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Safari Shirtdress

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Dress: Banana Republic // Belt: Anthropologie //  Sandals: Carlos Santana // Bag: BCBG // Sunnies: Jessica Simpson

Classic shirt dresses will always be in style. I love this one I bought a long time ago from Banana Republic. It's made out of linen and in a classic khaki color. When you buy classic, well-constructed pieces you don't have to worry about much! They last for a long time, and with the change of a few accessories you can bring them up to date.

I switched out some of my older accessories for this blush bucket bag and pair of gladiator sandals. Although I've had this dress for years, it's one that I know I'll keep around for years to come. A shirt dress is one of my favorite styles and really has been around since the 50s. Some of the biggest style icons have sported these - from Grace Kelly to Audrey Hepburn. I definitely look to the classics for style inspiration.

Also on my radar right now includes lots of white, stripes and high-waisted swimsuits. I am in vacation mode already and can't wait for the pools to warm up so I can get some rays! I really love this white plunge one and this two-piece. I'm also in love with this striped one and this patterned polka dot one. Spring in Texas is pretty warm and by Easter we are usually in the 80s and 90s. Being at the pool is a necessity with that kind of heat!

Another thing I've been really mindful of lately is wearing sunscreen. I was a lifeguard all through high school and into college without thinking twice about putting on protection. I've been doing a lot of research about how the sun ages skin lately and finally came to the conclusion to add sunscreen to my beauty routine. I've been using this since it's not too sticky and doesn't have that coconut smell (which I really despise). I love being in the sun, but don't want to end up looking like I'm a raisin in ten years.

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Black on Black

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My weekends are all about doing the things I absolutely love. I try to make sure I get the things I have to do done, but I also build time in for projects I want to do. I call it soul time. I don't know about you, but taking care of my body and mind seem to oftentimes be automatic... but my soul... well, there is a little more effort needed to put be forth there. 

One of my favorite weekend activities is to spend time watching the sunrise or sunset. I find staring into the vast quiet beauty of all of the colors meshing together gives my soul a little breath of fresh air. I also take time to cook meals from scratch, stock up for the week for lunches and get a few things in order around my home.

On the weekends I like to be comfortable, but still look chic. You can't really go wrong with black. A loose fitted tee and skinny black pants are perfect with loafers or a pair of statement heels. It was really windy the day these were taken, so I threw on a floppy felt hat and added shoulder strap to one of my favorite bags. The outfit was pulled together, but relaxed. A pair of flat boots would look great with this, too!

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New Beginnings

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I hope you all had a wonderful NYE last night! I wanted to kick off the first of the year with a casual look. I am still ironing out some of my goals for 2016 (more about this later on this month), but one of the things I have as a top priority is narrowing down my wardrobe. I've lost a few pounds over the past few months through changing my lifestyle choices and I think it's time to sort through old items. I decided to take a different approach than I have in the past - if it's not something that screams "me" it's being donated or sold. 

That concept lead me to think about what kind of style I really am. What do I really want my wardrobe to look like? I'm a little bit feminine, preppy, but with a whimsical twist. I love floaty layers and structured pieces. I love blush, camel, light blue, and navy. I like to play with texture and mix something masculine with feminine. You'll be seeing a whole lot of changes on my social media over the next few months to include a reorganization of my Pinterest boards/pins. 

For the first post of the year, I thought I would share something that really felt like a perfect mix of what my style truly is... I wear dresses more than pants, and love boots. These boots were bought when I traveled to Lake Tahoe a few years back. I needed something warm and cozy at the time. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on them they would be a classic staple for years to come. Our temperatures dropped over the past week, and so they emerged from hiding in the back of my closet.

I wore a classic button up from Banana Republic underneath a simple striped dress. It's preppy, classic but still fun! A structured purse and soft curls were the perfect touches to this look. A good way to take a summery dress into the Fall or Winter is to layer tights and a long-sleeved shirt underneath. The outfit is comfortable and still appropriate enough for a day at the office or lunch with the girls.

I love getting feedback from all of you and want to hear more about what you would like to see in the coming months. Feel free to leave a comment, shoot me an email or send me a message over any social media platform. Your comments are dear to me and I really take them into consideration with future posts.

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The weekends are for spending time outdoors. I've been under the weather, but I never let it stop me from a few minutes outside! I absolutely love to take time to get a breath of fresh air. We spend so much time inside staring at computer screens, watching TV (although I really don't), and go from one air-conditioned room to another... it's so good for the mind, body and soul to be in the great outdoors. 

I've been crushing on the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's. It started off innocently enough when I hit up the Thanksgiving weekend sales for Christmas, baby shower gifts and a few other necessities. The next thing I know - I was in love. Although this was top was purchased on major clearance (I mean under $10) - I've found a few others similar from her current season here, here and here.  This blouse will be perfect with a pencil or even a full midi skirt and a pair of adorable heels (like these) or over a pair of sleek pants, tucked in with a belt. It's soft creamy color with a hint of peach allows my skin to glow and not look washed out.

For someone who spends so much time wearing color, my quest for adding neutral pieces has really proved to be balancing. I recently dropped a little weight (as a result of being vegan and getting a consistent 4-5 miles of walking in every single day). I was kind of forced to pick up a few things that were work appropriate and would fit. In the past 90 days I've dropped a full two sizes. It's funny, I wasn't trying to diet... I just wanted to be a healthier and happier person. It wasn't in one day, one week or even one month. I consistently made healthy choices. I consistently took a walk at lunch. I consistently avoided eating animal products. Days turned into weeks and weeks turn into months. The next thing I knew - I was wearing a size XS again. 

Although I was never really "fat," I did notice since I've lost a little weight I feel more energetic. Maybe it's the amount of vitamins that I've put into my body or maybe it's the way I've handled stress, but something changed since last summer and I'm going to keep it going. Now I really look forward to those walks, to the delicious healthy food I eat and for time to meditate on why I love living. For the first time in years I can truly say I am happy every single day. Not a faking it sort of happy, I'm excited to get out of bed and live my life every day happy. 

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No. 8: Fast Forward Friday

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Wow! November flew by and as the last days of Fall are approaching, I’m soaking up every single moment I can wandering through our forests filled with Autumn leaves. One of the nice things about living here in Houston is that because the city is so geographically large (unlike NY which is more population dense), you can see all sorts of different nature environments. From soaring pine trees of Cypress, Tomball and the Woodlands to the beautiful lakes of Conroe – the views are beautiful if you can look past all of the concrete of highways and skyscrapers.

Layering has become a skill I’ve really mastered since I moved to this part of the country. We don’t have cold weather stick around for months at a time (or even weeks for that matter), so building a wardrobe or outfit in layers is one of the most comfortable ways to dress. Whether it be a puffy vest (see here) over a lightweight sweater or thick scarf, layers can be easily removed for comfort. Another thing I really like the look of for colder climates is to layer coats.  It works best if you have an oversize longer coat and you layer on top of a shorter coat. You can also layer over a lighter weight trench coat. 

For today, I decided that a simple black long-sleeved tee would be best with a hat and scarf. As the temperatures rose, I took the jacket off, but scarf and hat kept me pretty cozy. I made this skirt a long time ago and have worn it over and over again. I used A Pair & A Spare’s Circle Skirt Tutorial for the instructions. It’s pretty easy and this one was actually handstitched. I love the look of a houndstooth print. It is a little preppy, but at the same time classic. 

For someone who usually loves color, I’ve noticed this season I’ve worn more neutrals – here, here, here and here. My favorite neutral colors are camel and cream. I have several cream coats and a few camel pieces as wardrobe staples. You really can’t go wrong with a classic peacoat. It never goes out of style and is great for a more casual look. This one is from Old Navy and no longer available, but I’ve found a few options here and here.

On another note, if you are in the Houston Area, there are so many fun things going on around town right now to include an outdoor ice skating rink. This week I took my daughter there for a spin on the ice. It was so magical to actually skate outside! Check out a quick picture here, and you can visit Discovery Green's website to learn more.

There is also an amazing light installation by Bruce Munro called, "Field of Lights." I made a quick video of it on Instagram. It felt like I was in this pretty technicolor field of flowers. It doesn't cost anything and is worth making a trip downtown to walk through for a few minutes. It's also right beside one of my favorite restaurants in town, Pappasito's. I love traveling my own city! It's so easy to get stuck in a rut, but branching out to see new parts of where you live is what life is all about. I love making memories with my dear friends and family. 

Back to the clothes, I wore this a few years back in August 2013 here with a red necktie blouse. Although both looks are in classic color schemes, they are geared towards completely different seasons. The summer look was in the 90s while the fall/winter look was much, much cooler. When I made the skirt I looked for something that was easy to wash and would hang nicely. I oftentimes choose to go with cotton since it washes, irons and breathes well. I hate dry-cleaning. I grew up as an Army brat and we just didn't dry clean. Sounds funny, but from a pretty early age I learned how to iron and look for materials that don't need dry cleaning. 

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