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Lemons & Layers

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Wow! Have the weekends flown by. I am working towards a goal of walking 39 miles in a weekend to help support a local charity event next Spring. Part of being able to be a part of that is actually preparing my body for that much activity. I walk on average between 10-15k steps a day, but 20 miles in a single day is very aggressive to say the least. Well, over the past few weekends, I’ve strived to get at least 6 or 7 miles in over both Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes, I walk to go get coffee while other times I try to hike in new areas or paths I just haven’t taken in a while.

This past weekend was no different. I actually hit 20 miles in two days! Changing up which trails I would take was a big part of that success. If you are a local Houstonian and have never taken time to take a walk around Memorial Park – it’s great on a Saturday morning. There are tons of runners and walkers – no bikes allowed! It’s also a very social place to walk. Even though it was a little misty that morning, it didn’t seem to stop many people from showing up. 

Later that afternoon I headed to one of the other parks here in Houston I love to visit – Terry Hershey. It’s miles upon miles of hiking, biking and walking trails. You can walk really far in a single direction and the trail is marked so you can leave your cell phone in the car. It’s really a great place if you want to go hiking through a rougher terrain or if you are looking for hills

I have a few more upcoming hikes scheduled over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for other Houston area tips and trails. I also plan on kayaking soon. I’ve never gone and it’s on my bucket list for January. Speaking of bucket lists – have you checked off anything for the holidays? I posted a version of mine and am about 40% of the way through. I’ve found if you actually put your goals in writing, they seem to come to life. I’ll be working on a health and fitness list for January over the next few weeks – so check back at the end of the year for some health & wellness inspiration.

Speaking of goals, I'm also wrapping up the creation of my goals for the blog next year. I plan on incorporating more video content into the blog and a newsletter. I'm really excited about launching this. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, go ahead on my Home page on the right side - don't worry, I won't share your info or SPAM you!

Now, onto the outfit. Today’s post was about layering. As the temps drop, it’s time to bundle up. Layers are great so you can remove or add as needed. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find things that look good. I purchased many of the items I’m wearing on clearance and matched them up with a good quality bag. Just keep an eye out when you see those racks. Mix vintage with high quality accessories or trendy with something more classic. I went for a sort of all-American look today, but tried not to make it over the top matchy-matchy. This outfit is actually a really great look for camping or if you wear it with weatherproof boots, a good look for the snow.

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Fur Story

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Another holiday look is underway! I've been dreaming up this little number for a few weeks now. What to do with all those adorable summer jumpsuits? Well, a fur jacket is the way to go (faux fur, of course, since we like our critters alive at Three Heel Clicks). I showcased a fancy little vintage dress last week in this post, but wanted to show you a great look for New Year's. It's perfect for dinner, dates or even just a small gathering at a friends place.

Plus, the fact that it's a romper means it's super comfy. If you are heading out on the dance floor - it's perfect to get your groove on! I'm constantly trying to find new ways to wear items in my wardrobe. The holidays are no different. 

Black is a great staple for any transitional piece. This romper was a summer favorite of mine a few years back and I thought if I just dress it up with some classic holiday accessories - shiny earrings, printed pumps and a fancy jacket it would give it new life. And let me tell you, I was on point for that one! 

What I recommend if you decide to go this route:

Length is important - I went for a cropped version with bracelet length sleeves (here and here are almost identical). Instead of large studs, it would be very appropriate to add a shiny, jeweled bracelet or wear a sparkly watch. 

Go monochromatic - Since the jacket is cropped, I didn't want to look like it shortened my height, so I went in one color and added interested with the shoes.

Accessories - Remember, the jacket is the ultimate accessory, so keep the rest simple... maybe a brooch or cocktail ring. It's better to go modern than overboard.

It's okay to show a little leg! You can also wear a similar style with a full length jumpsuit. Get more wear out of what you own and carry something summery to the holiday season! If you are looking for something a little fancier in material - check out this one, this one, this one and this one.

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Vintage Velvet

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I can't lie. This is one of the most fun shoots I've done in a long time. I was on my way into the office the other day and found this black and white wall that was a must do for today's post. I love to wear color and deciding to ONLY put on black and white is actually a bit of a challenge for me. Pink and sparkly? No brainer. Tulle and sequins? Easy-peasy. But this vintage black velvet dress I bought over a year ago? Well, that's a tough one...until the wall. Immediately it all came together in my head. The perfect backdrop for this years holiday dress guide.

Whether you are attending a family gathering, or obligated to go to the infamous work affair - a classic dress will take you far over the holiday season. This one is vintage - but I've managed to find an array of different LBDs for this season. One of the things I do like about sticking with something more classic is how you can change up your shoes, clutch and hair for whatever occasion you are attending. I could easily add a belt or broach with color to this dress or spice it up with some sparkly shoes. 

Since I'm all about a girly look - black and white heels and an embellished purse was perfect for me to add interest to the dress. I recently found this pair on clearance (yes, I love to scrounge the clearance isles even when I'm dashing into Target to pick up some tea). I knew right away they would be a good investment and for $20...who could argue?

A fun pair of shoes are the perfect accessory to any look. I usually wear flats these days since I try to regularly hit 10k steps every day (usually more). But for the party gal, heels are a must. I would recommend carrying a pair of flats and a larger bag if you are going to be walking or heading out for a while for New Years Eve. It's no fun to be in pain during a festive event. Over the years, I've given into the fact that my feet appreciate it so much more when I can move around with ease.

For the shape of the dress, a fit and flare is flattering on most figures and is easy to sit in. Although I wear dresses 5 days out of the week, I like to pick ones that are roomy so I can sit comfortably. Also, look for unique detailing. This dress had a slit in the back and details on the velvet cuffs. It really made if feel one of a kind. If you are buying something on a lower end price point - look at ways you can add to it for a little DIY sparkle. It doesn't take a lot of creativity to make something simple look unique. I could have easily added two rhinestone buttons for each wrist. 

Another thing to look for in your holiday dress hunting - fabric! The quality and texture of the material can make a dress look like a million bucks. Because it's winter season (well, almost!), it's the perfect time to whip out velvet. Due to the Texas heat, velvet is something I usually can only wear for a short period of time. I definitely take advantage of it! Other fabrics that are high in quality include wool and cashmere. A cashmere embellished sweater or dress is comfortable and breathes well, plus super chic!

Since the texture was rich and I chose a bold shoe and embellished purse, I kept my jewelry minimal with a pair of simple studded rhinestone earrings. They went perfectly with the detailed buttons on the sleeves of the dress. I think I might wear this dress with a simple broach right beneath the neckline and add a pop of jewel colored pumps the next time I decide to pull it out. However, you can never go wrong with simple black and white or classic studs.

Well, I decided to check off one of my Holiday Bucklet list items today. If you missed the post on the full Bucket List - check it out her! It's full of fun things to get done over the next few weeks. I'll be adding more posts over the next few weeks. I'd love to hear your Bucket List ideas too! Send them on over and follow along on Snapchat or Instagram for more updates! Happy Hunting!

Red Trench Coat

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A brightly colored trench coat is more versatile than you would think. I love this particular one I bought at Bebe stores. It's really been one of those items I've worn with countless holiday dresses! Today's look was bringing it from a dressier state to a more casual look. The jacket is actually made with a satin finish to give it a little shine, but I really love this one, this one and this one too! I love the double breasted button details and the belted waist. It's so flattering and a great addition for tranisitioning temperatures.

As the rain continues pouring down, I'm finding these tall rain boots are one of the best (and most inexpensive) items I've added this year to my closet. A good pair of rain boots will make you want to spend more time outside and less time avoiding the rain. Also, invest in a good umbrella. After living in South East Asia in my High School days where they have an entire month that rains called "Monsoon Season" - I learned early on that a sturdy umbrella is a necessity not a luxury. Check out this post and this post for some great finds on boots and rain accessories.

In dressing with my rule of three - pick two neutrals and a bright, or two brights and a neutral, you can see how easy black, white and red looks together. Since I wanted the coat to play front and center, I kept all of the other accessories neutral. Black and white gingham is a nice pairing with the bright red. In spirit with My Holiday Bucket List - I decided to continue rocking a bold, red lip (which is No.7). 

Speaking of a bold look, I love to change up my makeup as Fall and Holiday seasons are upon us. I try to keep my face more neutral with clear looking skin and thick lashes - but a bolder lip is a must. I really love NARS lip crayons. I mentioned them back in this post, but the colors are truly rich and they stay on a little longer than others I've tried. Also, Younique makes a great lip liner that can be used for an all over color. I really like the deeper shades of their Moodstruck lip liner. 

If you do go with a good bold lip, I recommend using contouring with bronzer for your face and cheeks instead of a flushed look. Also, less is more on the eye shadow and liner. It's best to highlight one feature at a time. So, if you do a heavier eye - go nude on the lips. If you do a flushed cheek, keep the eyes and lips lighter. If you do a dark lip....well, you get the picture. Just don't show up looking like you should be on a stage performing! Wearing a red lip is perfectly appropriate for daytime - but a matte shade is more appealing for work.


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A Gal's Guide: Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching! I don’t know about you, but I want to be comfy for the day of feasting with the family. I put together a sort of look book for a few ideas on what to wear for the day of elastic waistbands. I’m a big believer in getting all dolled up for the holidays, but as I get older I’ve realized that my wardrobe should really reflect not just “a look” for something fancy, but also casual looks as well. 

I’m usually the most overdressed at any occasion. This year, I plan on sporting boots, leggings and something similar to what I’m wearing here. A slouchy sweater, striped top and soft scarf makes this outfit cozy, but cute! After all, comfy doesn’t have to be lazy. These boots were given to me for Christmas one year and I have to say – they are my go to for lazy weekend mornings. They are lined with warm fleece and roomy enough to go for a good walk without making my feet ache. Actually, they kinda feel like I’m walking on pillows.

I’m usually the most overdressed at any occasion. This year, I plan on sporting boots, leggings and something similar to what I’m wearing here. A slouchy sweater, striped top and soft scarf makes this outfit cozy, but cute! After all, comfy doesn’t have to be lazy. These boots were given to me for Christmas one year and I have to say – they are my go to for lazy weekend mornings. They are lined with warm fleece and roomy enough to go for a good walk without making my feet ache. Actually, they kinda feel like I’m walking on pillows.

I’m spending Thanksgiving in College Station this year with my family. I’m so excited since it’s both my brother and sister will be there. It’s fun to get all of the kids together now that we are grown up! We share lots of stories and my Mom always makes the best squash casserole. We usually fight over any of the leftovers. Since I eat mostly vegan these days, I do not join in on turkey – but prefer to make a plate of mostly sides. Here are a few tips on staying healthy for Thanksgiving Day:

1.       Portion Control – It’s all about portions. I usually fill my plate with a few bites of each dish. If you’ve ever read French Women Don't Get Fat – it talks about the 3 bite rule. Try 3 bites of anything you want. Eat slowly and then decide if you want to go back for more.

2.       Variety is the spice of life – By eating small portions of lots of things, you’ll find that you still get a good amount of nutrients and a variety of vitamins.

3.       Drink Water – Lots and lots. Enough said.

4.       Eat breakfast and snack beforehand – Don’t wait until the big meal to eat. Eat a light healthy breakfast and then snack on something if you are going to have a late lunch or dinner with the family. Carrots and yogurt are one of my favorites (I do vegan yogurt, but Greek yogurt is pretty yummy).

5.       Take a walk – Walk before and after you eat. I like to take a stroll when the sun is coming up on most mornings I don’t have to be at work, but it’s good for your digestion system to walk after you eat. 

Finally, what to wear – check out the board I’ve put together for some of my favorite pieces for Thanksgiving. My basic uniform is a sweater, striped shirt, boots, and leggings. Add a scarf and a strong lip color. Also, it doesn’t hurt to throw a pair of cute flats in your tote or car in case you guys decide to go to a movie or out for an activity later that evening! Happy Thanksgiving!

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