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Travel Guide: An Afternoon Tea at Cafe Bloomers

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Skirt: DIY // Top: Kohl's // Sandals: Target // Bag: Vintage // Scarf: Handmade Gift

Last weekend my daughter and I decided to take Valentine's Day and celebrate it at Martha's Bloomers in Navasota, TX. I posted about this site last Fall, but thought it would be a perfect place to celebrate with the flowers starting to bloom. Although we've been there before, this was the first time to stop at the cafe on site. They boast of a wide variety of tea and desserts. We decided to indulge and take advantage!

We tried the delicious White Ambrosia and Peach Nectar. Then, followed it with a delicious slice of cheesecake. I rarely eat dairy these days, but I wasn't the one who picked it and it was amazing! The sunlight streamed in the room and we sat there drinking tea out of tea cups and talking about girly things. It was a beautiful experience.

Afterwards we wandered around the garden snapping all sorts of pictures of plants, flowers, statues and many other pieces of decor. Almost every inch of the property has a beautiful aesthetic. The last time we were there it was Fall and the leaves were changing colors. This time, things were beginning to bloom!

We decided after I killed our last plant (an African Violet) to stick with something that needed less attention - a cactus! Our patio doesn't get very much sunlight and I forget to water plants... so it was a match made in heaven! I'm working on getting a cactus garden in place since succulents are so cute and low maintenance. I also plan on growing bamboo and other flowers throughout the Spring and Summer this year. Gardening is such a fun activity to teach kids about how nature works.

All, in all, it was one of the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. It wasn't a typical flowers and chocolate sort of occasion, but I spent the day with people I love dearly. Beauty comes in all different forms, and last Sunday was truly the most beautiful of days!

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With Easter being less than a month away, I've already been in full Spring Mode! I decided to pull out one of my favorite DIY projects - a midi length circle skirt made from broadcloth and gladiator sandals for a fun afternoon look. I added this gorgeous hand crocheted scarf that was passed down by my grandmother and a simple, but colorful straw bag. Whenever I go to the market, I always make sure my bag is big enough to stow away the goodies I purchase.  I've added a few cute skirts below that are similar (all under $150), but if you want to shop the bag as well - check it out here!

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White Jeans

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White Jeans - Three Heel Clicks 1.jpg

Blouse - LC Lauren Conrad // Jeans - Kohl's // Shoes: Dolce Vita // Purse: Big Buddha.

Lately I've been in love with white jeans. I've always liked how fresh they look! Since our Summers are so hot here in Houston, I prefer to keep jeans reserved mostly for Fall, Spring and Winter. I picked this pair up at Kohl's not too long ago and love them. They have just the perfect amount of stretch and are under $60! I know, can you believe it?

White jeans are perfect during this time of year with warmer days and cooler nights. Since I'm on the shorter side, but still have a little curve - I prefer wearing a higher waist. I find it really elongates the leg and makes me look slimmer. Today I wore these with a soft linen top. This sage color is one of my new favorites. It's actually has a subtle polka dot and really plays nicely off the white.

Finding classic accessories are always something I'm on the hunt for. I really like the color nude, and recently pulled this clutch out of hiding. I've worn it previously here and here, but thought it would be perfect with these tan ankle strap pumps. This look is classic, relaxed and pulled together at the same time.

I've been really encouraging myself to find new locations to shoot at lately. This blog started out as something more of an experiment, but really evolved into a place for my creative energy to go. I really love the whole process from the initial staging of an outfit, location and photograph all the way through creating the written content. I feel like it's a place to carve out a creative voice and share my story. 

I hope you all really enjoy the content provided,  and I am always open to hearing feedback of what you might like to see in the future. Hope you have a lovely weekend and find a place to spend your creative energy!

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Pink Door

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Top: LC Lauren Conrad. Skirt: Target. Scarf: Vintage. Purse: Ted Baker. Shoes: Unisa. Belt: Urban Outfitters.

I can't lie - I was giddy over the Kate Spade show this year. Although I could not be in New York for Fashion Week, I avidly followed along. Kate Spade really out did herself. I loved this combo and this combo the most! Although I am always impressed by her creations - the perfect mix of preppy, classic and witty feminine pieces. This year was beyond my expectations.

I had just recently picked up this blue and white LC Lauren Conrad blouse and decided that after seeing Kate Spade's presentation china blue and pale pink are my new uniform. This blouse reminds me so much of Greek architecture. Greece is on my travel bucket list! I love the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea against the stark white buildings in the various coastal homes. I plan on wearing this shirt with these shorts and this pair of pants in the future.

Blue - Pink - Three Heel Clicks 4.jpg

I've probably worn this skirt so many times I can't count at this point. I didn't realize when I bought it how much of a neutral it would become in my closet. That's the thing about the color blush, it can add interest or even out a colorful ensemble like this. Same with this perfect pink purse. When it was purchased, I really thought it would be an accent... almost a year later it's become a classic.

A pair of dainty nude bow kitten heels and my favorite vintage cobalt scarf were perfect accessories. I've been on the hunt for adorable locations around Houston. A while back, I found this pink door and posted a picture of it here. Months later I found the perfect opportunity to shoot this outfit. If you are looking for some fun places around Houston - you can follow my hashtag #houstonheelclicks on Instagram.

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My Top 5 Picks for Spring

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No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
— Hal Borland

I've spent some time over the past few months really trying to comprehend Ecclesiastes 3. Having a time for everything in life. There are times to mourn, be angry and happy. There is a time for every season. Although I've always loved places I've lived that had significant seasonal changes, this year was truly different for me. I've really paid a lot of attention to each day and how the earth is changes. Change is happening all the time. The one constant in life is change.

As the flowers and trees are beginning to grow again, I am reminded that no winter lasts forever. Winter is seen as a dead time for nature, animals hibernate and trees go bare. My life for a few years really felt like a Winter season. It was tough, tougher than I could have imagined. I won't disclose the details on the blog, because I do believe some things should stay private - but I went through a really tough period.

My dear family and close friends were there to remind me that this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever and one day Winter will turn into a beautiful Spring. I am here to tell you all how grateful I am for the Spring season I am approaching. Both literally and figuratively. Spring is a time for growth and I know that there are plans for me to spiritually prosper.

Just as other parts of my life are changing, I've decided to do a major overhaul and purge of my closet. Today I want to talk about my top 5 favorite pieces for Spring.

  1. Skinny Jeans - I love the kind with a little stretch and these fit perfectly. I picked them up on sale for $20 and love the high rise. They come in all sorts of washes, but white is perfect for the summer.
  2. Ballet Flats - I've worn these patent ones by Jessica Simpson about a hundred times and they are still in really good condition. The girl knows how to create a great pair of shoes. I like that the toe really looks like a pointe shoe. You can pick up similar ones here and here, but investing in good ballet flats are idea for every wardrobe. They look great with shorts, pants and dresses.
  3. Flowy Top - A flowy cotton top is perfect for transitional weather. I love this one from LC Lauren Conrad (my favorite ready to wear line on the market to date). I also love the simple color.
  4. Boater Hat - I love hats. If you've been following along for the past few months, you probably noticed my affliction for them. My newest love is the boater. Classic 1920's feel but with a wider brim. I like hats since it's really humid and hot here in Houston in the summer. The boater has such a classic feel, and looks great with dresses and casual items.
  5. Colorful Satchel - When I picked up this pink bag by Ted Baker, I really got it because of it's adorable color. I had no idea that almost a year later it would become one of the most frequently worn items I own. Find something big enough for a planner, notebook and your work essentials. But not so large you couldn't take it to a nice dinner.

What are some of your favorite Spring essentials? I'd love to hear what you wear over and over.

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Four Kinds of Love

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Did you know that Greek has four translations for the word love?

  1. Eros – This is an emotional type of love.
  2. Philos – Brotherly/friendship love.
  3. Storgy – This is a motherly love.
  4. Agapeo – An unconditional type of love that requires no response.

Love can take on many forms, fashions and states. I wanted to spend some time reflecting on love today. As an American culture Valentine's Day is considered "the most romantic" day out of the year. Every store in sight looks like a pink and red explosion. There are sweet treats, lingerie and the color pink is at an all time popular.

As I enter a new era in my life, I've been thinking a lot about love. In it's purest form, agape love is the type of love we need at the depths of the soul. I think everyone in this world has a true need to feel loved no matter what they do in there life. We all want someone (whether that's a parent, child or lover) to care about who we are. Because without others, it's hard to make our self known and defined.

I think instead of Valentine's Day being a day of romance, I'm going to shift my perspective and think about it as a day I can share love for those I really care about. Just like Thanksgiving is a time for us to share our gratitude for those we love, Valentine's really is about giving love to others.

I think it's the little choices in our day that really make us who we are in life. If you are a person who chooses to take daily walks or have sweet conversation over a cup of coffee - that says something about who you are. If you are a person who likes to spend time in nature, or reflect upon spiritual topics regularly - that says something about who you are. If you choose to ride by the seat of your pants and procrastinate regularly - that says something about who you are.

I've been told that people's character shows through when they are in a crisis. I think it's just the opposite - I think character equals choice. The little choices you make day over day end up being who you are in life. Yes, you may be patronized for helping out in time of a big need... but sometimes that just one part... not all of you. I think someone's character shows over time and in the little things they do.

As a mother, daughter, family member and friend - I hope that my little choices inspire those around me. I hope that my character displays someone with a deep sense of spirituality and true leadership. I hope those who come in contact with at the grocery store, park or doctor office get a sense of courage. At the end of the day, how I choose to live moment to moment is the person I am. I choose love in all of its forms.

As far as the outfit for today, this sweater is on sale right now for less than $20! Shop some of my other favorites of the LC Lauren Conrad collection here, here and here!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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