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NYE Spent in San Francisco

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Today I’m sharing our night in San Francisco for New Year’s Eve! Fun fact: I started my blog back in 2012 and one of the earliest posts was in San Francisco over New Year’s. We took a family trip out to California that year and I had just discovered the idea of blogging after following Blair and Krystal. I found them on Pinterest and loved the idea of sharing outfits. A few weeks later I immediately started blogging on Blogger and the rest was history. I’ve been scouring to try to find the original photos but that was long before cloud backup was popular and my original post from Blogger is hard to find at this point. Anyhow seven years later I’m still around and back in the same city for the same holiday.

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This year I went head to toe in Express for my evening out! I have been an Express shopper since High School and love how current their clothing still is! I wanted to find a festive and sparkly number (like I shared in this post) and was so excited when I cam across this red and black number. Since I’m on the petite side (all five foot zero inches tall) I opted for a pair of strappy gold sandals (they also come in nude and black) with the dress to elongate my legs. With a simple metallic gold bag, a fun bracelet and gold earrings I was ready for a night out. This is also a really perfect look for Valentine’s Day so I rounded up a few dresses for you guys in the same hues and style (like this one for $21 or this one that’s has a floral pattern or this one with a silver ombre).

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While I was at Express I also found the perfect black wool trench coat. I haven’t purchased a black coat in… well, ever now that I think about it. I have a couple of blazers and jackets, but most of my coats are in color or white. I finally made the plunge knowing this classic style will be timeless. It went so good with so many different things I ended up wearing it for the rest of the trip!

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Although I’ve been shying away from alcohol over the past few months I simply could not pass up the wine pairing at dinner. We originally had plans to go to Benu but due to a mix up (ON THEIR PART) we headed over last minute to Mourad. They were so accommodating for last minute tables and their food was half the price. Mourad is a Michelin rated restaurant and we enjoyed an eight course tasting menu. Each course was carefully selected and curated with the most delicious wines paired. Eating at a Michelin rated restaurant is such a unique experience. You can read more about my experience at another San Francisco Michelin rated restaurant here in A Weekend in San Francisco post where we visited Sons and Daughters.

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Although we had an AirBnB in San Jose, we opted to stay at the St. Regis for the evening so we didn’t have to worry about driving back on a busy holiday evening. The St. Regis was still decorated in the most beautiful holiday decor and if you are staying in San Francisco I highly recommend it. They have an amazing location and their hospitality was superb.

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How to Go All Out Glam for Valentine's Day

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Can you believe it’s the end of January? You know what that means, right? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As I prepare for the love festive holiday I started thinking about what kind of look I want to wear this year. Although I love a variety of styles, going to any holiday in a classic glamorous style is timeless.

Putting together a glamorous look starts with a simple color palette. Classic red, black and white is perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner and date. You probably have something red already in your closet from the holidays you can pull out! By changing out the accessories for something different your outfit can take on a whole new style. Listed below is a whole how to guide on putting together a classic yet glamorous Valentine’s Day Look.

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Start with a Showstopping Red Fluted Dress for Drama

A red dress is a showstopper. Lately I’ve been loving fluted hems. They are really flattering on curvy and petite body types hugging the hips in all of the right places, tapering at the knee to slim your legs, and then giving you a little room to walk. I bought this dress last year on Amazon (here’s an off the shoulder version on Amazon) and never had the chance to wear it. Add a pair of beautiful beaded earrings and white pumps for a fresh take on a red dress.

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Wear a Classic Belted Coat

A simple black wool coat is the perfect layering piece with such a dramatic dress. The one featured here was recently purchased and now on sale for half off! It fits perfectly and works so nicely with fur stole. It’s also really warm and kept me cozy when I wore it for New Year’s Eve (post coming soon!)

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Add Fur Accessories for a Little Glam

Nothing says glam more than faux fur. You don’t have to go overboard - just add a chain strap fur hard case purse (this one is only$8) and stole over your coat. I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of options to shop here if you are looking to add either piece. If your order ASAP - they will arrive in more than enough time for a Valentine’s Day date.

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Statement Earrings as the Final Touch

Statement earrings are a simple way to add a little jewelry to your outfit. I used white beaded ones to tie in with my shoes, but you can do red, black or white ones. When you wear just one piece of bold jewelry it gives your look a touch of drama without looking like you stepped out of a costume shop.

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No matter what the occasion you can easily add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Wear your hair in soft curls or a swipe of bold lipstick. Keep things simple and classy but take a few extra minutes to plan out your outfit in advance so you don’t get the anxiety of last minute, I have nothing to wear. You can explore more Valentine’s Day ideas here for date ideas without a fuss, types of love and outfit ideas!

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What to Wear this Year for New Year's Eve

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Last month I attended a wedding in downtown Houston. It was the first time since last Winter that I wore a cocktail dress for an evening out and I opted for a sequin long sleeve nude one. You can’t really go wrong with a neutral color and during the cooler parts of the year a long sleeved fitted cocktail dress is the perfect attire for a glittery evening. I plan on repeating this exact ensemble for a future occasion like New Year’s Eve! Today I’m sharing a few tips for choosing what to wear as you ring in the new year!

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Sequins and glitter are perfect for a NYE celebration. Depending on your body type, you may want to go for a fitted or more of a flared waistline. I’ve rounded up dresses for under $200 for you to shop if you are looking for something similiar. To get prepared for this evening, I started by finding a good dress and then built the outfit around that as a theme. If you are going pretty fancy with your dress then you may want to wear a sleek hairstyle to not look over the top! A low sleek bun is an easy go to and you won’t have to worry about your hair being in your face all night.

Sequin Dresses Under $200

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Next up is finding the right shoe! I love a nude bow pump for pretty much any occasion. They are a pair you can wear time and time again to meetings, events and even a simple night out. Here are a ton of options with varying heel heights for you to browse. You really can’t go wrong with a neutral shoe with a feminine bow.

Nude Bow Shoes

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I chose to bring along one of my favorite winter bags which was made of faux fur. Since my outfit was mostly monochromatic, I decided to play with textures like faux fur, sequins and satin. I love to wear clutches but find them cumbersome if I can’t sit my purse at a table for the evening. The one I chose for this occasion had a chain link strap so I could be hands free without having to worry about where I last put my purse.

Faux Fur Bags

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Adding accessories doesn’t have to be a headache. I wore simple sparkly beaded earrings and at the top of my bun a barrette with rhinestones. When your dress is the centerpiece it’s better to keep your accessories to a minimum. Oversized pearl earrings, rhinestone encrusted baubles and beads are inexpensive but make a classic statement.

Simple Accessories

Three Heel Clicks - What to Wear this Year to NYE (21).jpg
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If you are ringing in the new year here in Houston I recommend staying at Hotel Icon or the new Marriott Marquis downtown that has a pool in the shape of Texas! It’s a perfect location and there are events happening all over the city. Hotel Icon is another favorite and is a hotel converted from a bank where the lobby has the original vault. Two of my favorite places to stop for coffee or brunch include Boomtown Coffee Main St Cafe and Bar where you can order some of the best cappuccinos and avocado toast! The other place to check out is The Rustic which has a curated brunch plate with several items for a single price. I ordered a virgin moscow mule which didn’t disappoint.

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What are you planning on doing for New Year’s Eve?

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How to Wrap Presents

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Wrapping presents can be as much fun as actually picking out the gifts! Taking the time to make sure your gifts have a special touch can light up someone’s face when they receive a box, bag or package. You can add little trinkets, beautiful ribbon and coordinate your gifts to your tree to create a beautiful focal point inside your home.

I like to start by getting good quality wrapping paper. Hobby Lobby has been my go to store for over a decade for gift wrap for two reasons. First, you can purchase 100 sq ft rolls so I usually pick up two in color coordinating colors for my tree. Second, they have grid lines on the backside for straight cutting. To make a present look beautiful it’s really important to cut the paper correctly. I also like that their paper is thicker making it much easier to crease when you make folds.

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Next, I like to add ribbon. I mentioned last week how I like purchasing ribbon in the bulk section where you find tree trimmings. You can pick up 100 sq ft rolls and use the leftovers on gifts for more color coordination. I look for both the wrapping paper and ribbon for half off during December. Most of the spools and wrapping paper end up being about $5 each. Using ribbon with wire in it gives a full look when you tie it into bows and is easy to work with.

I also pick up things like gift tags, jingle bells, mini pine cones and twine for additional touches. Oftentimes, a dollar or discount store is the best place for these. You can later add extras to your tree if you want or fill a bowl with them. If you have a pet, I would refrain from too many baubles or you might come home to a destroyed package. The final step is to add a tag, but I also put their names on the back in the event the tag gets pulled off, destroyed or lost!

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Today I wore a simple green velvet dress paired with adorable blush satin mules. I love a good pair of slip on shoes for this time of year. They are almost like wearing a pair of fancy slippers! Perfect for around the house when you have company over. Velvet is one of the best textures to wear for the holiday with it’s plush, soft texture. I like a mini version for a daytime casual look that can be easily transitioned to a party over the weekend or in the evening. Add a pair of beading statement earrings (I really love these bow ones!) and a swipe of red lipstick to polish the entire look!

What do you like to decorate your gifts with?

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How to Make a Classy Holiday Wreath for $20

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I’m alllllll about a good bargain. Being one who loves quality and value I’m constantly searching for ways to bring elegance into my lifestyle without breaking the bank. One of my favorite ways to accomplish this is through crafting my own interior projects and decor. Since I live in an apartment I do not have the luxury of decorating a front porch so my doorstep is the only option when welcoming guests. What’s a better decorating than a holiday wreath? I can’t think of much! Today I’ll show you how to make a wreath for about $20 that can carry you into the Winter months and used for years to come.

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You will need:

  • Wreath form (I prefer Grapevine forms)

  • Decorative sprigs

  • Wire Cutters and Scissors (you may not need the wire cutters)

  • Ribbon

  • Wreath hanger

The Materials

I begin usually by selecting a color scheme or theme. Since soft metallic hues and pastels are used in my home, I thought picking up a few sprigs of gold and rose gold would be perfect for the occasion. I bought everything at Michael’s which is one of my favorite places to go craft supply hunting. The key to keeping this project under $20 is to find sales or items that are $3 or less. I used a grapevine wreath (originally $5 but I bought it with Michael’s weekly 40% off one item coupon) because I like the natural look of the form and it’s an easy material to work with. I also prefer wire ribbon. I like to purchase it from Hobby Lobby in jumbo rolls of 100ft for $5 (on sale for 50% during the Christmas season). Wire ribbon is so much easier to shape than satin or grosgrain ribbon. I use the ribbon on my tree, presents and other decor around the house!

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Once you’ve gathered your materials you will want to begin with placement. I bought a few filler sprigs and then focal point sprigs to mix and match. I place the focal point sprigs strategically in a cluster to give the eye a place to focus on. Then, I filled in with the more basic filler sprigs to create a cohesive look. Play around with a few styles to see what you like best.


Begin with your focal item and weave it into the wreath tucking in the ends to the back side of the wreath.

Three Heel Clicks - How to Make a Classy Holiday Wreath for $20 (3).jpg
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Then add the filler sprigs alternating colors to fill in. I used gold and rose gold. You can also cut the sprigs into smaller pieces if working with a smaller form. I used a 16” wreath so I didn’t need to trim anything.

Three Heel Clicks - How to Make a Classy Holiday Wreath for $20 (18).jpg

Once your sprigs are in place cut a piece of ribbon about four feet long. You’ll want to tie a simple knot at the top of the wreath for stability.

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Then, tie a bow at desired height. I really love using the “Martha Bow" for a clean symmetrical appearance. Finally, you can trim the ends and hang!

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What DIY projects are you thinking about this season?

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