaque material. This pair from DKNY are high quality and keep their shape all day. This look will make you appear slimmer while being comfortable enough to wear all day.

Three Heel Clicks -YOUNIQUE Purple Presenter Bag Worn Three Ways (19).jpg

Look 2 - Business

The second look is perfect for a business meeting, luncheon, bridal or baby shower, church service or daytime event. You can’t go wrong pairing your presenter bag with a versatile little white dress. When you buy a classic piece look for quality construction (lining, zippers, finishing), a great fit and beautiful fabric. I’ve worn this Gal Meets Glam dress countless times (see this post and this post) because it fits impeccably and has movement when I walk. It is easily worn with flats or heels to dress up or down depending on where I’m headed for the day. Its conservative neckline and classic cut makes it great for work! I added the same pair of purple earrings and open toed platform pumps in a beautiful purple iridescent finish.

Three Heel Clicks -YOUNIQUE Purple Presenter Bag Worn Three Ways (1).jpg

Look 3 - Dressy

I believe every gal needs a statement dress. I’ve had this one for about 13 years (yes, I tend to hold on to things I love for a long time). I’ve dressed it down with bow slides and up with metallic gold sandals like I did today. Find a dress or a romper that can be worn with any heel height to make it more versatile. Also, for a statement dress I prefer a looser fitting shape with volume to hide food babies after a dinner out. Look for a cute bracelet or earrings to tie the whole outfit together! You can also pair this look with a nude shoe or ballet flat!

I’ve found having go-to outfits pre-planned makes my life easier. If I get a last minute invite for a coffee date I’ll reach for the black tank and leggings. If my other half wants to meet up with friends in the evening - easy peasy - I’ll grab the dressy statement dress. If someone books a last minute consultation or just wants to schedule time to discuss business then the white dress is my go-to. Tip: Take pictures of your go -to outfits and keep them saved on your phone. You can also create a secret board on Pinterest for reference from any device.

YOUNIQUE July Presenter Kit.jpg

Score Your Own Purple Bag

Which look is your favorite?

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Saturday Shopping: The Mascara You Need to Buy Today

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The Mascara You Need to Buy Today

Three Heel Clicks Beauty

Mascara, the single biggest game changer in makeup. If I put nothing else on my face, I still make time for mascara. I think over the years I’ve tried everything from Bobbi Brown’s Eye Opening Mascara to Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. I have sensitive eyes and skin so many products end up leaving me with itchy, red, and watering eyes instead of beautiful long lashes. Well, I’ve found the mecca of all products and today’s post is all about MOODSTRUCK EPIC Mascara. I’m sharing tips, why this product is superior and how you can score your own!

Contains Peptides to Promote Growth

Mascara is something applied almost everyday so finding a mascara that promotes growth and protects my lashes is crucial to keeping them full and long. MOODSTRUCK EPIC Mascara contains ingredients to protect my lashes while conditioning them. It’s like heaven in a bottle. I’m all about the other benefits but this one goes to the TOP of the list. I love a less is more attitude when it comes to beauty products so having a mascara that does double duty is a necessity not a luxury. Many mascaras on the market do the exact opposite. They end up leaving lashes dry and brittle which leads to breakage. Knowing I am putting on something near my eyes that will not cause harm is worth every penny!

Three Heel Clicks Beauty - Saturday Shopping - The Mascara You Need to Buy Today (6).jpg

Clump Free

There’s nothing worse than a mascara that leaves my eyes looking like a tarantula. I prefer a mascara with a defining brush and formula to seperate each lash and then leave the separated all day long. I’ve been wearing this mascara daily and find that even after 8 hours it still going strong! Even after 100 degree weather, sweat and a nap I no longer awake to racoon eyes! The photographs in this post are all taken with an iPhone 7 (yes, I know I need to upgrade - I’m a slow mover sometimes…lol) and you can see from a good distance that my lashes are separated without any clumping!

It Curls My Straight Lashes

I am very much a less is more gal when it comes to makeup. I don’t like to feel like I’ve caked on products and my goal is to enhance my natural beauty instead of trying to cover up with tons of layers. Although I am fortunate to have long lashes because I practice a healthy lifestyle (see yesterday’s post about how to get healthy long lashes), they are straight. I do not prefer to use a lash curler tool. I find I am not very good with depth perception and oftentimes end up pinching my skin. Ouch! Thanks to MOODSTRUCK EPIC Mascara I am able to achieve curled lashes with the swipe of my mascara wand. This mascara has ingredients in the product to curl your lashes and it actually works. You’ll see the results in the close ups of this post!

Three Heel Clicks Beauty - Saturday Shopping - The Mascara You Need to Buy Today (5).jpg

It’s Formulated for Sensitive Skin

I mentioned earlier in this post that I have sensitive eyes and skin. This is no joke - EVERYTHING seems to break me out or cause an allergic reaction. Because mascara is my number one makeup product used daily I feel like it’s the item I’ve tried countless brands to find one that works! YOUNIQUE products are backed with a 30 day money back guarantee because we know you’ll love it. Yep, for any reason if you don’t like a product you can send it back. That’s us putting our money where our mouth is. It’s risk free - which doesn’t happen often this day in age. I challenge you to try it for yourself and let the results shout out to the world!

So that’s the basics of our mascara. I hope you guys found this inspiring and informational. I only share products I love on Three Heel Clicks and this is one of those I will never switch away from. If you have tried MOODSTRUCK EPIC Mascara let me know! I love feedback and real life stories!

Three Heel Clicks Beauty - Saturday Shopping - The Mascara You Need to Buy Today (7).jpg

Shop All Lash Products:

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30 Items to Buy From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Fashion, Product Review, StyleCrystal Jackson

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the Mecca of all online purchases! It begins tomorrow for the public and I just cannot wait! I’ve already loaded up my shopping cart with tons of options! I’ve rounded up 30 items for you to shop including this purse featured in the picture above. The goodies found in this post will transition nicely from summer until fall and most of them are under $100!

Which item is your favorite?

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Beauty Boss: Why You Need Our Sunscreen Veil

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Our amazing new You•ology Protecting Veil is a luxurious beauty fluid! It has Broad Spectrum protection with an SPF of 30. The $42 USD / $51 CAD price point keeps it right in line and on trend with comparable high quality Veils. It's a perfect combination of physical and chemical sunscreen for more complete protection!

What's a Veil?

Think just like a Bridal Veil, a thin almost sheer layer covering your face. Nice, light and thin!


What's SPF mean anyway?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It's the measure of the amount of UV radiation needed to produce a sunburn. Alot of people have the misconception that its telling you how long you can stay in the sun. There's a really technical explanation about solar energy, blah blah blah but just think, the higher the SPF number the higher the sunburn protection.

As a sort of general rule, you can take the number SPF and multiply by 5. That tells you in how many minutes you should reapply. So if you are wearing SPF 15, you should reapply every 75 minutes. Lower number, more frequent application. But remember, you know your skin best, if you are fair skinned and know you burn easy, you may need a little sooner.


Why only SPF 30 then?

An SPF of 30 blocks 97% of UVB Rays. SPF of 50 blocks 98%. SPF of 100 blocks 99%. So why not go higher? It is believed that the increase of just 1% may not be worth the increase in chemicals to get to the higher SPF. Also, it gives many people a false sense of security and they forget to reapply. Better to go with a good solid 30 SPF and reapply more frequently!

What does Broad Spectrum Mean?

You always want to use an SPF that has broad spectrum coverage. This means its protecting you against UVA and UVB Rays. What's the difference, UVA are the Rays that age your skin. UVB are the Rays that burn your skin. Just remember A = age B = Burn. Even on a cloudy day, the UVA Rays are still out! You want to protect yourself everyday from unnecessary aging as well as the long term damage caused by burning!


What the difference between Physical and Chemical Sunscreens?

A physical sunscreen works by reflecting the rays from the sun. A chemical sunscreen works by absorbing them. Both prevent the UVA/UVB Rays from penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin. Our Protecting Veil has properties of both providing full and complete coverage! In order to ensure a suncreen is providing Physical Coverage the main active sun protection ingredients need to add up to 10%, which ours do!!!

Avobenzone - 2.7%

Octinoxate - 6.74%

Octocrylene - 2%

However, it on the inactive side, it also contains titanium dioxide giving a chemical protection which is also good for redness and sensitivity! It also contains ascorbic acid which is the actual name for Vitamin C and we all know how good that it for our skin!

What Else is In It?

Limonene, which is found in citrus fruit extract and actually used for cancer prevention.

Bitter Orange - has antifungal and anti inflammatory properties

Rosemary - an antioxidant, providing anti aging properties

Caffeine - research is showing adding caffeine to sun sunscreen aids in skin cancer prevention

Angelica Root Extract - extremely calming for the skin


How Much Do I Need to Use?

Think the size of an M&M! A regular one, not a peanut one! A little goes a long way! And since the key is reapplying you don't want to overuse!!!

Its definitely obvious Younique hit the nail on the head! Younique took time to make this product the best it can be! It's the perfect combination of safe, effective ingredients while remaining luxurious, on trend and in an amazing affordable price point!


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